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Mail (1)             - send or read mail non-interactively with nmh
accessdb (8)         - dumps the content of a man-db database in a human read...
AppConfig (3pm)      - Perl5 module for reading configuration files and parsi...
AppConfig::Args (3pm) - Perl5 module for reading command line arguments.
AppConfig::File (3pm) - Perl5 module for reading configuration files.
Archive::Zip::MemberRead (3pm) - A wrapper that lets you read Zip archive mem...
CGI::XMLForm (3pm)   - Extension of which reads/generates formated XML.
chartex (1p)         - A utility to extract charts from an Excel file for ins...
Config::IniFiles (3pm) - A module for reading .ini-style configuration files.
Config::Tiny (3pm)   - Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as pos...
Convert::PEM (3pm)   - Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files
CPAN::Distroprefs (3perl) - - read and match distroprefs
CPAN::Meta::YAML (3perl) - Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files
Crypt::DSA::Key::PEM (3pm) - Read/write DSA PEM files
Crypt::DSA::Key::SSH2 (3pm) - Read/write DSA SSH2 files
Data::Buffer (3pm)   - Read/write buffer class
Data::Stream::Bulk::FileHandle (3pm) - read lines from a filehandle
db5.3_printlog (1)   - Dumps Berkeley DB log files in a human-readable format
db_printlog (1)      - Dumps Berkeley DB log files in a human-readable format
dpkg-awk (1)         - Utility to read a dpkg style db file
dpkg-reconfigure (8) - reconfigure an already installed package
dump-acct (8)        - print an acct file in human-readable format.
dump-utmp (8)        - print an utmp file in human-readable format.
exiftool (1p)        - Read and write meta information in files
ExtUtils::Typemaps (3perl) - Read/Write/Modify Perl/XS typemap files
fc-cat (1)           - read font information cache files
File::RandomAccess (3pm) - Random access reads of sequential file or scalar
File::ReadBackwards (3pm) - - Read a file backwards by lines.
File::Slurp (3pm)    - Simple and Efficient Reading/Writing/Modifying of Comp...
gftype (1)           - translate a generic font file for humans to read
git-describe (1)     - Give an object a human readable name based on an avail...
git-prune-packed (1) - Remove extra objects that are already in pack files
git-read-tree (1)    - Reads tree information into the index
git-symbolic-ref (1) - Read, modify and delete symbolic refs
Image::ExifTool (3pm) - Read and write meta information
Image::ExifTool::AFCP (3pm) - Read/write AFCP trailer
Image::ExifTool::AIFF (3pm) - Read AIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::APE (3pm) - Read Monkey's Audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::APP12 (3pm) - Read APP12 meta information
Image::ExifTool::ASF (3pm) - Read ASF/WMA/WMV meta information
Image::ExifTool::Audible (3pm) - Read meta information from Audible audio books
Image::ExifTool::BigTIFF (3pm) - Read Big TIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::BMP (3pm) - Read BMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::BPG (3pm) - Read BPG meta information
Image::ExifTool::CanonCustom (3pm) - Read and Write Canon custom functions
Image::ExifTool::CanonRaw (3pm) - Read Canon RAW (CRW) meta information
Image::ExifTool::CanonVRD (3pm) - Read/write Canon VRD and DR4 information
Image::ExifTool::CaptureOne (3pm) - Read Capture One EIP and COS files
Image::ExifTool::DICOM (3pm) - Read DICOM and ACR-NEMA medical images
Image::ExifTool::DjVu (3pm) - Read DjVu meta information
Image::ExifTool::DNG (3pm) - Read DNG-specific information
Image::ExifTool::DPX (3pm) - Read DPX meta information
Image::ExifTool::DV (3pm) - Read DV meta information
Image::ExifTool::EXE (3pm) - Read executable file meta information
Image::ExifTool::Exif (3pm) - Read EXIF/TIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::FITS (3pm) - Read Flexible Image Transport System metadata
Image::ExifTool::FLAC (3pm) - Read Free Lossless Audio Codec information
Image::ExifTool::Flash (3pm) - Read Shockwave Flash meta information
Image::ExifTool::FlashPix (3pm) - Read FlashPix meta information
Image::ExifTool::FLIF (3pm) - Read/write FLIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::FLIR (3pm) - Read FLIR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Font (3pm) - Read meta information from font files
Image::ExifTool::FotoStation (3pm) - Read/write FotoWare FotoStation trailer
Image::ExifTool::FujiFilm (3pm) - Read/write FujiFilm maker notes and RAF images
Image::ExifTool::GeoTiff (3pm) - Read GeoTiff meta information
Image::ExifTool::GIF (3pm) - Read and write GIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::GIMP (3pm) - Read meta information from GIMP XCF images
Image::ExifTool::GoPro (3pm) - Read information from GoPro videos
Image::ExifTool::H264 (3pm) - Read meta information from H.264 video
Image::ExifTool::HTML (3pm) - Read HTML meta information
Image::ExifTool::ICC_Profile (3pm) - Read ICC Profile meta information
Image::ExifTool::ID3 (3pm) - Read ID3 meta information
Image::ExifTool::InDesign (3pm) - Read/write meta information in Adobe InDesi...
Image::ExifTool::IPTC (3pm) - Read IPTC meta information
Image::ExifTool::ISO (3pm) - Read information from ISO 9660 disk images
Image::ExifTool::ITC (3pm) - Read iTunes Cover Flow meta information
Image::ExifTool::iWork (3pm) - Read Apple iWork '09 XML+ZIP files
Image::ExifTool::Jpeg2000 (3pm) - Read JPEG 2000 meta information
Image::ExifTool::JSON (3pm) - Read JSON files
Image::ExifTool::KyoceraRaw (3pm) - Read Kyocera RAW meta information
Image::ExifTool::Leaf (3pm) - Read Creo Leaf EXIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::LNK (3pm) - Read MS Shell Link (.LNK) meta information
Image::ExifTool::Lytro (3pm) - Read Lytro LFP files
Image::ExifTool::M2TS (3pm) - Read M2TS (AVCHD) meta information
Image::ExifTool::MacOS (3pm) - Read/write MacOS system tags
Image::ExifTool::MakerNotes (3pm) - Read and write EXIF maker notes
Image::ExifTool::Matroska (3pm) - Read meta information from Matroska files
Image::ExifTool::MIE (3pm) - Read/write MIE meta information
Image::ExifTool::MIFF (3pm) - Read Magick Image File Format meta information
Image::ExifTool::MinoltaRaw (3pm) - Read/write Konica-Minolta RAW (MRW) infor...
Image::ExifTool::MOI (3pm) - Read MOI meta information
Image::ExifTool::Motorola (3pm) - Read Motorola meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPC (3pm) - Read Musepack audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPEG (3pm) - Read MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPF (3pm) - Read Multi-Picture Format information
Image::ExifTool::MXF (3pm) - Read MXF meta information
Image::ExifTool::NikonCapture (3pm) - Read/write Nikon Capture information
Image::ExifTool::NikonCustom (3pm) - Read and Write Nikon custom settings
Image::ExifTool::Ogg (3pm) - Read Ogg meta information
Image::ExifTool::OOXML (3pm) - Read Office Open XML+ZIP files
Image::ExifTool::OpenEXR (3pm) - Read OpenEXR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Opus (3pm) - Read Ogg Opus audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::Palm (3pm) - Read Palm Database files
Image::ExifTool::PanasonicRaw (3pm) - Read/write Panasonic/Leica RAW/RW2/RWL ...
Image::ExifTool::Parrot (3pm) - Read timed metadata from Parrot drone videos
Image::ExifTool::PCX (3pm) - Read metadata from PC Paintbrush files
Image::ExifTool::PDF (3pm) - Read PDF meta information
Image::ExifTool::PGF (3pm) - Read Progressive Graphics File meta information
Image::ExifTool::PhotoCD (3pm) - Read Kodak Photo CD Image Pac (PCD) metadata
Image::ExifTool::PhotoMechanic (3pm) - Read/write Photo Mechanic information
Image::ExifTool::Photoshop (3pm) - Read/write Photoshop IRB meta information
Image::ExifTool::PICT (3pm) - Read PICT meta information
Image::ExifTool::PLIST (3pm) - Read Apple PLIST information
Image::ExifTool::PNG (3pm) - Read and write PNG meta information
Image::ExifTool::PostScript (3pm) - Read PostScript meta information
Image::ExifTool::PPM (3pm) - Read and write PPM meta information
Image::ExifTool::PrintIM (3pm) - Read PrintIM meta information
Image::ExifTool::PSP (3pm) - Read Paint Shop Pro meta information
Image::ExifTool::Qualcomm (3pm) - Read Qualcomm APP7 meta information
Image::ExifTool::QuickTime (3pm) - Read QuickTime and MP4 meta information
Image::ExifTool::Radiance (3pm) - Read Radiance RGBE HDR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Rawzor (3pm) - Read meta information from Rawzor compressed ...
Image::ExifTool::Real (3pm) - Read Real audio/video meta information
Image::ExifTool::Red (3pm) - Read Redcode R3D video files
Image::ExifTool::RIFF (3pm) - Read RIFF/AVI/WAV meta information
Image::ExifTool::RSRC (3pm) - Read Mac OS Resource information
Image::ExifTool::RTF (3pm) - Read Rich Text Format meta information
Image::ExifTool::Scalado (3pm) - Read APP4 SCALADO metadata
Image::ExifTool::SigmaRaw (3pm) - Read Sigma/Foveon RAW (X3F) meta information
Image::ExifTool::SonyIDC (3pm) - Read/write Sony IDC information
Image::ExifTool::TagInfoXML (3pm) - Read/write tag information XML database
Image::ExifTool::Text (3pm) - Read Text meta information
Image::ExifTool::Theora (3pm) - Read Theora video meta information
Image::ExifTool::Torrent (3pm) - Read information from BitTorrent file
Image::ExifTool::VCard (3pm) - Read vCard and iCalendar meta information
Image::ExifTool::Vorbis (3pm) - Read Ogg Vorbis audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::WTV (3pm) - Read WTV meta information
Image::ExifTool::XMP (3pm) - Read XMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::ZIP (3pm) - Read ZIP archive meta information
Image::Magick (3pm)  - objected-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick for de...
Image::Size (3pm)    - read the dimensions of an image in several popular for...
imgsize (1p)         - read the dimensions of an image in several popular for...
info (1)             - read Info documents
info (5)             - readable online documentation
infobrowser (1)      - read Info documents
IO::Lines (3pm)      - IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of lines
IO::Scalar (3pm)     - IO:: interface for reading/writing a scalar
IO::ScalarArray (3pm) - IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of scalars
IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 (3perl) - Read bzip2 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Gunzip (3perl) - Read RFC 1952 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Inflate (3perl) - Read RFC 1950 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::RawInflate (3perl) - Read RFC 1951 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Unzip (3perl) - Read zip files/buffers
IPC::Open2 (3perl)   - open a process for both reading and writing using open2()
IPC::Open3 (3perl)   - open a process for reading, writing, and error handlin...
javac (1)            - Reads Java class and interface definitions and compile...
jpegexiforient (1)   - reads or writes the Exif Orientation Tag
JSON::Parse (3pm)    - Read JSON into a Perl variable
jstack (1)           - Prints Java thread stack traces for a Java process, co...
kpsereadlink (1)     - print contents of symbolic link
Lingua::EN::Fathom (3pm) - Measure readability of English text
Log::Log4perl::Config::DOMConfigurator (3pm) - reads xml config files
Log::Log4perl::Config::PropertyConfig... (3pm) - reads properties file
lowntfs-3g (8)       - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
mail (1)             - send or read mail non-interactively with nmh
Mail::Box::Parser (3pm) - reading and writing messages
Mail::Box::Parser::Perl (3pm) - reading messages from file using Perl
Mail::Box::Thread::Manager (3pm) - maintain threads within a set of folders
Mail::Box::Thread::Node (3pm) - one node in a message thread
Mail::IMAPClient::Thread (3pm) - used internally by Mail::IMAPClient->thread
Mail::Message::Body::Delayed (3pm) - body of a Mail::Message but not read yet.
Mail::Message::Construct::Read (3pm) - read a Mail::Message from a file handle
Mail::Message::Head::Delayed (3pm) - a not-read header of a Mail::Message
mailx (1)            - send or read mail non-interactively with nmh
mhmail (1)           - send or read mail non-interactively with nmh
mhmail (1mh)         - send or read mail non-interactively with nmh
MIDI (3pm)           - read, compose, modify, and write MIDI files
MIME::Parser::Reader (3pm) - a line-oriented reader for a MIME::Parser
MongoDB::ReadConcern (3pm) - Encapsulate and validate a read concern
MongoDB::ReadPreference (3pm) - Encapsulate and validate read preferences
Moose::Cookbook::Style (3pm) - Expanded into Moose::Manual::BestPractices, so...
Moose::Intro (3pm)   - Expanded into Moose::Manual, so go read that
Moose::Unsweetened (3pm) - Moved to Moose::Manual::Unsweetened, so go read that
mount.lowntfs-3g (8) - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
mount.ntfs (8)       - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
mount.ntfs-3g (8)    - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
multilog (8)         - reads a sequence of lines from stdin and appends selec...
namecheck (1)        - Check project names are not already taken.
Net::LDAP::Control::PostRead (3pm) - LDAPv3 Post-Read control object
Net::LDAP::Control::PreRead (3pm) - LDAPv3 Pre-Read control object
Net::LDAP::LDIF (3pm) - LDIF reading and writing
netplan-get (8)      - read merged netplan YAML configuration
nncheck (1)          - check for unread articles
nngoback (1)         - make news articles unread on a day-by-day basis (nn)
nokogiri (1)         - an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser
nptl (7)             - Native POSIX Threads Library
ntfs-3g (8)          - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
ntptime (8)          - read kernel time variables
numfmt (1)           - Convert numbers from/to human-readable strings
pbmreduce (1)        - read a portable bitmap and reduce it N times
perlthrtut (1)       - Tutorial on threads in Perl
pg_isready (1)       - check the connection status of a PostgreSQL server
Plucene::Index::FieldsReader (3pm) - read Fields in a Document
Plucene::Index::Reader (3pm) - Abstract class for accessing an index
Plucene::Index::SegmentReader (3pm) - the Segment reader
Plucene::Index::SegmentsReader (3pm) - reads the segments
Plucene::Index::TermInfosReader (3pm) - read the term infos file
pnmenlarge (1)       - read a portable anymap and enlarge it N times
POE::Driver::SysRW (3pm) - buffered, non-blocking I/O using sysread and syswrite
POE::Wheel::ReadLine (3pm) - non-blocking Term::ReadLine for POE
POE::Wheel::ReadWrite (3pm) - non-blocking buffered I/O mix-in for POE::Session
policytool (1)       - Reads and writes a plain text policy file based on use...
ppmspread (1)        - displace a portable pixmap's pixels by a random amount
pth (3)              - GNU Portable Threads
pthreads (7)         - POSIX threads
rwarray (3am)        - write and read gawk arrays to/from files
readdir (3am)        - directory input parser for gawk
readelf (1)          - display information about ELF files
readfile (3am)       - return the entire contents of a file as a string
readline (3readline) - get a line from a user with editing
readlink (1)         - print resolved symbolic links or canonical file names
readmsg (1)          - print messages.
readmsg.mailutils (1) - print messages.
readproc (3)         - read information from next /proc/## entry
readproctab (3)      - read information for all current processes at once
readproctitle (8)    - maintains an automatically rotated log in memory for i...
readprofile (8)      - read kernel profiling information
rpntutorial (1)      - Reading RRDtool RPN Expressions by Steve Rader
rrdthreads (1)       - Provisions for linking the RRD library to use in multi...
rtin (1)             - Usenet newsreader
scsi_readcap (8)     - do SCSI READ CAPACITY command on disks
scsi_ready (8)       - do SCSI TEST UNIT READY on devices
sg_modes (8)         - reads mode pages with SCSI MODE SENSE command
sg_rbuf (8)          - reads data using SCSI READ BUFFER command
sg_read (8)          - read multiple blocks of data, optionally with SCSI REA...
sg_read_attr (8)     - send SCSI READ ATTRIBUTE command
sg_read_block_limits (8) - send SCSI READ BLOCK LIMITS command
sg_read_buffer (8)   - send SCSI READ BUFFER command
sg_read_long (8)     - send a SCSI READ LONG command
sg_readcap (8)       - send SCSI READ CAPACITY command
sg_rmsn (8)          - send SCSI READ MEDIA SERIAL NUMBER command
sg_sat_phy_event (8) - use ATA READ LOG EXT via a SAT pass-through to fetch S...
sg_sat_read_gplog (8) - use ATA READ LOG EXT command via a SCSI to ATA Transl...
sg_test_rwbuf (8)    - test a SCSI host adapter by issuing dummy writes and r...
sg_turs (8)          - send one or more SCSI TEST UNIT READY commands
slrn (1)             - An easy to use NNTP / spool based newsreader.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel (3pm) - Read information from an Excel file.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Cell (3pm) - A class for Cell data and formatting.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Dump (3pm) - A class for dumping Excel records.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtDefault (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtJapan (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtJapan2 (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Font (3pm) - A class for Cell fonts.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Format (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser (3pm) - Rewrite an existing Excel file.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser::... (3pm) - A class for SaveParser Workb...
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser::... (3pm) - A class for SaveParser Works...
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Utility (3pm) - Utility functions for Spreadsheet::P...
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook (3pm) - A class for Workbooks.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Worksheet (3pm) - A class for Worksheets.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel (3pm) - Write to a cross-platform Excel binary file.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::BIFFwriter (3pm) - An abstract base class for Excel ...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Big (3pm) - A class for creating Excel files > 7MB.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Area (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Area ch...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Bar (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Bar charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Column (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Colum...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::External (3pm) - A writer class for Excel ext...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Line (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Line ch...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Pie (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Pie charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Scatter (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Scat...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Stock (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Stock ...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Examples (3pm) - Spreadsheet::WriteExcel example pro...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Format (3pm) - A class for defining Excel formatting.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Formula (3pm) - A class for generating Excel formulas
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::OLEwriter (3pm) - A writer class to store BIFF data ...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Properties (3pm) - A module for creating Excel prope...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Utility (3pm) - Helper functions for Spreadsheet::Wr...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Workbook (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Workbooks.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Worksheet (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Worksheets.
sprof (1)            - read and display shared object profiling data
svscanboot (8)       - starts svscan (8) in the /service directory, with outp...
tai64nlocal (8)      - converts precise TAI64N timestamps to a human-readable...
TAP::Parser::YAMLish::Reader (3perl) - Read YAMLish data from iterator
tee (1)              - read from standard input and write to standard output ...
Term::ReadKey (3pm)  - A perl module for simple terminal control
Term::ReadLine (3perl) - Perl interface to various "readline" packages. If no...
Term::ReadLine::Gnu (3pm) - Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library
Test2::Event::Waiting (3perl) - Tell all procs/threads it is time to be done
Test2::IPC (3perl)   - Turn on IPC for threading or forking support.
Thread (3perl)       - Manipulate threads in Perl (for old code only)
thread-keyring (7)   - per-thread keyring
Thread::Queue (3perl) - Thread-safe queues
Thread::Semaphore (3perl) - Thread-safe semaphores
threads (3perl)      - Perl interpreter-based threads
threads::shared (3perl) - Perl extension for sharing data structures between ...
tin (1)              - Usenet newsreader
watchgnupg (1)       - Read and print logs from a socket
wsgen (1)            - Reads a web service endpoint implementation (SEI) clas...
x86_64-linux-gnu-readelf (1) - display information about ELF files
XML::Handler::XMLWriter (3pm) - a PerlSAX handler for writing readable XML
XML::LibXML::Reader (3pm) - XML::LibXML::Reader - interface to libxml2 pull p...
XML::SAX::PurePerl::Reader (3pm) - Abstract Reader factory class
XML::RPC::README (3pm) - Fast and modular implementation for an XML-RPC clien...

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