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CORE (3perl)         - Namespace for Perl's core routines
Dpkg (3perl)         - module with core variables
Finance::Quote::Citywire (3pm) - Obtain UK Unit Trust quotes from morningstar...
freeipmi (7)         - FreeIPMI overview
GD::Graph3d (3pm)    - Create 3D Graphs with GD and GD::Graph
JSON::PP (3perl)     - JSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module.
Mail (1)             - send and receive mail
Math::BigInt::Calc (3perl) - Pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt
Math::BigInt::Calc (3pm) - Pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt
Math::BigInt::Lib (3perl) - virtual parent class for Math::BigInt libraries
Math::BigInt::Lib (3pm) - virtual parent class for Math::BigInt libraries
NEXT (3perl)         - Provide a pseudo-class NEXT (et al) that allows method...
Net::OAuth::XauthAccessTokenRequest (3pm) - xAuth extension
pcrepattern (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
RESET (7)            - restore the value of a run-time parameter to the defau...
ttree (1p)           - Process entire directory trees of templates
Template::Tools::ttree (3pm) - Process entire directory trees of templates
URI (3pm)            - Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative)
[ (1)                - check file types and compare values
TIFFmemory (3tiff)   - memory management-related functions for use with TIFF ...
a2query (1)          - retrieve runtime configuration from a local Apache 2 H...
aa-remove-unknown (8) - remove unknown AppArmor profiles
aa-status (8)        - display various information about the current AppArmor...
ABORT (7)            - abort the current transaction
accessdb (8)         - dumps the content of a man-db database in a human read...
ack (1p)             - grep-like text finder
add-apt-repository (1) - Adds a repository into the /etc/apt/sources.list or ...
add-patch (1)        - tool for preparing patches for Debian source packages
addgnupghome (8)     - Create .gnupg home directories
addr2line (1)        - convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
afmtodit (1)         - create font files for use with groff - Tps and - Tpdf
Algorithm::Diff (3pm) - Compute `intelligent' differences between two files /...
Algorithm::DiffOld (3pm) - Compute `intelligent' differences between two file...
ALTER_AGGREGATE (7)  - change the definition of an aggregate function
ALTER_FOREIGN_DATA_WRAPPER (7) - change the definition of a foreign-data wrapper
ALTER_FOREIGN_TABLE (7) - change the definition of a foreign table
ALTER_SERVER (7)     - change the definition of a foreign server
annotate-output (1)  - annotate program output with time and stream
anvil (8postfix)     - Postfix session count and request rate control
ap (8mh)             - nmh parser of RFC 822-style addresses
Apache::Session::Generate::MD5 (3pm) - Use MD5 to create random object IDs
Apache::Session::Lock::Semaphore (3pm) - Provides mutual exclusion through se...
Apache::Session::Postgres (3pm) - An implementation of Apache::Session
Apache::Session::Store::DB_File (3pm) - Use DB_File to store persistent objects
Apache::Session::Store::File (3pm) - Store persistent data on the filesystem
Apache::Session::Store::Informix (3pm) - Store persistent data in a Informix ...
Apache::Session::Store::MySQL (3pm) - Store persistent data in a MySQL database
Apache::Session::Store::Oracle (3pm) - Store persistent data in a Oracle data...
Apache::Session::Store::Postgres (3pm) - Store persistent data in a Postgres ...
Apache::Session::Store::Sybase (3pm) - Store persistent data in a Sybase data...
Apache::XMLRPC (3pm) - serve XML-RPC requests from Apache
App::Prove::State::Result (3perl) - Individual test suite results.
App::Prove::State::Result::Test (3perl) - Individual test results.
apparmor (7)         - kernel enhancement to confine programs to a limited se...
apparmor_status (8)  - display various information about the current AppArmor...
AppConfig (3pm)      - Perl5 module for reading configuration files and parsi...
AppConfig::Args (3pm) - Perl5 module for reading command line arguments.
AppConfig::File (3pm) - Perl5 module for reading configuration files.
apport-bug (1)       - file a bug report using Apport, or update an existing ...
apport-cli (1)       - Apport user interfaces for reporting problems
apport-collect (1)   - file a bug report using Apport, or update an existing ...
apport-unpack (1)    - extract the fields of a problem report to separate files
appres (1)           - list X application resource database
apr-1-config (1)     - Return metainformation about apr library
apr-config (1)       - Return metainformation about apr library
apt-add-repository (1) - Adds a repository into the /etc/apt/sources.list or ...
apt-secure (8)       - Archive authentication support for APT
apt-transport-https (1) - APT transport for downloading via the HTTP Secure p...
apt-transport-mirror (1) - APT transport for more automated mirror selection
apt_preferences (5)  - Preference control file for APT
aptitude-create-state-bundle (1) - bundle the current aptitude state
ar (1)               - create, modify, and extract from archives
arch (1)             - print machine hardware name (same as uname -m)
Archive::Zip::FAQ (3pm) - Answers to a few frequently asked questions about A...
Archive::Zip::MemberRead (3pm) - A wrapper that lets you read Zip archive mem...
Archive::Zip::Tree (3pm) - (DEPRECATED) methods for adding/extracting trees u...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Area (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Area ch...
Array::RefElem (3pm) - Set up array elements as aliases
atktopbm (1)         - convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to portable bitmap
atoprc (5)           - atop/atopsar related rcfile
atopsar (1)          - Advanced System Activity Report (atop related)
Authen::Captcha (3pm) - Perl extension for creating captcha's to verify the h...
Authen::SASL::SASLprep (3pm) - A Stringprep Profile for User Names and Passwo...
Authen::SCRAM (3pm)  - Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (RF...
autodie (3perl)      - Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with l...
autoheader (1)       - Create a template header for configure
autopoint (1)        - copies standard gettext infrastructure
autoreconf (1)       - Update generated configuration files
autoscan (1)         - Generate a preliminary
autosp (1)           - preprocessor to generate note-spacing commands for Mus...
autoupdate (1)       - Update a to a newer Autoconf
B::Concise (3perl)   - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing concise info about ops
B::Debug (3perl)     - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops
B::Terse (3perl)     - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing terse info about ops
B::Xref (3perl)      - Generates cross reference reports for Perl programs
base (3perl)         - Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at com...
basename (1)         - strip directory and suffix from filenames
bashbug (1)          - report a bug in bash
bc (1)               - An arbitrary precision calculator language
ber_bvarray_free (3) - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvecfree (3)     - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvfree (3)       - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_free (3)         - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_memfree (3)      - OpenLDAP LBER memory allocators
ber_memrealloc (3)   - OpenLDAP LBER memory allocators
lber-memory (3)      - OpenLDAP LBER memory allocators
lber-sockbuf (3)     - OpenLDAP LBER I/O infrastructure
ber_bvarray_add (3)  - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
bigint (3perl)       - Transparent BigInteger support for Perl
bignum (3perl)       - Transparent BigNumber support for Perl
bigrat (3perl)       - Transparent BigNumber/BigRational support for Perl
bindtextdomain (3)   - set directory containing message catalogs
binfmt.d (5)         - Configure additional binary formats for executables at...
bison (1)            - GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
boot (7)             - System bootup process based on UNIX System V Release 4
bootctl (1)          - Control the firmware and boot manager settings
bounce (8postfix)    - Postfix delivery status reports
bridge (8)           - show / manipulate bridge addresses and devices
bsd-mailx (1)        - send and receive mail
BSON::Binary (3pm)   - Legacy BSON type wrapper for binary data (DEPRECATED)
BSON::Bool (3pm)     - Legacy BSON type wrapper for Booleans (DEPRECATED)
BSON::DBRef (3pm)    - BSON type wrapper for MongoDB DBRefs
BSON::Doc (3pm)      - BSON type wrapper for ordered documents
BSON::ObjectId (3pm) - Legacy BSON type wrapper for Object IDs (DEPRECATED)
BSON::PP (3pm)       - Pure Perl BSON implementation
BSON::Raw (3pm)      - BSON type wrapper for pre-encoded BSON documents
BSON::Regex (3pm)    - BSON type wrapper for regular expressions
btrfs-check (8)      - check or repair a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-convert (8)    - convert from ext2/3/4 or reiserfs filesystem to btrfs ...
btrfs-debug-tree (8) - query various internal information
btrfs-image (8)      - create/restore an image of the filesystem
btrfs-receive (8)    - receive subvolumes from send stream
btrfs-replace (8)    - replace devices managed by btrfs with other device.
btrfs-rescue (8)     - Recover a damaged btrfs filesystem
btrfs-restore (8)    - try to restore files from a damaged btrfs filesystem i...
btrfs-send (8)       - generate a stream of changes between two subvolume sna...
btrfs-zero-log (8)   - Recover a damaged btrfs filesystem
btrfsck (8)          - check or repair a btrfs filesystem
build-rdeps (1)      - find packages that depend on a specific package to bui...
bundle-check (1)     - Verifies if dependencies are satisfied by installed gems
bundle-clean (1)     - Cleans up unused gems in your bundler directory
bundle-gem (1)       - Generate a project skeleton for creating a rubygem
bundle-init (1)      - Generates a Gemfile into the current working directory
bundle-inject (1)    - Add named gem(s) with version requirements to Gemfile
bundle-lock (1)      - Creates / Updates a lockfile without installing
bundle-open (1)      - Opens the source directory for a gem in your bundle
bundle-pristine (1)  - Restores installed gems to their pristine condition
Bundle::DBI (3pm)    - A bundle to install DBI and required modules.
bunzip2 (1)          - a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.6
Business::FraudDetect::preCharge (3pm) - backend for Business::FraudDetect (p...
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet... (3pm) - Easy lookup of Authorize.Net...
byobu (1)            - wrapper script for seeding a user's byobu configuratio...
byobu-ctrl-a (1)     - Configure Byobu's ctrl-a behavior
byobu-disable-prompt (1) - add and remove a nice color prompt to your shell c...
byobu-enable-prompt (1) - add and remove a nice color prompt to your shell co...
byobu-export (1)     - DEPRECATED
byobu-layout (1)     - Save and restore byobu-tmux layouts
byobu-prompt (1)     - add and remove a nice color prompt to your shell confi...
byobu-reconnect-sockets (1) - Sourcable script that updates GPG_AGENT_INFO an...
byobu-screen (1)     - Launch byobu with screen as the backend
byobu-select-profile (1) - select your Byobu foreground and background colors
Bytes::Random::Secure (3pm) - Perl extension to generate cryptographically-se...
bzcat (1)            - decompresses files to stdout
bzcmp (1)            - compare bzip2 compressed files
bzdiff (1)           - compare bzip2 compressed files
bzegrep (1)          - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular e...
bzexe (1)            - compress executable files in place
bzfgrep (1)          - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular e...
bzgrep (1)           - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular e...
bzip2 (1)            - a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.6
bzip2recover (1)     - recovers data from damaged bzip2 files
bzless (1)           - file perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compresse...
bzmore (1)           - file perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compresse...
c_rehash (1ssl)      - Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values
Cache::CacheTester (3pm) - - a class for regression testing caches
Cache::Memory::HeapElem (3pm) - wrapper for Heap::Elem that stores keys
Cache::Object (3pm)  - - the data stored in a Cache.
Cache::RemovalStrategy (3pm) - abstract Removal Strategy interface for a Cache
Cache::RemovalStrategy::FIFO (3pm) - FIFO Removal Strategy for a Cache
Cache::RemovalStrategy::LRU (3pm) - LRU Removal Strategy for a Cache
Cache::SharedMemoryBackend (3pm) - - a shared memory based persistence mechanism
Cache::SharedMemoryCache (3pm) - - extends the MemoryCache.
Cache::SizeAwareCache (3pm) - - extends the Cache interface.
Cache::SizeAwareCacheTester (3pm) - - a class for regression testing size awa...
Cache::SizeAwareFileCache (3pm) - - extends Cache::FileCache
Cache::SizeAwareMemoryCache (3pm) - - extends Cache::MemoryCache
Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache (3pm) - - extends Cache::SizeAwareMemoryCache
calendar (1)         - reminder service
Carp::Clan (3pm)     - Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" o...
catman (8)           - create or update the pre-formatted manual pages
ccze-plugin (7)      - A robust log colorizer, plugin infrastructure
CDDB::File (3pm)     - Parse a CDDB/freedb data file
CGI (3pm)            - Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses
CGI::Application (3pm) - Framework for building reusable web-applications
CGI::Application::Plugin::Redirect (3pm) - Easy external redirects in CGI::Ap...
CGI::FormBuilder::Multi (3pm) - Create multi-page FormBuilder forms
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Builtin (3pm) - Builtin HTML rendering
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Div (3pm) - Div HTML rendering
CGI::Pretty (3pm)    - module to produce nicely formatted HTML code
CGI::Session::Driver::DBI (3pm) - Base class for native DBI-related CGI::Sess...
CGI::Session::Driver::postgresql (3pm) - PostgreSQL driver for CGI::Session
CGI::Session::Serialize::freezethaw (3pm) - serializer for CGI::Session
CGI::Untaint::email (3pm) - validate an email address
CGI::XMLForm (3pm)   - Extension of which reads/generates formated XML.
chacl (1)            - change the access control list of a file or directory
chartex (1p)         - A utility to extract charts from an Excel file for ins...
chcpu (8)            - configure CPUs
check-language-support (1) - returns the list of missing packages in order to...
check_forensic (8)   - tool to extract mod_log_forensic output from apache lo...
chem (1)             - groff preprocessor for producing chemical structure di...
chfn (1)             - change real user name and information
chmem (8)            - configure memory
chroot (8)           - run command or interactive shell with special root dir...
chrt (1)             - manipulate the real-time attributes of a process
chvt (1)             - change foreground virtual terminal
ci (1)               - check in RCS revisions
cifsiostat (1)       - Report CIFS statistics.
cjpeg (1)            - compress an image file to a JPEG file
Class::C3 (3pm)      - A pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm
Class::C3::next (3pm) - Pure-perl next::method and friends
Class::Container (3pm) - Glues object frameworks together transparently
Class::DBI::Cascade::Delete (3pm) - Delete related objects
Class::DBI::Cascade::Fail (3pm) - Do not cascade if foreign objects exist
Class::DBI::Iterator (3pm) - Iterate over Class::DBI search results
Class::DBI::Query (3pm) - Deprecated SQL manager for Class::DBI
Class::DBI::Relationship (3pm) - base class for Relationships
Class::Inspector (3pm) - Get information about a class and its structure
Class::Inspector::Functions (3pm) - Get information about a class and its str...
Class::ISA (3pm)     - report the search path for a class's ISA tree
Class::Load (3pm)    - A working (require "Class::Name") and more
Class::MOP::Deprecated (3pm) - Manages deprecation warnings for Class::MOP
Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped (3pm) - Method Meta Object for methods with befor...
Class::MOP::MiniTrait (3pm) - Extremely limited trait application
Class::MOP::Mixin::AttributeCore (3pm) - Core attributes shared by attribute ...
Class::Struct (3perl) - declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes
Class::WhiteHole (3pm) - base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors
Class::XSAccessor::Heavy (3pm) - Guts you don't care about
clear (1)            - clear the terminal screen
Clone (3pm)          - recursively copy Perl datatypes
clusterdb (1)        - cluster a PostgreSQL database
cmp (1)              - compare two files byte by byte
co (1)               - check out RCS revisions
col (1)              - filter reverse line feeds from input
colcrt (1)           - filter nroff output for CRT previewing
colrm (1)            - remove columns from a file
comm (1)             - compare two sorted files line by line
COMMIT (7)           - commit the current transaction
COMMIT_PREPARED (7)  - commit a transaction that was earlier prepared for two...
common::sense (3pm)  - save a tree AND a kitten, use common::sense!
compare (1)          - mathematically and visually annotate the difference be...
compare-im6 (1)      - mathematically and visually annotate the difference be...
compare-im6.q16 (1)  - mathematically and visually annotate the difference be...
Compress::Raw::Bzip2 (3perl) - Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library
Compress::Raw::Zlib (3perl) - Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library
Compress::Zlib (3perl) - Interface to zlib compression library
Config::Extensions (3perl) - hash lookup of which core extensions were built.
Config::IniFiles (3pm) - A module for reading .ini-style configuration files.
Config::Perl::V (3perl) - Structured data retrieval of perl - V output
Config::Tiny (3pm)   - Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as pos...
conjure (1)          - interprets and executes scripts written in the Magick ...
conjure-im6 (1)      - interprets and executes scripts written in the Magick ...
conjure-im6.q16 (1)  - interprets and executes scripts written in the Magick ...
constant (3perl)     - Perl pragma to declare constants
convert (1)          - convert between image formats as well as resize an ima...
convert-im6 (1)      - convert between image formats as well as resize an ima...
convert-im6.q16 (1)  - convert between image formats as well as resize an ima...
Convert::PEM (3pm)   - Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files
core (5)             - core dump file
corelist (1)         - a commandline frontend to Module::CoreList
cover (1p)           - report coverage statistics
cowpoke (1)          - Build a Debian source package in a remote cowbuilder i...
cp (1)               - copy files and directories
CPAN::API::HOWTO (3perl) - a recipe book for programming with
CPAN::Distroprefs (3perl) - - read and match distroprefs
CPAN::Meta::Converter (3perl) - Convert CPAN distribution metadata structures
CPAN::Meta::Feature (3perl) - an optional feature provided by a CPAN distribu...
CPAN::Meta::Prereqs (3perl) - a set of distribution prerequisites by phase an...
CPAN::Meta::Requirements (3perl) - a set of version requirements for a CPAN dist
CPAN::Meta::Validator (3perl) - validate CPAN distribution metadata structures
CPAN::Meta::YAML (3perl) - Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files
CPAN::Version (3perl) - utility functions to compare CPAN versions
cpancover (1p)       - report coverage statistics on CPAN modules
Cpanel::JSON::XS (3pm) - cPanel fork of JSON::XS, fast and correct serializing
cpp (1)              - The C Preprocessor
cpp-7 (1)            - The C Preprocessor
crda (8)             - send to the kernel a wireless regulatory domain for a ...
CREATE_ACCESS_METHOD (7) - define a new access method
CREATE_AGGREGATE (7) - define a new aggregate function
CREATE_CAST (7)      - define a new cast
CREATE_COLLATION (7) - define a new collation
CREATE_CONVERSION (7) - define a new encoding conversion
CREATE_DATABASE (7)  - create a new database
CREATE_DOMAIN (7)    - define a new domain
CREATE_EVENT_TRIGGER (7) - define a new event trigger
CREATE_EXTENSION (7) - install an extension
CREATE_FOREIGN_DATA_WRAPPER (7) - define a new foreign-data wrapper
CREATE_FOREIGN_TABLE (7) - define a new foreign table
CREATE_FUNCTION (7)  - define a new function
CREATE_GROUP (7)     - define a new database role
CREATE_INDEX (7)     - define a new index
CREATE_LANGUAGE (7)  - define a new procedural language
CREATE_MATERIALIZED_VIEW (7) - define a new materialized view
CREATE_OPERATOR (7)  - define a new operator
CREATE_OPERATOR_CLASS (7) - define a new operator class
CREATE_OPERATOR_FAMILY (7) - define a new operator family
CREATE_POLICY (7)    - define a new row level security policy for a table
CREATE_PUBLICATION (7) - define a new publication
CREATE_ROLE (7)      - define a new database role
CREATE_RULE (7)      - define a new rewrite rule
CREATE_SCHEMA (7)    - define a new schema
CREATE_SEQUENCE (7)  - define a new sequence generator
CREATE_SERVER (7)    - define a new foreign server
CREATE_STATISTICS (7) - define extended statistics
CREATE_SUBSCRIPTION (7) - define a new subscription
CREATE_TABLE (7)     - define a new table
CREATE_TABLE_AS (7)  - define a new table from the results of a query
CREATE_TABLESPACE (7) - define a new tablespace
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_CONFIGURATION (7) - define a new text search configuration
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_DICTIONARY (7) - define a new text search dictionary
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_PARSER (7) - define a new text search parser
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_TEMPLATE (7) - define a new text search template
CREATE_TRANSFORM (7) - define a new transform
CREATE_TRIGGER (7)   - define a new trigger
CREATE_TYPE (7)      - define a new data type
CREATE_USER (7)      - define a new database role
CREATE_USER_MAPPING (7) - define a new mapping of a user to a foreign server
CREATE_VIEW (7)      - define a new view
createdb (1)         - create a new PostgreSQL database
createuser (1)       - define a new PostgreSQL user account
credentials (7)      - process identifiers
crl2pkcs7 (1ssl)     - Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates
Crypt::DH::GMP (3pm) - Crypt::DH Using GMP Directly
Crypt::DSA (3pm)     - DSA Signatures and Key Generation
Crypt::DSA::Key::PEM (3pm) - Read/write DSA PEM files
Crypt::DSA::Key::SSH2 (3pm) - Read/write DSA SSH2 files
Crypt::DSA::Signature (3pm) - DSA signature object
Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum (3pm) - OpenSSL's multiprecision integer arithmetic
Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum::CTX (3pm) - Perl interface to the OpenSSL BN_CTX stru...
cryptdir (1)         - encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory
cryptsetup-reencrypt (8) - tool for offline LUKS device re-encryption
ct (7ssl)            - Certificate Transparency
Curses (3pm)         - terminal screen handling and optimization
cut (1)              - remove sections from each line of files
cvs (1)              - Concurrent Versions System
cvs (5)              - Concurrent Versions System support files
cvs-debrelease (1)   - upload a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package
cvs-switchroot (1)   - change repository or tag in a cvs working copy
cvsps (1)            - create patchset information from CVS
Cwd (3perl)          - get pathname of current working directory
darcs (1)            - an advanced revision control system
dash (1)             - command interpreter (shell)
Data::Buffer (3pm)   - Read/write buffer class
Data::Dumper (3perl) - stringified perl data structures, suitable for both pr...
Data::DumpXML (3pm)  - Dump arbitrary data structures as XML
Data::DumpXML::Parser (3pm) - Restore data dumped by Data::DumpXML
Data::FormValidator::ConstraintsFactory (3pm) - Module to create constraints ...
Data::FormValidator::Results (3pm) - results of form input validation.
Data::Grove (3pm)    - - support for deeply nested structures
Data::Grove::Parent (3pm) - provide parent properties to Data::Grove objects
Data::Serializer (3pm) - Modules that serialize data structures
Data::Serializer::Bencode (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and...
Data::Serializer::Config::General (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serial...
Data::Serializer::Convert::Bencode (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Seria...
Data::Serializer::Convert::Bencode_XS (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Se...
Data::Serializer::Data::Denter (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serialize...
Data::Serializer::Data::Dumper (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serialize...
Data::Serializer::Data::Taxi (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer ...
Data::Serializer::FreezeThaw (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer ...
Data::Serializer::JSON (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and JSON
Data::Serializer::JSON::Syck (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer ...
Data::Serializer::PHP::Serialization (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Ser...
Data::Serializer::Storable (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer an...
Data::Serializer::XML::Dumper (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer...
Data::Serializer::XML::Simple (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer...
Data::Serializer::YAML (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and YAML
Data::Serializer::YAML::Syck (3pm) - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer ...
Data::Stream::Bulk (3pm) - N at a time iteration API
Data::Stream::Bulk::Array (3pm) - Data::Stream::Bulk wrapper for simple arrays.
Data::Stream::Bulk::Callback (3pm) - Callback based bulk iterator
Data::Stream::Bulk::Cat (3pm) - Concatenated streams
Data::Stream::Bulk::Chunked (3pm) - combine streams into larger chunks
Data::Stream::Bulk::DBI (3pm) - N-at-a-time iteration of DBI statement results.
Data::Stream::Bulk::DBIC (3pm) - Iterate DBIC resultsets with Data::Stream::Bulk
Data::Stream::Bulk::DoneFlag (3pm) - Implement the "is_done" method in terms ...
Data::Stream::Bulk::FileHandle (3pm) - read lines from a filehandle
Data::Stream::Bulk::Filter (3pm) - Streamed filtering (block oriented)
Data::Stream::Bulk::Nil (3pm) - An empty Data::Stream::Bulk iterator
Data::Stream::Bulk::Path::Class (3pm) - Path::Class::Dir traversal
Data::Stream::Bulk::Util (3pm) - Utility functions for Data::Stream::Bulk
Data::Visitor (3pm)  - Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures
Date::Calc (3pm)     - Gregorian calendar date calculations
Date::Calc::PP (3pm) - pure-Perl plug-in for Date::Calc
Date::Calendar (3pm) - Calendar objects for different holiday schemes
Date::Manip::Changes5to6 (3pm) - describes differences between 5.xx and 6.00
Date::Manip::DM5abbrevs (3pm) - A list of all timezone abbreviations
Date::Manip::Lang::french (3pm) - French language support.
Date::Manip::Recur (3pm) - methods for working with recurring events
Date::Pcalc (3pm)    - Gregorian calendar date calculations
Date::Pcalendar (3pm) - Calendar objects for different holiday schemes
DateTime::Format::Builder (3pm) - Create DateTime parser classes and objects.
DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser (3pm) - Parser creation
DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser::Regex (3pm) - Regex based date parsing
DateTime::Infinite (3pm) - Infinite past and future DateTime objects
DateTime::Locale::ar_ER (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Arabic Eritrea (...
DateTime::Locale::br (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Breton (br) locale
DateTime::Locale::br_FR (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Breton France (b...
DateTime::Locale::da_GL (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Danish Greenland...
DateTime::Locale::el (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Greek (el) locale
DateTime::Locale::el_CY (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Greek Cyprus (el...
DateTime::Locale::el_GR (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Greek Greece (el...
DateTime::Locale::en_ER (3pm) - Locale data examples for the English Eritrea ...
DateTime::Locale::en_GD (3pm) - Locale data examples for the English Grenada ...
DateTime::Locale::en_IE (3pm) - Locale data examples for the English Ireland ...
DateTime::Locale::en_SG (3pm) - Locale data examples for the English Singapor...
DateTime::Locale::en_VC (3pm) - Locale data examples for the English St. Vinc...
DateTime::Locale::es_DO (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Spanish Dominica...
DateTime::Locale::fr (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French (fr) locale
DateTime::Locale::fr_BE (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Belgium (...
DateTime::Locale::fr_BF (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Burkina F...
DateTime::Locale::fr_BI (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Burundi (...
DateTime::Locale::fr_BJ (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Benin (fr...
DateTime::Locale::fr_BL (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French St. Barth...
DateTime::Locale::fr_CA (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Canada (f...
DateTime::Locale::fr_CD (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Congo - K...
DateTime::Locale::fr_CF (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Central A...
DateTime::Locale::fr_CG (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Congo - B...
DateTime::Locale::fr_CH (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Switzerla...
DateTime::Locale::fr_CI (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Cte d...
DateTime::Locale::fr_CM (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Cameroon ...
DateTime::Locale::fr_DJ (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Djibouti ...
DateTime::Locale::fr_DZ (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Algeria (...
DateTime::Locale::fr_FR (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French France (f...
DateTime::Locale::fr_GA (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Gabon (fr...
DateTime::Locale::fr_GF (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French French Gu...
DateTime::Locale::fr_GN (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Guinea (f...
DateTime::Locale::fr_GP (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Guadeloup...
DateTime::Locale::fr_GQ (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Equatoria...
DateTime::Locale::fr_HT (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Haiti (fr...
DateTime::Locale::fr_KM (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Comoros (...
DateTime::Locale::fr_LU (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Luxembour...
DateTime::Locale::fr_MA (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Morocco (...
DateTime::Locale::fr_MC (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Monaco (f...
DateTime::Locale::fr_MF (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French St. Marti...
DateTime::Locale::fr_MG (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Madagasca...
DateTime::Locale::fr_ML (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Mali (fr-...
DateTime::Locale::fr_MQ (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Martiniqu...
DateTime::Locale::fr_MR (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Mauritani...
DateTime::Locale::fr_MU (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Mauritius...
DateTime::Locale::fr_NC (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French New Caled...
DateTime::Locale::fr_NE (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Niger (fr...
DateTime::Locale::fr_PF (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French French Po...
DateTime::Locale::fr_PM (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French St. Pierr...
DateTime::Locale::fr_RE (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Runion ...
DateTime::Locale::fr_RW (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Rwanda (f...
DateTime::Locale::fr_SC (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Seychelle...
DateTime::Locale::fr_SN (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Senegal (...
DateTime::Locale::fr_SY (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Syria (fr...
DateTime::Locale::fr_TD (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Chad (fr-...
DateTime::Locale::fr_TG (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Togo (fr-...
DateTime::Locale::fr_TN (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Tunisia (...
DateTime::Locale::fr_VU (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Vanuatu (...
DateTime::Locale::fr_WF (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Wallis & ...
DateTime::Locale::fr_YT (3pm) - Locale data examples for the French Mayotte (...
DateTime::Locale::FromData (3pm) - Class for locale objects instantiated from...
DateTime::Locale::ga_IE (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Irish Ireland (g...
DateTime::Locale::he (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Hebrew (he) locale
DateTime::Locale::he_IL (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Hebrew Israel (h...
DateTime::Locale::kl_GL (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Kalaallisut Gree...
DateTime::Locale::ko (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Korean (ko) locale
DateTime::Locale::ko_KP (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Korean North Kor...
DateTime::Locale::ko_KR (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Korean South Kor...
DateTime::Locale::ln_CF (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Lingala Central ...
DateTime::Locale::ms_SG (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Malay Singapore ...
DateTime::Locale::sg_CF (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Sango Central Af...
DateTime::Locale::ta_SG (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Tamil Singapore ...
DateTime::Locale::ti_ER (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Tigrinya Eritrea...
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hans_SG (3pm) - Locale data examples for the Chinese Sin...
DateTime::TimeZone::OlsonDB (3pm) - An object to represent an Olson time zone...
db5.3_hotbackup (1)  - Create "hot backup" or "hot failover" snapshots
db5.3_printlog (1)   - Dumps Berkeley DB log files in a human-readable format
db5.3_recover (1)    - Restore the database to a consistent state
db5.3_upgrade (1)    - Upgrade the Berkeley DB version to the current release...
db5.3_verify (1)     - Verifies the structure databases
db_hotbackup (1)     - Create "hot backup" or "hot failover" snapshots
db_printlog (1)      - Dumps Berkeley DB log files in a human-readable format
db_recover (1)       - Restore the database to a consistent state
db_upgrade (1)       - Upgrade the Berkeley DB version to the current release...
db_verify (1)        - Verifies the structure databases
DBD::File::HowTo (3pm) - Guide to create DBD::File based driver
DBD::File::Roadmap (3pm) - Planned Enhancements for DBD::File and pure Perl D...
DBD::Gofer (3pm)     - A stateless-proxy driver for communicating with a remo...
DBD::Gofer::Transport::corostream (3pm) - Async DBD::Gofer stream transport u...
DBD::Gofer::Transport::stream (3pm) - DBD::Gofer transport for stdio streaming
DBD::Sponge (3pm)    - Create a DBI statement handle from Perl data
DBI::Const::GetInfoReturn (3pm) - Data and functions for describing GetInfo r...
DBI::DBD::SqlEngine::HowTo (3pm) - Guide to create DBI::DBD::SqlEngine based ...
DBI::Gofer::Execute (3pm) - Executes Gofer requests and returns Gofer responses
DBI::Gofer::Request (3pm) - Encapsulate a request from DBD::Gofer to DBI::Gof...
DBI::Gofer::Response (3pm) - Encapsulate a response from DBI::Gofer::Execute ...
DBI::Gofer::Transport::stream (3pm) - DBD::Gofer server-side transport for st...
DBI::ProfileDumper::Apache (3pm) - capture DBI profiling data from Apache/mod...
DBI::PurePerl (3pm)  - - a DBI emulation using pure perl (no C/XS compilation...
DBM_Filter::compress (3perl) - filter for DBM_Filter
dbus-cleanup-sockets (1) - clean up leftover sockets in a directory
dc (1)               - an arbitrary precision calculator
DEALLOCATE (7)       - deallocate a prepared statement
deb-postrm (5)       - package post-removal maintainer script
deb-preinst (5)      - package pre-installation maintainer script
deb-prerm (5)        - package pre-removal maintainer script
deb-reversion (1)    - simple script to change the version of a .deb file
deb-shlibs (5)       - Debian shared library information file
deb-symbols (5)      - Debian's extended shared library information file
deb-systemd-invoke (1p) - wrapper around systemctl, respecting policy-rc.d
debcheckout (1)      - checkout the development repository of a Debian package
debclean (1)         - clean up a sourcecode tree
debconf-apt-progress (1) - install packages using debconf to display a progre...
debdiff (1)          - compare file lists in two Debian packages
debi (1)             - install current version of generated Debian package
debrelease (1)       - a wrapper around dupload or dput
debrepro (1)         - reproducibility tester for Debian packages
debrsign (1)         - remotely sign a Debian .changes and .dsc file pair usi...
debsnap (1)          - retrieve old snapshots of Debian packages
DECLARE (7)          - define a cursor
decryptdir (1)       - encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory
defer (8postfix)     - Postfix delivery status reports
delgroup (8)         - remove a user or group from the system
deluser (8)          - remove a user or group from the system
depmod.d (5)         - Configuration directory for depmod
deprecate (3perl)    - Perl pragma for deprecating the core version of a module
derb (1)             - disassemble a resource bundle
desktop2menu (1)     - create a menu file skeleton from a desktop file
Devel::Cover::DB::Digests (3pm) - store digests for Devel::Cover::DB
Devel::Cover::DB::IO::Sereal (3pm) - Sereal based IO routines for Devel::Cove...
Devel::Cover::DB::Structure (3pm) - Internal: abstract structure of a source ...
Devel::Cover::Html_Common (3pm) - Common code for HTML reporters
Devel::Cover::Report::Compilation (3pm) - backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Html (3pm) - HTML backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Html_basic (3pm) - HTML backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Html_minimal (3pm) - HTML backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Html_subtle (3pm) - HTML backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Json (3pm) - JSON backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Sort (3pm) - backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Text2 (3pm) - Text backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Text (3pm) - Text backend for Devel::Cover
Devel::Cover::Report::Vim (3pm) - Backend for displaying coverage data in Vim
Devel::GlobalDestruction (3pm) - Provides function returning the equivalent o...
Devel::StackTrace (3pm) - An object representing a stack trace
devlink-sb (8)       - devlink shared buffer configuration
devnag (1)           - Devanagari for TeX preprocessor
df (1)               - report file system disk space usage
dh-autoreconf (7)    - debhelper add-on to run autoreconf during build
dh_apache2 (1)       - register configuration snippets to the Apache web server
dh_auto_configure (1) - automatically configure a package prior to building
dh_autoreconf (1)    - Call autoreconf - f - i and keep track of the changed ...
dh_autoreconf_clean (1) - Clean all changes made by dh_autoreconf
dh_autotools-dev_restoreconfig (1) - restore config.sub and config.guess
dh_bugfiles (1)      - install bug reporting customization files into package...
dh_clean (1)         - clean up package build directories
dh_compress (1)      - compress files and fix symlinks in package build direc...
dh_dkms (1)          - correctly handle DKMS usage by a kernel module package
dh_fixperms (1)      - fix permissions of files in package build directories
dh_gconf (1)         - install GConf defaults files and register schemas
dh_icons (1)         - Update caches of Freedesktop icons
dh_install (1)       - install files into package build directories
dh_installcatalogs (1) - install and register SGML Catalogs
dh_installchangelogs (1) - install changelogs into package build directories
dh_installdeb (1)    - install files into the DEBIAN directory
dh_installdebconf (1) - install files used by debconf in package build direct...
dh_installdirs (1)   - create subdirectories in package build directories
dh_installdocs (1)   - install documentation into package build directories
dh_installemacsen (1) - register an Emacs add on package
dh_installexamples (1) - install example files into package build directories
dh_installinit (1)   - install service init files into package build directories
dh_installman (1)    - install man pages into package build directories
dh_installmanpages (1) - old-style man page installer (deprecated)
dh_installmenu (1)   - install Debian menu files into package build directories
dh_installmime (1)   - install mime files into package build directories
dh_installmodules (1) - register kernel modules
dh_installtex (1)    - register Type 1 fonts, hyphenation patterns, or format...
dh_installwm (1)     - register a window manager
dh_installxfonts (1) - register X fonts
dh_installxmlcatalogs (1) - install and register XML catalog files
dh_link (1)          - create symlinks in package build directories
dh_lintian (1)       - install lintian override files into package build dire...
dh_makeshlibs (1)    - automatically create shlibs file and call dpkg-gensymbols
dh_perl_dbi (1)      - add dependencies required for DBI modules
dh_perl_openssl (1)  - add dependencies required for OpenSSL modules
dh_prep (1)          - perform cleanups in preparation for building a binary ...
dh_shlibdeps (1)     - calculate shared library dependencies
dh_strip (1)         - strip executables, shared libraries, and some static l...
dh_strip_nondeterminism (1p) - strip uninteresting, nondeterministic informat...
dh_systemd_start (1) - start/stop/restart systemd unit files
dh_testdir (1)       - test directory before building Debian package
dh_testroot (1)      - ensure that a package is built with necessary level of...
dh_ucf (1)           - register configuration files with ucf
dh_usrlocal (1)      - migrate usr/local directories to maintainer scripts
dictl (1)            - wrapper script for dict that permits using utf-8 encod...
diff (1)             - compare files line by line
diff3 (1)            - compare three files line by line
dir (1)              - list directory contents
DirHandle (3perl)    - supply object methods for directory handles
dislocate (1)        - disconnect and reconnect processes
dist (1mh)           - distribute an nmh message to additional addresses
Dist::CheckConflicts (3pm) - declare version conflicts for your dist
djpeg (1)            - decompress a JPEG file to an image file
do-release-upgrade (8) - upgrade operating system to latest release
dosfsck (8)          - check and repair MS-DOS filesystems
dpkg-architecture (1) - set and determine the architecture for package building
dpkg-awk (1)         - Utility to read a dpkg style db file
dpkg-buildflags (1)  - returns build flags to use during package build
dpkg-gensymbols (1)  - generate symbols files (shared library dependency info...
dpkg-name (1)        - rename Debian packages to full package names
dpkg-preconfigure (8) - let packages ask questions prior to their installation
dpkg-reconfigure (8) - reconfigure an already installed package
dpkg-scanpackages (1) - create Packages index files
dpkg-scansources (1) - create Sources index files
dpkg-shlibdeps (1)   - generate shared library substvar dependencies
Dpkg::Arch (3perl)   - handle architectures
Dpkg::Changelog::Entry (3perl) - represents a changelog entry
Dpkg::Changelog::Entry::Debian (3perl) - represents a Debian changelog entry
Dpkg::Compression (3perl) - simple database of available compression methods
Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle (3perl) - object dealing transparently with fil...
Dpkg::Compression::Process (3perl) - run compression/decompression processes
Dpkg::Control::Changelog (3perl) - represent info fields output by dpkg-parse...
Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore (3perl) - manage (list of official) control fields
Dpkg::Control::HashCore (3perl) - parse and manipulate a block of RFC822-like...
Dpkg::Control::Tests::Entry (3perl) - represents a test suite entry
Dpkg::Interface::Storable (3perl) - common methods related to object serializ...
DPMSCapable (3)      - returns the DPMS capability of the X server
DPMSGetTimeouts (3)  - retrieves the timeout values used by the X server for ...
DPMSGetVersion (3)   - returns the version of the DPMS extension implemented ...
DPMSInfo (3)         - returns information about the current DPMS state
DROP_ACCESS_METHOD (7) - remove an access method
DROP_AGGREGATE (7)   - remove an aggregate function
DROP_CAST (7)        - remove a cast
DROP_COLLATION (7)   - remove a collation
DROP_CONVERSION (7)  - remove a conversion
DROP_DATABASE (7)    - remove a database
DROP_DOMAIN (7)      - remove a domain
DROP_EVENT_TRIGGER (7) - remove an event trigger
DROP_EXTENSION (7)   - remove an extension
DROP_FOREIGN_DATA_WRAPPER (7) - remove a foreign-data wrapper
DROP_FOREIGN_TABLE (7) - remove a foreign table
DROP_FUNCTION (7)    - remove a function
DROP_GROUP (7)       - remove a database role
DROP_INDEX (7)       - remove an index
DROP_LANGUAGE (7)    - remove a procedural language
DROP_MATERIALIZED_VIEW (7) - remove a materialized view
DROP_OPERATOR (7)    - remove an operator
DROP_OPERATOR_CLASS (7) - remove an operator class
DROP_OPERATOR_FAMILY (7) - remove an operator family
DROP_OWNED (7)       - remove database objects owned by a database role
DROP_POLICY (7)      - remove a row level security policy from a table
DROP_PUBLICATION (7) - remove a publication
DROP_ROLE (7)        - remove a database role
DROP_RULE (7)        - remove a rewrite rule
DROP_SCHEMA (7)      - remove a schema
DROP_SEQUENCE (7)    - remove a sequence
DROP_SERVER (7)      - remove a foreign server descriptor
DROP_STATISTICS (7)  - remove extended statistics
DROP_SUBSCRIPTION (7) - remove a subscription
DROP_TABLE (7)       - remove a table
DROP_TABLESPACE (7)  - remove a tablespace
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_CONFIGURATION (7) - remove a text search configuration
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_DICTIONARY (7) - remove a text search dictionary
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_PARSER (7) - remove a text search parser
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_TEMPLATE (7) - remove a text search template
DROP_TRANSFORM (7)   - remove a transform
DROP_TRIGGER (7)     - remove a trigger
DROP_TYPE (7)        - remove a data type
DROP_USER (7)        - remove a database role
DROP_USER_MAPPING (7) - remove a user mapping for a foreign server
DROP_VIEW (7)        - remove a view
dropdb (1)           - remove a PostgreSQL database
dropuser (1)         - remove a PostgreSQL user account
dt2dv (1)            - convert a DTL text representation of a TeX DVI file to...
dump-acct (8)        - print an acct file in human-readable format.
dump-utmp (8)        - print an utmp file in human-readable format.
Dumpvalue (3perl)    - provides screen dump of Perl data.
duplicity (1)        - Encrypted incremental backup to local or remote storage.
dv2dt (1)            - convert a binary TeX DVI file to DTL text representation
dvi2tty (1)          - preview a TeX DVI-file on an ordinary ascii terminal
dvibook (1)          - rearrange pages in DVI file into signatures
dvipdfm (1)          - produce PDF files directly from DVI files
dvipdfmx (1)         - produce PDF files directly from DVI files
dvipdft (1)          - create thumbnail images for use with dvipdfm
dvired (1)           - print dvi-files
dvitodvi (1)         - rearrange pages in a DVI file
e2freefrag (8)       - report free space fragmentation information
e2undo (8)           - Replay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
eatmydata (1)        - transparently disable fsync() and other data-to-disk s...
ebrowse (1)          - create a class hierarchy database
ebrowse.emacs25 (1)  - create a class hierarchy database
edit-patch (1)       - tool for preparing patches for Debian source packages
editor (1)           - Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone
editres (1)          - a dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications
egrep (1)            - print lines matching a pattern
eject (1)            - eject removable media
Email::Address (3pm) - RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
Email::Address::XS (3pm) - Parse and format RFC 2822 email addresses and groups
Email::MIME::Creator (3pm) - obsolete do-nothing library
Email::MIME::Header::AddressList (3pm) - MIME support for list of Email::Addr...
Email::Simple::Creator (3pm) - private helper for building Email::Simple objects
Email::Valid (3pm)   - Check validity of Internet email addresses
Encode::KR (3perl)   - Korean Encodings
Encode::MIME::Header (3perl) - - MIME encoding for an unstructured email header
END (7)              - commit the current transaction
error (8postfix)     - Postfix error/retry mail delivery agent
ethers (5)           - Ethernet address to IP number database
ethtool (8)          - query or control network driver and hardware settings
Eval::Closure (3pm)  - safely and cleanly create closures via string eval
exa (4)              - new 2D acceleration architecture for X.Org
Exception::Class (3pm) - A module that allows you to declare real exception c...
EXECUTE (7)          - execute a prepared statement
exiftool (1p)        - Read and write meta information in files
expect_cryptdir (1)  - encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory
expect_decryptdir (1) - encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory
expect_dislocate (1) - disconnect and reconnect processes
experimental (3perl) - Experimental features made easy
Exporter::Tiny (3pm) - an exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter but onl...
Exporter::Tiny::Manual::Exporting (3pm) - creating an exporter using Exporter...
expr (1)             - evaluate expressions
extcheck (1)         - Detects version conflicts between a target Java Archiv...
ExtUtils::Command (3perl) - utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Make...
ExtUtils::Install (3perl) - install files from here to there
ExtUtils::MakeMaker (3perl) - Create a module Makefile
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::FAQ (3perl) - Frequently Asked Questions About MakeMaker
ExtUtils::testlib (3perl) - add blib/* directories to @INC
ExtUtils::Typemaps (3perl) - Read/Write/Modify Perl/XS typemap files
fail2ban-client (1)  - configure and control the server
fail2ban-regex (1)   - test Fail2ban "failregex" option
faillog (5)          - login failure logging file
faillog (8)          - display faillog records or set login failure limits
fallocate (1)        - preallocate or deallocate space to a file
Fatal (3perl)        - Replace functions with equivalents which succeed or die
fc-cat (1)           - read font information cache files
fc-scan (1)          - scan font files or directories
FcAtomicCreate (3)   - create an FcAtomic object
FcAtomicNewFile (3)  - return new temporary file name
FcAtomicOrigFile (3) - return original file name
FcAtomicReplaceOrig (3) - replace original with new
FcBlanksCreate (3)   - Create an FcBlanks
FcCacheCopySet (3)   - Returns a copy of the fontset from cache
FcCacheCreateTagFile (3) - Create CACHEDIR.TAG at cache directory.
FcCacheDir (3)       - Return directory of cache
FcCacheNumFont (3)   - Returns the number of fonts in cache.
FcCacheNumSubdir (3) - Return the number of subdirectories in cache.
FcCacheSubdir (3)    - Return the i'th subdirectory.
FcCharSetCoverage (3) - DEPRECATED return coverage for a Unicode page
FcCharSetCreate (3)  - Create an empty character set
FcCharSetEqual (3)   - Compare two charsets
FcCharSetNew (3)     - DEPRECATED alias for FcCharSetCreate
FcConfigAppFontAddDir (3) - Add fonts from directory to font database
FcConfigAppFontClear (3) - Remove all app fonts from font database
FcConfigCreate (3)   - Create a configuration
FcConfigEnableHome (3) - controls use of the home directory.
FcConfigGetCache (3) - DEPRECATED used to return per-user cache filename
FcConfigGetCacheDirs (3) - return the list of directories searched for cache ...
FcConfigGetConfigDirs (3) - Get config directories
FcConfigGetCurrent (3) - Return current configuration
FcConfigGetFontDirs (3) - Get font directories
FcConfigGetRescanInterval (3) - Get config rescan interval
FcConfigGetSysRoot (3) - Obtain the system root directory
FcConfigHome (3)     - return the current home directory.
FcConfigReference (3) - Increment config reference count
FcConfigSetCurrent (3) - Set configuration as default
FcConfigSetRescanInterval (3) - Set config rescan interval
FcConfigSetSysRoot (3) - Set the system root directory
FcDirCacheClean (3)  - This tries to clean up the cache directory of cache_di...
FcDirCacheLoad (3)   - load a directory cache
FcDirCacheRead (3)   - read or construct a directory cache
FcDirCacheRescan (3) - Re-scan a directory cache
FcDirCacheUnlink (3) - Remove all caches related to dir
FcDirCacheValid (3)  - check directory cache
FcDirSave (3)        - DEPRECATED: formerly used to save a directory cache
FcDirScan (3)        - scan a font directory without caching it
FcFileIsDir (3)      - check whether a file is a directory
FcFontMatch (3)      - Return best font
FcFontRenderPrepare (3) - Prepare pattern for loading font file
FcFontSetCreate (3)  - Create a font set
FcFontSetMatch (3)   - Return the best font from a set of font sets
FcFontSetSortDestroy (3) - DEPRECATED destroy a font set
FcFontSort (3)       - Return list of matching fonts
FcFreeTypeCharIndex (3) - map Unicode to glyph id
FcFreeTypeCharSet (3) - compute Unicode coverage
FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing (3) - compute Unicode coverage and spacing type
FcFreeTypeQuery (3)  - compute pattern from font file (and index)
FcFreeTypeQueryFace (3) - compute pattern from FT_Face
FcInitBringUptoDate (3) - reload configuration files if needed
FcInitReinitialize (3) - re-initialize library
FcLangSetCompare (3) - compare language sets
FcLangSetContains (3) - check langset subset relation
FcLangSetCreate (3)  - create a langset object
FcLangSetHash (3)    - return a hash value for a langset
FcMatrixEqual (3)    - Compare two matrices
FcMatrixInit (3)     - initialize an FcMatrix structure
FcNameRegisterConstants (3) - Register symbolic constants
FcNameRegisterObjectTypes (3) - Register object types
FcNameUnregisterConstants (3) - Unregister symbolic constants
FcNameUnregisterObjectTypes (3) - Unregister object types
FcObjectSetCreate (3) - Create an object set
FcPatternBuild (3)   - Create patterns from arguments
FcPatternCreate (3)  - Create a pattern
FcPatternEqual (3)   - Compare patterns
FcPatternEqualSubset (3) - Compare portions of patterns
FcPatternGet (3)     - Return a value from a pattern
FcPatternGet-Type (3) - Return a typed value from a pattern
FcPatternGetWithBinding (3) - Return a value with binding from a pattern
FcPatternReference (3) - Increment pattern reference count
FcPatternRemove (3)  - Remove one object of the specified type from the pattern
FcRangeCreateDouble (3) - create a range object for double
FcRangeCreateInteger (3) - create a range object for integer
FcStrCmp (3)         - compare UTF-8 strings
FcStrCmpIgnoreCase (3) - compare UTF-8 strings ignoring case
FcStrCopyFilename (3) - create a complete path from a filename
FcStrDirname (3)     - directory part of filename
FcStrDowncase (3)    - create a lower case translation of a string
FcStrFree (3)        - free a string
FcStrListCreate (3)  - create a string iterator
FcStrSetCreate (3)   - create a string set
FcStrStrIgnoreCase (3) - locate UTF-8 substring ignoring ASCII case
FcValueDestroy (3)   - Free a value
feature (3perl)      - Perl pragma to enable new features
feature_test_macros (7) - feature test macros
ferret-browser (1)   - lets you browse Ferret indexes
FETCH (7)            - retrieve rows from a query using a cursor
ffi (3)              - Foreign Function Interface
ffi_call (3)         - Invoke a foreign function.
ffi_prep_cif (3)     - Prepare a ffi_cif structure for use with ffi_call
ffi_prep_cif_var (3) - Prepare a ffi_cif structure for use with ffi_call for ...
ffmpeg-bitstream-filters (1) - FFmpeg bitstream filters
ffmpeg-resampler (1) - FFmpeg Resampler
fgrep (1)            - print lines matching a pattern
fiascotopnm (1)      - Convert compressed FIASCO image to PGM, or PPM
filan (1)            - Multipurpose relay (SOcket CAT)
File::Basename (3perl) - Parse file paths into directory, filename and suffix.
File::Compare (3perl) - Compare files or filehandles
File::Copy::Recursive (3pm) - Perl extension for recursively copying files an...
File::Find (3perl)   - Traverse a directory tree.
File::HomeDir (3pm)  - Find your home and other directories on any platform
File::HomeDir::Darwin (3pm) - Find your home and other directories on Darwin ...
File::HomeDir::Darwin::Carbon (3pm) - Find your home and other directories on...
File::HomeDir::Darwin::Cocoa (3pm) - Find your home and other directories on ...
File::HomeDir::FreeDesktop (3pm) - Find your home and other directories on Fr...
File::HomeDir::MacOS9 (3pm) - Find your home and other directories on legacy ...
File::HomeDir::Test (3pm) - Prevent the accidental creation of user-owned fil...
File::HomeDir::Unix (3pm) - Find your home and other directories on legacy Unix
File::HomeDir::Windows (3pm) - Find your home and other directories on Windows
File::Listing (3pm)  - parse directory listing
File::Path (3perl)   - Create or remove directory trees
File::RandomAccess (3pm) - Random access reads of sequential file or scalar
File::ReadBackwards (3pm) - - Read a file backwards by lines.
File::Remove (3pm)   - Remove files and directories
File::Share (3pm)    - Extend File::ShareDir to Local Libraries
File::ShareDir (3pm) - Locate per-dist and per-module shared files
File::Slurp (3pm)    - Simple and Efficient Reading/Writing/Modifying of Comp...
File::Temp (3perl)   - return name and handle of a temporary file safely
FileCache (3perl)    - keep more files open than the system permits
filefrag (8)         - report on file fragmentation
filefuncs (3am)      - provide some file related functionality to gawk
filesystems (5)      - Linux filesystem types: ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, hpfs, i...
Finance::Quote::BSERO (3pm) - Obtain quotes from Bucharest Stock Exchange.
Finance::Quote::Currencies (3pm) - List of currencies from Yahoo Finance
Finance::Quote::LeRevenu (3pm) - Obtain quotes from
Finance::Quote::Morningstar (3pm) - Obtain fund prices the Fredrik way
Finance::Quote::Tiaacref (3pm) - Obtain quote from TIAA-CREF.
Finance::Quote::USFedBonds (3pm) - Get US Federal Bond redemption values dire...
Finance::Quote::VWD (3pm) - Obtain quotes from vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdien...
Finance::Quote::ZA (3pm) - Obtain South African stock and prices from www.sha...
find (1)             - search for files in a directory hierarchy
FindBin (3perl)      - Locate directory of original perl script
fixparts (8)         - MBR partition table repair utility
Flickr::API::Reflection (3pm) - An interface to the flickr.reflection.* methods.
Flickr::API::Request (3pm) - A request to the Flickr API
Flickr::API::Response (3pm) - A response from the flickr API.
flickr_dump_stored_config (1p) - script to display contents of a Flickr::API ...
flickr_make_stored_config (1p) - script to assist with testing and using the ...
fnext (1mh)          - set current nmh folder to next folder with new messages
fnmatch (3am)        - compare a string against a filename wildcard
folder (1mh)         - set/list current nmh folder/message
folders (1mh)        - set/list current nmh folder/message
Font::TTF::Dumper (3pm) - Debug dump of a font datastructure, avoiding recurs...
Font::TTF::Feat (3pm) - Font Features
Font::TTF::Features::Cvar (3pm) - Class for Character Variants Feature Parame...
Font::TTF::Features::Size (3pm) - Class for Size Feature Parameters
Font::TTF::Features::Sset (3pm) - Class for Stylistic Set Feature Parameters
Font::TTF::Font (3pm) - Memory representation of a font
Font::TTF::GrFeat (3pm) - Graphite Font Features
Font::TTF::Kern::OrderedList (3pm) - Ordered List Kern subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::LTSH (3pm) - Linear Threshold table
Font::TTF::Manual (3pm) - Information regarding the whole module set
Font::TTF::Mort::Ligature (3pm) - Ligature Mort subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Mort::Rearrangement (3pm) - Rearrangement Mort subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Prep (3pm) - Preparation hinting program. Called when ppem changes
Font::TTF::XMLparse (3pm) - provides support for XML parsing. Requires Expat ...
formail (1)          - mail (re)formatter
fortune (6)          - print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
fping (8)            - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
fprev (1mh)          - set current nmh folder to previous folder with new mes...
free (1)             - Display amount of free and used memory in the system
free_handle (3)      - file handle operations
freeipmi.conf (5)    - specify default values to FreeIPMI
freeipmi_interpret_sel.conf (5) - specify system event log (SEL) interpretati...
freeipmi_interpret_sensor.conf (5) - specify sensor interpretation rules
readproc (3)         - read information from next /proc/## entry
readproctab (3)      - read information for all current processes at once
freetype-config (1)  - Get information about a libfreetype installation
Frontier::Client (3pm) - issue Frontier XML RPC requests to a server
Frontier::Daemon (3pm) - receive Frontier XML RPC requests
Frontier::Responder (3pm) - Create XML-RPC listeners for normal CGI processes
fs (5)               - Linux filesystem types: ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, hpfs, i...
fsadm (8)            - utility to resize or check filesystem on a device
fsck (8)             - check and repair a Linux filesystem
fsck.cramfs (8)      - fsck compressed ROM file system
fsck.fat (8)         - check and repair MS-DOS filesystems
fsck.msdos (8)       - check and repair MS-DOS filesystems
fsck.vfat (8)        - check and repair MS-DOS filesystems
fsf-funding (7gcc)   - Funding Free Software
fsfreeze (8)         - suspend access to a filesystem (Ext3/4, ReiserFS, JFS,...
ftm (7)              - feature test macros
ftpcount (1)         - show current number of connections for each proftpd se...
ftpscrub (8)         - scrub the proftpd scoreboard file of stale entries
ftpusers (5)         - file which lists users who are not allowed to use ftp
ftpwho (1)           - show current process information for each FTP session
gcore (1)            - Generate a core file of a running program
GD::Barcode (3pm)    - Create barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::Code39 (3pm) - Create Code39 barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::COOP2of5 (3pm) - Create COOP2of5 barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::EAN13 (3pm) - Create EAN13(JAN13) barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::EAN8 (3pm) - Create EAN8(JAN8) barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::IATA2of5 (3pm) - Create IATA2of5 barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::Industrial2of5 (3pm) - Create Industrial2of5 barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::ITF (3pm) - Create ITF(Interleaved2of5) barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::Matrix2of5 (3pm) - Create Matrix2of5 barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::NW7 (3pm) - Create NW7 barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::QRcode (3pm) - Create QRcode barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::UPCA (3pm) - Create UPC-A barcode image with GD
GD::Barcode::UPCE (3pm) - Create UPC-E barcode image with GD
GD::Graph::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently asked questions
GD::Group (3pm)      - Simple object for recursive grouping
gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders (1) - GdkPixbuf loader registration utility
genbrk (1)           - Compiles ICU break iteration rules source files into b...
genrb (1)            - compile a resource bundle
gensprep (8)         - compile StringPrep data from files filtered by filterR...
Geo::IPfree (3pm)    - Look up the country of an IPv4 address
Geo::METAR (3pm)     - Process aviation weather reports in the METAR format.
get_root_domain (1p) - Retrieve suffix info from a domain using Domain::Publi...
getparentpaths_by_handle (3) - file handle operations
getparents_by_handle (3) - file handle operations
gettextize (1)       - install or upgrade gettext infrastructure
gfdl (7gcc)          - GNU Free Documentation License
gftype (1)           - translate a generic font file for humans to read
ghostscript (1)      - Ghostscript (PostScript and PDF language interpreter a...
gio-querymodules (1) - GIO module cache creation
git-archive (1)      - Create an archive of files from a named tree
git-blame (1)        - Show what revision and author last modified each line ...
git-branch (1)       - List, create, or delete branches
git-bundle (1)       - Move objects and refs by archive
git-cat-file (1)     - Provide content or type and size information for repos...
git-check-ignore (1) - Debug gitignore / exclude files
git-check-mailmap (1) - Show canonical names and email addresses of contacts
git-check-ref-format (1) - Ensures that a reference name is well formed
git-checkout (1)     - Switch branches or restore working tree files
git-checkout-index (1) - Copy files from the index to the working tree
git-cherry (1)       - Find commits yet to be applied to upstream
git-clean (1)        - Remove untracked files from the working tree
git-clone (1)        - Clone a repository into a new directory
git-commit (1)       - Record changes to the repository
git-commit-tree (1)  - Create a new commit object
git-config (1)       - Get and set repository or global options
git-credential (1)   - Retrieve and store user credentials
git-credential-cache (1) - Helper to temporarily store passwords in memory
git-credential-cache--daemon (1) - Temporarily store user credentials in memory
git-credential-store (1) - Helper to store credentials on disk
git-daemon (1)       - A really simple server for Git repositories
git-describe (1)     - Give an object a human readable name based on an avail...
git-diff (1)         - Show changes between commits, commit and working tree,...
git-diff-files (1)   - Compares files in the working tree and the index
git-diff-index (1)   - Compare a tree to the working tree or index
git-diff-tree (1)    - Compares the content and mode of blobs found via two t...
git-fetch (1)        - Download objects and refs from another repository
git-fetch-pack (1)   - Receive missing objects from another repository
git-filter-branch (1) - Rewrite branches
git-for-each-ref (1) - Output information on each ref
git-format-patch (1) - Prepare patches for e-mail submission
git-gc (1)           - Cleanup unnecessary files and optimize the local repos...
git-get-tar-commit-id (1) - Extract commit ID from an archive created using g...
git-grep (1)         - Print lines matching a pattern
git-hash-object (1)  - Compute object ID and optionally creates a blob from a...
git-http-fetch (1)   - Download from a remote Git repository via HTTP
git-http-push (1)    - Push objects over HTTP/DAV to another repository
git-init (1)         - Create an empty Git repository or reinitialize an exis...
git-init-db (1)      - Creates an empty Git repository
git-instaweb (1)     - Instantly browse your working repository in gitweb
git-interpret-trailers (1) - add or parse structured information in commit me...
git-ls-files (1)     - Show information about files in the index and the work...
git-ls-remote (1)    - List references in a remote repository
git-ls-tree (1)      - List the contents of a tree object
git-merge (1)        - Join two or more development histories together
git-merge-file (1)   - Run a three-way file merge
git-merge-tree (1)   - Show three-way merge without touching index
git-mergetool (1)    - Run merge conflict resolution tools to resolve merge c...
git-mktag (1)        - Creates a tag object
git-mktree (1)       - Build a tree-object from ls-tree formatted text
git-mv (1)           - Move or rename a file, a directory, or a symlink
git-name-rev (1)     - Find symbolic names for given revs
git-pack-objects (1) - Create a packed archive of objects
git-pack-redundant (1) - Find redundant pack files
git-pack-refs (1)    - Pack heads and tags for efficient repository access
git-parse-remote (1) - Routines to help parsing remote repository access para...
git-prune (1)        - Prune all unreachable objects from the object database
git-prune-packed (1) - Remove extra objects that are already in pack files
git-pull (1)         - Fetch from and integrate with another repository or a ...
git-push (1)         - Update remote refs along with associated objects
git-quiltimport (1)  - Applies a quilt patchset onto the current branch
git-read-tree (1)    - Reads tree information into the index
git-rebase (1)       - Reapply commits on top of another base tip
git-receive-pack (1) - Receive what is pushed into the repository
git-reflog (1)       - Manage reflog information
git-remote (1)       - Manage set of tracked repositories
git-remote-ext (1)   - Bridge smart transport to external command.
git-remote-fd (1)    - Reflect smart transport stream back to caller
git-remote-testgit (1) - Example remote-helper
git-repack (1)       - Pack unpacked objects in a repository
git-replace (1)      - Create, list, delete refs to replace objects
git-request-pull (1) - Generates a summary of pending changes
git-rerere (1)       - Reuse recorded resolution of conflicted merges
git-reset (1)        - Reset current HEAD to the specified state
git-rev-list (1)     - Lists commit objects in reverse chronological order
git-rev-parse (1)    - Pick out and massage parameters
git-revert (1)       - Revert some existing commits
git-rm (1)           - Remove files from the working tree and from the index
git-send-pack (1)    - Push objects over Git protocol to another repository
git-shell (1)        - Restricted login shell for Git-only SSH access
git-show-ref (1)     - List references in a local repository
git-stage (1)        - Add file contents to the staging area
git-stash (1)        - Stash the changes in a dirty working directory away
git-status (1)       - Show the working tree status
git-stripspace (1)   - Remove unnecessary whitespace
git-subtree (1)      - Merge subtrees together and split repository into subt...
git-svn (1)          - Bidirectional operation between a Subversion repositor...
git-symbolic-ref (1) - Read, modify and delete symbolic refs
git-tag (1)          - Create, list, delete or verify a tag object signed wit...
git-unpack-file (1)  - Creates a temporary file with a blob's contents
git-update-index (1) - Register file contents in the working tree to the index
git-update-ref (1)   - Update the object name stored in a ref safely
git-verify-commit (1) - Check the GPG signature of commits
git-verify-tag (1)   - Check the GPG signature of tags
git-whatchanged (1)  - Show logs with difference each commit introduces
git-worktree (1)     - Manage multiple working trees
git-write-tree (1)   - Create a tree object from the current index
gitcore-tutorial (7) - A Git core tutorial for developers
gitcredentials (7)   - providing usernames and passwords to Git
gitdiffcore (7)      - Tweaking diff output
gitignore (5)        - Specifies intentionally untracked files to ignore
gitremote-helpers (1) - Helper programs to interact with remote repositories
gitrepository-layout (5) - Git Repository Layout
gitrevisions (7)     - specifying revisions and ranges for Git
gitsubmodules (7)    - mounting one repository inside another
gitweb (1)           - Git web interface (web frontend to Git repositories)
gitworkflows (7)     - An overview of recommended workflows with Git
glib-compile-resources (1) - GLib resource compiler
glib-genmarshal (1)  - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
Glib::Boxed (3pm)    - Generic wrappers for C structures
Glib::index (3pm)    - API Reference Pod Index
Glib::Object::Subclass (3pm) - register a perl class as a GObject class
Glib::xsapi (3pm)    - internal API reference for GPerl.
gobject-query (1)    - display a tree of types
gperl (1)            - groff preprocessor for Perl parts in roff files
gpg-agent (1)        - Secret key management for GnuPG
gpg-preset-passphrase (1) - Put a passphrase into gpg-agent's cache
gpgconf (1)          - Modify .gnupg home directories
gpgv (1)             - Verify OpenPGP signatures
gpic (1)             - compile pictures for troff or TeX
grep (1)             - print lines matching a pattern
grep-aptavail (1)    - grep Debian control files
grep-available (1)   - grep Debian control files
grep-dctrl (1)       - grep Debian control files
grep-debtags (1)     - grep Debian control files
grep-excuses (1)     - search the testing excuses files for a specific mainta...
grep-status (1)      - grep Debian control files
gresource (1)        - GResource tool
grn (1)              - groff preprocessor for gremlin files
groff (7)            - a short reference for the GNU roff language
groff_diff (7)       - differences between GNU troff and classical troff
groff_mdoc (7)       - reference for groff's mdoc implementation
groupadd (8)         - create a new group
grub-macbless (8)    - bless a mac file/directory
grub-mknetdir (1)    - prepare a GRUB netboot directory.
grub-mkrelpath (1)   - make a system path relative to its root
grub-mkrescue (1)    - make a GRUB rescue image
grub-reboot (8)      - set the default boot entry for GRUB, for the next boot...
grub-render-label (1) - generate a .disk_label for Apple Macs.
gs (1)               - Ghostscript (PostScript and PDF language interpreter a...
gsftopk (1)          - render a ghostscript font in TeX pk form
gtester-report (1)   - test report formatting utility
gunzip (1)           - compress or expand files
gzexe (1)            - compress executable files in place
gzip (1)             - compress or expand files
halt (8)             - Halt, power-off or reboot the machine
hardening-check (1)  - check binaries for security hardening features
Heap::Elem::NumRev (3pm) - Reversed Numeric Heap Elements
Heap::Elem::Ref (3pm) - Object Reference Heap Elements
Heap::Elem::RefRev (3pm) - Reversed Object Reverence Heap Elements
Heap::Elem::StrRev (3pm) - Reversed String Heap Elements
helpztags (1)        - generate the help tags file for directory
hg-ssh (8)           - restricted ssh login shell for Mercurial
hgignore (5)         - syntax for Mercurial ignore files
host.conf (5)        - resolver configuration file
hostid (1)           - print the numeric identifier for the current host
hostname (7)         - hostname resolution description
hosts.equiv (5)      - list of hosts and users that are granted "trusted" r c...
hpftodit (1)         - create font description files for use with groff - Tlj4
HTML::AsSubs (3pm)   - functions that construct a HTML syntax tree
HTML::Diff (3pm)     - compare two HTML strings and return a list of differences
HTML::Element (3pm)  - Class for objects that represent HTML elements
HTML::Form (3pm)     - Class that represents an HTML form element
HTML::Mason::ComponentSource (3pm) - represents information about an component
HTML::Mason::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently asked questions
HTML::Mason::Interp (3pm) - Mason Component Interpreter
HTML::Mason::MethodMaker (3pm) - Used to create simple get & get/set methods ...
HTML::Mason::Request (3pm) - Mason Request Class
HTML::Mason::Resolver (3pm) - Component path resolver base class
HTML::Mason::Resolver::File (3pm) - Component path resolver for file-based co...
HTML::Mason::Resolver::Null (3pm) - a do-nothing resolver
HTML::Parse (3pm)    - Deprecated, a wrapper around HTML::TreeBuilder
HTML::TableExtract (3pm) - Perl module for extracting the content contained i...
HTML::Template::Expr (3pm) - HTML::Template extension adding expression support
HTML::Template::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently Asked Questions about HTML::Template
HTML::Tree (3pm)     - build and scan parse-trees of HTML
HTML::Tree::AboutObjects (3pm) - - article: "User's View of Object-Oriented M...
HTML::Tree::AboutTrees (3pm) - - article on tree-shaped data structures in Perl
HTML::Tree::Scanning (3pm) - - article: "Scanning HTML"
HTML::TreeBuilder (3pm) - Parser that builds a HTML syntax tree
htmltree (1p)        - Parse the given HTML file(s) and dump the parse tree
HTTP::Config (3pm)   - Configuration for request and response objects
HTTP::Request (3pm)  - HTTP style request message
HTTP::Request::Common (3pm) - Construct common HTTP::Request objects
HTTP::Response (3pm) - HTTP style response message
HTTP::Tiny (3perl)   - A small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client
httxt2dbm (1)        - Generate dbm files for use with RewriteMap
hwdb (7)             - Hardware Database
I18N::Collate (3perl) - compare 8-bit scalar data according to the current lo...
I18N::LangTags::Detect (3perl) - detect the user's language preferences
i386 (8)             - change reported architecture in new program environmen...
icmpinfo (8)         - interpret ICMP messages
iconvconfig (8)      - create iconv module configuration cache
icuinfo (1)          - Shows some basic info about the current ICU
id (1)               - print real and effective user and group IDs
identify (1)         - describes the format and characteristics of one or mor...
identify-im6 (1)     - describes the format and characteristics of one or mor...
identify-im6.q16 (1) - describes the format and characteristics of one or mor...
ifcfg (8)            - simplistic script which replaces ifconfig IP management
ifconfig (8)         - configure a network interface
ifstat (8)           - handy utility to read network interface statistics
Image::ExifTool (3pm) - Read and write meta information
Image::ExifTool::AFCP (3pm) - Read/write AFCP trailer
Image::ExifTool::AIFF (3pm) - Read AIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::APE (3pm) - Read Monkey's Audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::APP12 (3pm) - Read APP12 meta information
Image::ExifTool::ASF (3pm) - Read ASF/WMA/WMV meta information
Image::ExifTool::Audible (3pm) - Read meta information from Audible audio books
Image::ExifTool::BigTIFF (3pm) - Read Big TIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::BMP (3pm) - Read BMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::BPG (3pm) - Read BPG meta information
Image::ExifTool::BZZ (3pm) - Utility to decode BZZ compressed data
Image::ExifTool::CanonCustom (3pm) - Read and Write Canon custom functions
Image::ExifTool::CanonRaw (3pm) - Read Canon RAW (CRW) meta information
Image::ExifTool::CanonVRD (3pm) - Read/write Canon VRD and DR4 information
Image::ExifTool::CaptureOne (3pm) - Read Capture One EIP and COS files
Image::ExifTool::DarwinCore (3pm) - Darwin Core XMP tags
Image::ExifTool::DICOM (3pm) - Read DICOM and ACR-NEMA medical images
Image::ExifTool::DjVu (3pm) - Read DjVu meta information
Image::ExifTool::DNG (3pm) - Read DNG-specific information
Image::ExifTool::DPX (3pm) - Read DPX meta information
Image::ExifTool::DV (3pm) - Read DV meta information
Image::ExifTool::EXE (3pm) - Read executable file meta information
Image::ExifTool::Exif (3pm) - Read EXIF/TIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::FLAC (3pm) - Read Free Lossless Audio Codec information
Image::ExifTool::Flash (3pm) - Read Shockwave Flash meta information
Image::ExifTool::FlashPix (3pm) - Read FlashPix meta information
Image::ExifTool::FLIF (3pm) - Read/write FLIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::FLIR (3pm) - Read FLIR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Font (3pm) - Read meta information from font files
Image::ExifTool::FotoStation (3pm) - Read/write FotoWare FotoStation trailer
Image::ExifTool::FujiFilm (3pm) - Read/write FujiFilm maker notes and RAF images
Image::ExifTool::GeoTiff (3pm) - Read GeoTiff meta information
Image::ExifTool::GIF (3pm) - Read and write GIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::GIMP (3pm) - Read meta information from GIMP XCF images
Image::ExifTool::GoPro (3pm) - Read information from GoPro videos
Image::ExifTool::H264 (3pm) - Read meta information from H.264 video
Image::ExifTool::HTML (3pm) - Read HTML meta information
Image::ExifTool::ICC_Profile (3pm) - Read ICC Profile meta information
Image::ExifTool::ID3 (3pm) - Read ID3 meta information
Image::ExifTool::InDesign (3pm) - Read/write meta information in Adobe InDesi...
Image::ExifTool::IPTC (3pm) - Read IPTC meta information
Image::ExifTool::ISO (3pm) - Read information from ISO 9660 disk images
Image::ExifTool::ITC (3pm) - Read iTunes Cover Flow meta information
Image::ExifTool::iWork (3pm) - Read Apple iWork '09 XML+ZIP files
Image::ExifTool::Jpeg2000 (3pm) - Read JPEG 2000 meta information
Image::ExifTool::JSON (3pm) - Read JSON files
Image::ExifTool::KyoceraRaw (3pm) - Read Kyocera RAW meta information
Image::ExifTool::Lang::fr (3pm) - ExifTool French language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::ko (3pm) - ExifTool Korean language translations
Image::ExifTool::Leaf (3pm) - Read Creo Leaf EXIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::LNK (3pm) - Read MS Shell Link (.LNK) meta information
Image::ExifTool::Lytro (3pm) - Read Lytro LFP files
Image::ExifTool::M2TS (3pm) - Read M2TS (AVCHD) meta information
Image::ExifTool::MacOS (3pm) - Read/write MacOS system tags
Image::ExifTool::MakerNotes (3pm) - Read and write EXIF maker notes
Image::ExifTool::Matroska (3pm) - Read meta information from Matroska files
Image::ExifTool::MIE (3pm) - Read/write MIE meta information
Image::ExifTool::MIFF (3pm) - Read Magick Image File Format meta information
Image::ExifTool::MinoltaRaw (3pm) - Read/write Konica-Minolta RAW (MRW) infor...
Image::ExifTool::MOI (3pm) - Read MOI meta information
Image::ExifTool::Motorola (3pm) - Read Motorola meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPC (3pm) - Read Musepack audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPEG (3pm) - Read MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPF (3pm) - Read Multi-Picture Format information
Image::ExifTool::MXF (3pm) - Read MXF meta information
Image::ExifTool::NikonCapture (3pm) - Read/write Nikon Capture information
Image::ExifTool::NikonCustom (3pm) - Read and Write Nikon custom settings
Image::ExifTool::Ogg (3pm) - Read Ogg meta information
Image::ExifTool::OOXML (3pm) - Read Office Open XML+ZIP files
Image::ExifTool::OpenEXR (3pm) - Read OpenEXR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Opus (3pm) - Read Ogg Opus audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::Palm (3pm) - Read Palm Database files
Image::ExifTool::PanasonicRaw (3pm) - Read/write Panasonic/Leica RAW/RW2/RWL ...
Image::ExifTool::PDF (3pm) - Read PDF meta information
Image::ExifTool::PGF (3pm) - Read Progressive Graphics File meta information
Image::ExifTool::PhotoCD (3pm) - Read Kodak Photo CD Image Pac (PCD) metadata
Image::ExifTool::PhotoMechanic (3pm) - Read/write Photo Mechanic information
Image::ExifTool::Photoshop (3pm) - Read/write Photoshop IRB meta information
Image::ExifTool::PICT (3pm) - Read PICT meta information
Image::ExifTool::PLIST (3pm) - Read Apple PLIST information
Image::ExifTool::PLUS (3pm) - PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) tags
Image::ExifTool::PNG (3pm) - Read and write PNG meta information
Image::ExifTool::PostScript (3pm) - Read PostScript meta information
Image::ExifTool::PPM (3pm) - Read and write PPM meta information
Image::ExifTool::PrintIM (3pm) - Read PrintIM meta information
Image::ExifTool::PSP (3pm) - Read Paint Shop Pro meta information
Image::ExifTool::Qualcomm (3pm) - Read Qualcomm APP7 meta information
Image::ExifTool::QuickTime (3pm) - Read QuickTime and MP4 meta information
Image::ExifTool::QuickTimeStream (3pm) - Extract embedded information from mo...
Image::ExifTool::Radiance (3pm) - Read Radiance RGBE HDR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Rawzor (3pm) - Read meta information from Rawzor compressed ...
Image::ExifTool::Real (3pm) - Read Real audio/video meta information
Image::ExifTool::Reconyx (3pm) - Reconyx maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Red (3pm) - Read Redcode R3D video files
Image::ExifTool::RIFF (3pm) - Read RIFF/AVI/WAV meta information
Image::ExifTool::RSRC (3pm) - Read Mac OS Resource information
Image::ExifTool::RTF (3pm) - Read Rich Text Format meta information
Image::ExifTool::Scalado (3pm) - Read APP4 SCALADO metadata
Image::ExifTool::SigmaRaw (3pm) - Read Sigma/Foveon RAW (X3F) meta information
Image::ExifTool::SonyIDC (3pm) - Read/write Sony IDC information
Image::ExifTool::Stim (3pm) - Definitions for Stereo Still Image tags
Image::ExifTool::TagInfoXML (3pm) - Read/write tag information XML database
Image::ExifTool::Theora (3pm) - Read Theora video meta information
Image::ExifTool::Torrent (3pm) - Read information from BitTorrent file
Image::ExifTool::VCard (3pm) - Read vCard and iCalendar meta information
Image::ExifTool::Vorbis (3pm) - Read Ogg Vorbis audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::XMP (3pm) - Read XMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::XMPStruct (3pm) - XMP structure support
Image::ExifTool::ZIP (3pm) - Read ZIP archive meta information
Image::Magick (3pm)  - objected-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick for de...
Image::Magick::Q16 (3pm) - objected-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick (Q...
Image::Size (3pm)    - read the dimensions of an image in several popular for...
Image::Xbm (3pm)     - Load, create, manipulate and save xbm image files.
Image::Xpm (3pm)     - Load, create, manipulate and save xpm image files.
imgsize (1p)         - read the dimensions of an image in several popular for...
import (1)           - saves any visible window on an X server and outputs it...
import-im6 (1)       - saves any visible window on an X server and outputs it...
import-im6.q16 (1)   - saves any visible window on an X server and outputs it...
IMPORT_FOREIGN_SCHEMA (7) - import table definitions from a foreign server
info (1)             - read Info documents
info (5)             - readable online documentation
infobrowser (1)      - read Info documents
infocmp (1)          - compare or print out terminfo descriptions
init-d-script (5)    - interpreter for short and simple init.d scripts.
Inline::Support (3pm) - Support Information for and related modules.
INSERT (7)           - create new rows in a table
Internals (3perl)    - Reserved special namespace for internals related funct...
IO::Compress::Base (3perl) - Base Class for IO::Compress modules
IO::Compress::Bzip2 (3perl) - Write bzip2 files/buffers
IO::Compress::Deflate (3perl) - Write RFC 1950 files/buffers
IO::Compress::FAQ (3perl) - - Frequently Asked Questions about IO::Compress
IO::Compress::Gzip (3perl) - Write RFC 1952 files/buffers
IO::Compress::RawDeflate (3perl) - Write RFC 1951 files/buffers
IO::Compress::Zip (3perl) - Write zip files/buffers
IO::Dir (3perl)      - supply object methods for directory handles
IO::Lines (3pm)      - IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of lines
IO::Pipely (3pm)     - Portably create pipe() or pipe-like handles, one way o...
IO::Scalar (3pm)     - IO:: interface for reading/writing a scalar
IO::ScalarArray (3pm) - IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of scalars
IO::Socket::SSL::Utils (3pm) - - loading, storing, creating certificates and ...
IO::String (3pm)     - Emulate file interface for in-core strings
IO::Stringy (3pm)    - I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays
IO::Uncompress::AnyInflate (3perl) - Uncompress zlib-based (zip, gzip) file/b...
IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress (3perl) - Uncompress gzip, zip, bzip2 or lzop f...
IO::Uncompress::Base (3perl) - Base Class for IO::Uncompress modules
IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 (3perl) - Read bzip2 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Gunzip (3perl) - Read RFC 1952 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Inflate (3perl) - Read RFC 1950 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::RawInflate (3perl) - Read RFC 1951 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Unzip (3perl) - Read zip files/buffers
IO::Zlib (3perl)     - IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib
iostat (1)           - Report Central Processing Unit (CPU) statistics and in...
ip-address (8)       - protocol address management
ip-addrlabel (8)     - protocol address label management
ip-fou (8)           - Foo-over-UDP receive port configuration
ip-gue (8)           - Generic UDP Encapsulation receive port configuration
ip-maddress (8)      - multicast addresses management
ip6tables-apply (8)  - a safer way to update iptables remotely
ip6tables-restore (8) - Restore IPv6 Tables
IPC::Open2 (3perl)   - open a process for both reading and writing using open2()
IPC::Open3 (3perl)   - open a process for reading, writing, and error handlin...
IPC::Run (3pm)       - system() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys ...
IPC::Semaphore (3perl) - SysV Semaphore IPC object class
IPC::SharedMem (3perl) - SysV Shared Memory IPC object class
IPC::ShareLite (3pm) - Lightweight interface to shared memory
ipcmk (1)            - make various IPC resources
ipcrm (1)            - remove certain IPC resources
iptables-apply (8)   - a safer way to update iptables remotely
iptables-restore (8) - Restore IP Tables
irqbalance (1)       - distribute hardware interrupts across processors on a ...
issue (5)            - prelogin message and identification file
iw (8)               - show / manipulate wireless devices and their configura...
javac (1)            - Reads Java class and interface definitions and compile...
javap (1)            - Disassembles one or more class files.
jcmd (1)             - Sends diagnostic command requests to a running Java Vi...
jmap (1)             - Prints shared object memory maps or heap memory detail...
join-dctrl (1)       - perform relational join on data in dctrl format
jpegexiforient (1)   - reads or writes the Exif Orientation Tag
jsadebugd (1)        - Attaches to a Java process or core file and acts as a ...
JSON::backportPP (3pm) - JSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module.
jstack (1)           - Prints Java thread stack traces for a Java process, co...
jstatd (1)           - Monitors Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and enables remo...
kbd_mode (1)         - report or set the keyboard mode
kbdrate (8)          - reset the keyboard repeat rate and delay time
kernel-install (8)   - Add and remove kernel and initramfs images to and from...
key.dns_resolver (8) - Upcall for request-key to handle dns_resolver keys
keyrings (7)         - In-kernel key management and retention facility
keytool (1)          - Manages a keystore (database) of cryptographic keys, X...
kpsereadlink (1)     - print contents of symbolic link
kpsewhere (1)        - Expanding kpsewhich to separately iterate over each te...
ksh (1)              - KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programmi...
ksh93 (1)            - KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programmi...
landscape-sysinfo (1) - Display a summary of the current system status
lastcomm (1)         - print out information about previously executed commands.
lastlog (8)          - reports the most recent login of all users or of a giv...
latex (1)            - structured text formatting and typesetting
ldap (3)             - OpenLDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol API
ldap_abandon (3)     - Abandon an LDAP operation in progress
ldap_abandon_ext (3) - Abandon an LDAP operation in progress
ldap_attributetype_free (3) - Schema definition handling routines
ldap_compare (3)     - Perform an LDAP compare operation.
ldap_compare_ext (3) - Perform an LDAP compare operation.
ldap_compare_ext_s (3) - Perform an LDAP compare operation.
ldap_compare_s (3)   - Perform an LDAP compare operation.
ldap_control_create (3) - LDAP control manipulation routines
ldap_control_free (3) - LDAP control manipulation routines
ldap_controls_free (3) - LDAP control manipulation routines
ldap_count_entries (3) - LDAP result entry parsing and counting routines
ldap_count_messages (3) - Stepping through messages in a result chain
ldap_count_references (3) - Stepping through continuation references in a res...
ldap_dnfree (3)      - LDAP DN handling routines
ldap_first_entry (3) - LDAP result entry parsing and counting routines
ldap_first_message (3) - Stepping through messages in a result chain
ldap_first_reference (3) - Stepping through continuation references in a resu...
ldap_free_urldesc (3) - LDAP Uniform Resource Locator routines
ldap_is_ldap_url (3) - LDAP Uniform Resource Locator routines
ldap_matchingrule_free (3) - Schema definition handling routines
ldap_memfree (3)     - LDAP memory allocation routines
ldap_memrealloc (3)  - LDAP memory allocation routines
ldap_memvfree (3)    - LDAP memory allocation routines
ldap_mods_free (3)   - Perform an LDAP modify operation
ldap_msgfree (3)     - Wait for the result of an LDAP operation
ldap_msgid (3)       - Wait for the result of an LDAP operation
ldap_msgtype (3)     - Wait for the result of an LDAP operation
ldap_next_entry (3)  - LDAP result entry parsing and counting routines
ldap_next_message (3) - Stepping through messages in a result chain
ldap_next_reference (3) - Stepping through continuation references in a resul...
ldap_objectclass_free (3) - Schema definition handling routines
ldap_parse_extended_result (3) - Parsing results
ldap_parse_reference (3) - Extract referrals and controls from a reference me...
ldap_parse_result (3) - Parsing results
ldap_parse_sasl_bind_result (3) - Parsing results
ldap_parse_sort_control (3) - Decode the information returned from a search o...
ldap_parse_vlv_control (3) - Decode the information returned from a search op...
ldap_rename (3)      - Renames the specified entry.
ldap_rename_s (3)    - Renames the specified entry.
ldap_result (3)      - Wait for the result of an LDAP operation
ldap_result2error (3) - LDAP protocol error handling routines
ldap_set_rebind_proc (3) - LDAP bind routines
ldap_sort (3)        - LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)
ldap_sort_entries (3) - LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)
ldap_sort_strcasecmp (3) - LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)
ldap_sort_values (3) - LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)
ldap_sync (3)        - LDAP sync routines
ldap_syntax_free (3) - Schema definition handling routines
ldap_url (3)         - LDAP Uniform Resource Locator routines
ldap_url_parse (3)   - LDAP Uniform Resource Locator routines
ldap_value_free (3)  - LDAP attribute value handling routines
ldap_value_free_len (3) - LDAP attribute value handling routines
ldconfig (8)         - configure dynamic linker run-time bindings
ldd (1)              - print shared object dependencies
less (1)             - opposite of more
less (3perl)         - perl pragma to request less of something
lessfile (1)         - "input preprocessor" for less.
lesspipe (1)         - "input preprocessor" for less.
lib::core::only (3pm) - Remove all non-core paths from @INC to avoid site/ven...
libguestlib (3)      - vmware shared library
libmagic (3)         - Magic number recognition library
libnetcfg (1)        - configure libnet (8) - Provide UNIX user and group name resolution for dyn...
librsync (3)         - library for delta compression of streams
libtiff (3tiff)      - introduction to libtiff, a library for reading and wri...
libtoolize (1)       - Prepare a package to use libtool
libvmtools (3)       - vmware shared library
Lingua::EN::Fathom (3pm) - Measure readability of English text
Lingua::Stem::Fr (3pm) - Perl French Stemming
link (1)             - call the link function to create a link to a file
linux-check-removal (1) - check whether removal of a kernel is safe
linux32 (1)          - change reported architecture in new program environmen...
linux64 (1)          - change reported architecture in new program environmen...
Linux::Inotify2 (3pm) - scalable directory/file change notification
list (1ssl)          - list algorithms and features
list-unreleased (1)  - display UNRELEASED packages
List::MoreUtils (3pm) - Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
List::MoreUtils::Contributing (3pm) - Gives rough introduction into contribut...
List::MoreUtils::PP (3pm) - Provide List::MoreUtils pure Perl implementation
List::MoreUtils::XS (3pm) - Provide compiled List::MoreUtils functions
listres (1)          - list resources in widgets
LOAD (7)             - load a shared library file
local::lib (3pm)     - create and use a local lib/ for perl modules with PERL...
Locale::Codes::Currency (3perl) - standard codes for currency identification
Locale::Currency (3perl) - standard codes for currency identification
Locale::Maketext::Cookbook (3perl) - recipes for using Locale::Maketext
Locale::Maketext::Guts (3perl) - Deprecated module to load Locale::Maketext u...
Locale::Maketext::GutsLoader (3perl) - Deprecated module to load Locale::Make...
Locale::Maketext::TPJ13 (3perl) - - article about software localization
lockfile (1)         - conditional semaphore-file creator
lockfile-create (1)  - command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files ...
lockfile-remove (1)  - command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files ...
lockmail (1)         - create mail lock files
lockmail.maildrop (1) - create mail lock files
Log::Any::Adapter (3pm) - Tell Log::Any where to send its logs
Log::Any::Test (3pm) - Test what you're logging with Log::Any
Log::Dispatch (3pm)  - Dispatches messages to one or more outputs
Log::Dispatch::Base (3pm) - Code shared by dispatch and output objects.
Log::Dispatch::Code (3pm) - Object for logging to a subroutine reference
Log::Dispatch::Screen (3pm) - Object for logging to the screen
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Screen (3pm) - Log to STDOUT/STDERR
Log::Log4perl::Appender::ScreenColore... (3pm) - Colorize messages according ...
Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestFileCreeper (3pm) - Intentionally slow test appe...
Log::Log4perl::Config::DOMConfigurator (3pm) - reads xml config files
Log::Log4perl::Config::PropertyConfig... (3pm) - reads properties file
Log::Log4perl::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently Asked Questions on Log::Log4perl
Log::Log4perl::Filter::Boolean (3pm) - Special filter to combine the results ...
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::ConsoleAppender (3pm) - wraps Log::Dispatch::Screen
Log::Log4perl::Level (3pm) - Predefined log levels
Log::Log4perl::Resurrector (3pm) - Dark Magic to resurrect hidden L4p statements
Log::Log4perl::Util::Semaphore (3pm) - Easy to use semaphores
logresolve (1)       - Resolve IP-addresses to hostnames in Apache log files
logrotate (8)        - rotates, compresses, and mails system logs
logrotate.conf (5)   - rotates, compresses, and mails system logs
lowntfs-3g (8)       - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
ls (1)               - list directory contents
lsb_release (1)      - print distribution-specific information
lscpu (1)            - display information about the CPU architecture
lsdev (8)            - display information about installed hardware
lshw (1)             - list hardware
lsipc (1)            - show information on IPC facilities currently employed ...
ltnu (1)             - lists packages of a maintainer ordered by last upload
lua (1)              - Lua interpreter
lua5.1 (1)           - Lua interpreter
luksformat (8)       - Create and format an encrypted LUKS device
lvcreate (8)         - Create a logical volume
lvm-fullreport (8)   - (unknown subject)
lvmdump (8)          - create lvm2 information dumps for diagnostic purposes
lvmreport (7)        - LVM reporting and related features
lvmsar (8)           - LVM system activity reporter
lvreduce (8)         - Reduce the size of a logical volume
lvremove (8)         - Remove logical volume(s) from the system
lvrename (8)         - Rename a logical volume
lvresize (8)         - Resize a logical volume
lwp-dump (1p)        - See what headers and content is returned for a URL
lwp-request (1p)     - Simple command line user agent
LWP::Debug (3pm)     - deprecated
LWP::UserAgent::Determined (3pm) - a virtual browser that retries errors
lxc.alias.remove (1) - Remove aliases
lxc.alias.rename (1) - Rename aliases
lxc.cluster.remove (1) - Remove a member from the cluster
lxc.cluster.rename (1) - Rename a cluster member
lxc.config.device.remove (1) - Remove container devices
lxc.config.template.create (1) - Create new container file templates (1) - Remove trusted clients
lxc.image.alias.create (1) - Create aliases for existing images
lxc.image.alias.rename (1) - Rename aliases
lxc.image.refresh (1) - Refresh images (1) - Create new networks (1) - Rename networks
lxc.profile.create (1) - Create profiles
lxc.profile.device.remove (1) - Remove container devices
lxc.profile.remove (1) - Remove profiles from containers
lxc.profile.rename (1) - Rename profiles
lxc.remote (1)       - Manage the list of remote servers
lxc.remote.add (1)   - Add new remote servers
lxc.remote.get-default (1) - Show the default remote
lxc.remote.list (1)  - List the available remotes
lxc.remote.remove (1) - Remove remotes
lxc.remote.rename (1) - Rename remotes
lxc.remote.set-default (1) - Set the default remote
lxc.remote.set-url (1) - Set the URL for the remote
lxc.rename (1)       - Rename containers and snapshots
lxc.restart (1)      - Restart containers
lxc.restore (1)      - Restore containers from snapshots (1) - Create storage pools (1) - Create new custom storage volumes (1) - Rename storage volumes
lxc.cluster.enable (1) - Enable clustering on a single non-clustered LXD inst...
lxc.image.import (1) - Import images into the image store
lxc.launch (1)       - Create and start containers from images
lxc.snapshot (1)     - Create container snapshots (1) - Show storage pool configurations and resources
lxc.version (1)      - Show local and remote versions
lzcat (1)            - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
lzcmp (1)            - compare compressed files
lzdiff (1)           - compare compressed files
lzegrep (1)          - search compressed files for a regular expression
lzfgrep (1)          - search compressed files for a regular expression
lzgrep (1)           - search compressed files for a regular expression
lzless (1)           - view xz or lzma compressed (text) files
lzma (1)             - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
lzmainfo (1)         - show information stored in the .lzma file header
lzmore (1)           - view xz or lzma compressed (text) files
Mail::Address (3pm)  - Parse mail addresses
Mail::Box::Dir::Message (3pm) - one message in a directory organized folder
Mail::Box::Identity (3pm) - represents an unopened folder
Mail::Box::MH::Labels (3pm) - maintain MH message related labels
Mail::Box::Net (3pm) - handle folders which are stored remote.
Mail::Box::Parser (3pm) - reading and writing messages
Mail::Box::Parser::Perl (3pm) - reading messages from file using Perl
Mail::Box::Search::Grep (3pm) - select messages within a mail box like grep does
Mail::Box::Thread::Manager (3pm) - maintain threads within a set of folders
Mail::Box::Thread::Node (3pm) - one node in a message thread
Mail::Field::AddrList (3pm) - object representation of e-mail address lists
Mail::IMAPClient::BodyStructure (3pm) - parse fetched results
Mail::IMAPClient::BodyStructure::Parse (3pm) - used internally by Mail::IMAPC...
Mail::IMAPClient::Thread (3pm) - used internally by Mail::IMAPClient->thread
Mail::Message::Body::Delayed (3pm) - body of a Mail::Message but not read yet.
Mail::Message::Body::File (3pm) - body of a message temporarily stored in a file
Mail::Message::Body::Lines (3pm) - body of a Mail::Message stored as array of...
Mail::Message::Body::String (3pm) - body of a Mail::Message stored as single ...
Mail::Message::Construct::Read (3pm) - read a Mail::Message from a file handle
Mail::Message::Construct::Rebuild (3pm) - modify a Mail::Message
Mail::Message::Construct::Reply (3pm) - reply to a Mail::Message
Mail::Message::Construct::Text (3pm) - capture a Mail::Message as text
Mail::Message::Convert::TextAutoformat (3pm) - Reformat plain text messages
Mail::Message::Field::Address (3pm) - One e-mail address
Mail::Message::Field::Addresses (3pm) - Fields with e-mail addresses
Mail::Message::Field::AddrGroup (3pm) - A group of Mail::Message::Field::Addr...
Mail::Message::Field::AuthResults (3pm) - message header field authentication...
Mail::Message::Field::DKIM (3pm) - message header field for dkim signatures
Mail::Message::Field::Structured (3pm) - one line of a structured message header
Mail::Message::Field::Unstructured (3pm) - smart unstructured field
Mail::Message::Head::Delayed (3pm) - a not-read header of a Mail::Message
Mail::Message::Head::ListGroup (3pm) - mailinglist related header fields
Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup (3pm) - header fields tracking message delivery
Mail::Message::Head::SpamGroup (3pm) - spam fighting related header fields
Mail::Message::Replace::MailHeader (3pm) - fake Mail::Header
Mail::Message::Replace::MailInternet (3pm) - fake Mail::Internet
Mail::Message::TransferEnc (3pm) - message transfer encoder/decoder
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::Base64 (3pm) - encode/decode base64 message bodies
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::Binary (3pm) - encode/decode binary message bodies
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::EightBit (3pm) - encode/decode 8bit message bodies
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::QuotedPrint (3pm) - handle quoted-printable messa...
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::SevenBit (3pm) - encode/decode 7bit message bodies
Mail::Reporter (3pm) - base-class and error reporter for Mail::Box
Mail::Transport::Receive (3pm) - receive messages
mailaddr (7)         - mail addressing description
mailbot (1)          - A MIME-aware autoresponder utility
maildir (5)          - E-mail directory
maildir.maildrop (5) - E-mail directory
maildirmake (1)      - create maildirs and maildir folders
maildirmake.maildrop (1) - create maildirs and maildir folders
make-bcache (8)      - create a cache device
makedat (1)          - create GDBM/DB files for maildrop
makedat.maildrop (1) - create GDBM/DB files for maildrop
makedatprog (1)      - create GDBM/DB files for maildrop
makemime (1)         - Create MIME-formatted messages
man (1)              - an interface to the on-line reference manuals
mandb (8)            - create or update the manual page index caches
manpage-alert (1)    - check for binaries without corresponding manpages
mapscrn (8)          - load screen output mapping table
MARC::Batch (3pm)    - Perl module for handling files of MARC::Record objects
MARC::Doc::Tutorial (3pm) - A documentation-only module for new users of MARC...
MARC::File (3pm)     - Base class for files of MARC records
MARC::File::Encode (3pm) - Encode wrapper for MARC::Record
MARC::Record (3pm)   - Perl extension for handling MARC records
marcdump (1p)        - MARC record dump utility
mass-bug (1)         - mass-file a bug report against a list of packages
Math::BigInt::FastCalc (3perl) - Math::BigInt::Calc with some XS for more speed
Math::Random::ISAAC::PP (3pm) - Pure Perl port of the ISAAC PRNG algorithm
md (4)               - Multiple Device driver aka Linux Software RAID
mdadm (8)            - manage MD devices aka Linux Software RAID
mdadm.conf (5)       - configuration for management of Software RAID with mdadm
mdoc (7)             - quick reference guide for the -mdoc macro package
Memoize::Expire (3perl) - Plug-in module for automatic expiration of memoized...
Memoize::ExpireFile (3perl) - test for Memoize expiration semantics
Memoize::ExpireTest (3perl) - test for Memoize expiration semantics
Memoize::Storable (3perl) - store Memoized data in Storable database
merge (1)            - three-way file merge
mft (1)              - translate Metafont or MetaPost code to TeX code for pr...
mh-alias (5mh)       - format of nmh email-address alias files
mh-mkstemp (1mh)     - create a temporary file
mhfixmsg (1mh)       - nmh's MIME-email rewriter with various transformations
mhical (1mh)         - nmh's manipulator of iCalendar event requests
mhmail (1mh)         - send or read mail non-interactively with nmh
mhn (1mh)            - display/list/store/cache nmh MIME messages
mhstore (1mh)        - store contents of nmh MIME messages into files
MIDI (3pm)           - read, compose, modify, and write MIDI files
MIDI::Score (3pm)    - MIDI scores
MIME::Decoder (3pm)  - an object for decoding the body part of a MIME stream
MIME::Decoder::Base64 (3pm) - encode/decode a "base64" stream
MIME::Decoder::BinHex (3pm) - decode a "binhex" stream
MIME::Decoder::Gzip64 (3pm) - decode a "base64" gzip stream
MIME::Decoder::NBit (3pm) - encode/decode a "7bit" or "8bit" stream
MIME::Decoder::QuotedPrint (3pm) - encode/decode a "quoted-printable" stream
MIME::Decoder::UU (3pm) - decode a "uuencoded" stream
MIME::Field::ParamVal (3pm) - subclass of Mail::Field, for structured MIME fi...
MIME::Parser (3pm)   - experimental class for parsing MIME streams
MIME::Parser::Reader (3pm) - a line-oriented reader for a MIME::Parser
MIME::Parser::Results (3pm) - results of the last entity parsed
MIME::Tools (3pm)    - modules for parsing (and creating!) MIME entities
MIME::WordDecoder (3pm) - decode RFC 2047 encoded words to a local representa...
tc-mirred (8)        - mirror/redirect action
mk-origtargz (1)     - rename upstream tarball, optionally changing the compr...
mkdir (1)            - make directories
mkdosfs (8)          - create an MS-DOS filesystem under Linux
mke2fs (8)           - create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
mkfs.btrfs (8)       - create a btrfs filesystem
mkfs.cramfs (8)      - make compressed ROM file system
mkfs.ext2 (8)        - create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
mkfs.ext3 (8)        - create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
mkfs.ext4 (8)        - create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
mkfs.fat (8)         - create an MS-DOS filesystem under Linux
mkfs.msdos (8)       - create an MS-DOS filesystem under Linux
mkfs.ntfs (8)        - create an NTFS file system
mkfs.vfat (8)        - create an MS-DOS filesystem under Linux
mkhomedir_helper (8) - Helper binary that creates home directories
mklost+found (8)     - create a lost+found directory on a mounted Linux secon...
mkntfs (8)           - create an NTFS file system
mkpasswd (1)         - Overfeatured front end to crypt(3)
mksquashfs (1)       - tool to create and append to squashfs filesystems
mkswap (8)           - set up a Linux swap area
mktemp (1)           - create a temporary file or directory
mktexfmt (1)         - create a TeX format or Metafont base
mktexlsr (1)         - create ls-R databases
mktexmf (1)          - create a Metafont source file
mktexpk (1)          - create a PK file for a font
mktextfm (1)         - create a TFM file for a font
MLDBM (3pm)          - store multi-level Perl hash structure in single level ...
mmroff (1)           - cross reference preprocessor
modprobe (8)         - Add and remove modules from the Linux Kernel
modprobe.d (5)       - Configuration directory for modprobe
Module::Build::API (3pm) - API Reference for Module Authors
Module::Build::Notes (3pm) - Create persistent distribution configuration mod...
Module::Build::PPMMaker (3pm) - Perl Package Manager file creation
Module::CoreList (3perl) - what modules shipped with versions of perl
Module::CoreList::Utils (3perl) - what utilities shipped with versions of perl
Module::Load (3perl) - runtime require of both modules and files
modules-load.d (5)   - Configure kernel modules to load at boot
mogrify (1)          - resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw o...
mogrify-im6 (1)      - resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw o...
mogrify-im6.q16 (1)  - resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw o...
MongoDB::BSON::Regexp (3pm) - Regular expression type
MongoDB::BulkWriteResult (3pm) - MongoDB bulk write result document
MongoDB::CommandResult (3pm) - MongoDB generic command result document
MongoDB::Cursor (3pm) - A lazy cursor for Mongo query results
MongoDB::DBRef (3pm) - A MongoDB database reference
MongoDB::DeleteResult (3pm) - MongoDB deletion result object
MongoDB::GridFS (3pm) - A file storage abstraction (DEPRECATED)
MongoDB::GridFS::File (3pm) - A Mongo GridFS file (DEPRECATED)
MongoDB::GridFSBucket::DownloadStream (3pm) - File handle abstraction for dow...
MongoDB::GridFSBucket::UploadStream (3pm) - File handle abstraction for uploa...
MongoDB::InsertManyResult (3pm) - MongoDB single insert result object
MongoDB::InsertOneResult (3pm) - MongoDB single insert result object
MongoDB::QueryResult (3pm) - An iterator for Mongo query results
MongoDB::QueryResult::Filtered (3pm) - An iterator for Mongo query results wi...
MongoDB::ReadConcern (3pm) - Encapsulate and validate a read concern
MongoDB::ReadPreference (3pm) - Encapsulate and validate read preferences
MongoDB::Timestamp (3pm) - Replication timestamp
MongoDB::UnacknowledgedResult (3pm) - MongoDB unacknowledged result object
MongoDB::UpdateResult (3pm) - MongoDB update result object
MongoDB::Upgrading (3pm) - Deprecations and behavior changes from the v0 driver
montage (1)          - create a composite image by combining several separate...
montage-im6 (1)      - create a composite image by combining several separate...
montage-im6.q16 (1)  - create a composite image by combining several separate...
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::BinaryTree_A... (3pm) - Demonstrates various attribu...
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::BinaryTree_B... (3pm) - Builder methods and lazy_build
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Company_Subt... (3pm) - Demonstrates the use of subt...
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::DateTime_Ext... (3pm) - Extending a non-Moose parent...
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::HTTP_Subtype... (3pm) - Demonstrates subtypes and co...
Moose::Cookbook::Legacy::Debugging_Ba... (3pm) - Providing an alternate base ...
Moose::Cookbook::Meta::GlobRef_Instan... (3pm) - Creating a glob reference me...
Moose::Cookbook::Roles::Comparable_Co... (3pm) - Using roles for code reuse
Moose::Cookbook::Roles::Restartable_A... (3pm) - Advanced Role Composition - ...
Moose::Cookbook::Snack::Keywords (3pm) - Restricted "keywords" in Moose
Moose::Cookbook::Style (3pm) - Expanded into Moose::Manual::BestPractices, so...
Moose::Deprecated (3pm) - Manages deprecation warnings for Moose
Moose::Intro (3pm)   - Expanded into Moose::Manual, so go read that
Moose::Manual::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently asked questions about Moose
Moose::Manual::MooseX (3pm) - Recommended Moose extensions
Moose::Manual::Resources (3pm) - Links to various tutorials, videos, blogs, p...
Moose::Manual::Support (3pm) - Policies regarding support, releases, and comp...
Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait (3pm) - Shared role for native delegati...
Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait... (3pm) - Helper trait for ArrayRef at...
Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait... (3pm) - Helper trait for CodeRef att...
Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait... (3pm) - Helper trait for Int attribu...
Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait... (3pm) - Helper trait for HashRef att...
Moose::Meta::Mixin::AttributeCore (3pm) - Core attributes shared by attribute...
Moose::Meta::Role::Application::RoleS... (3pm) - Combine two or more roles
Moose::Meta::Role::Composite (3pm) - An object to represent the set of roles
Moose::Meta::Role::Method::Required (3pm) - A Moose metaclass for required me...
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Paramete... (3pm) - Type constraints which can t...
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Paramete... (3pm) - Type constraints with a boun...
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Registry (3pm) - registry for type constraints
Moose::Unsweetened (3pm) - Moved to Moose::Manual::Unsweetened, so go read that
more (1)             - file perusal filter for crt viewing
mount.lowntfs-3g (8) - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
mount.ntfs (8)       - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
mount.ntfs-3g (8)    - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
mountpoint (1)       - see if a directory or file is a mountpoint
mp3-decoder (1)      - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123 (1)           - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123-alsa (1)      - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123-jack (1)      - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123-nas (1)       - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123-openal (1)    - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123-oss (1)       - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123-portaudio (1) - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123-pulse (1)     - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpg123.bin (1)       - play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpost (1)            - MetaPost, a system for creating graphics
mpstat (1)           - Report processors related statistics.
mpt-status (8)       - retrieve configuration and health status from LSI hard...
mptopdf (1)          - convert MetaPost figures to PDF
mro (3perl)          - Method Resolution Order
msgcmp (1)           - compare message catalog and template
msgen (1)            - create English message catalog
msggrep (1)          - pattern matching on message catalog
msxlint (1)          - detects incorrectly formatted notes lines in a MusiXTe...
mtr-packet (8)       - send and receive network probes
mtrace (1)           - interpret the malloc trace log
mv (1)               - move (rename) files
mysql_config_editor (1) - configure authentication information for connecting...
mysqlrepair (1)      - a table maintenance program
mysqlreport (1)      - Makes a friendly report of important MySQL status values
namecheck (1)        - Check project names are not already taken.
nameif (8)           - name network interfaces based on MAC addresses
nano (1)             - Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone
native2ascii (1)     - Creates localizable applications by converting a file ...
ncat (1)             - Concatenate and redirect sockets
ncftpbookmarks (1)   - full screen bookmarks editor for ncftp
Net::Amazon (3pm)    - Framework for accessing via REST
Net::Amazon::Attribute::Review (3pm) - Customer Review Class
Net::Amazon::Attribute::ReviewSet (3pm) - A set of customer reviews
Net::Amazon::Property::Software (3pm) - Class for software on
Net::Amazon::Property::VideoGames (3pm) - Class for software on
Net::Amazon::Request (3pm) - Baseclass for requests to Amazon's web service
Net::Amazon::Request::Actor (3pm) - Class for submitting Actor requests
Net::Amazon::Request::All (3pm) - request class for 'All Search'
Net::Amazon::Request::Artist (3pm) - Class for submitting Artist requests
Net::Amazon::Request::ASIN (3pm) - Class for submitting ASIN requests
Net::Amazon::Request::Author (3pm) - Class for submitting Author requests
Net::Amazon::Request::Blended (3pm) - request class for 'Blended Search'
Net::Amazon::Request::BrowseNode (3pm) - request class for browse node search
Net::Amazon::Request::Director (3pm) - Class for submitting Director requests
Net::Amazon::Request::EAN (3pm) - request class for EAN search
Net::Amazon::Request::Exchange (3pm) - Class for submitting Exchange requests
Net::Amazon::Request::ISBN (3pm) - request class for ISBN search
Net::Amazon::Request::Keyword (3pm) - request class for keyword search
Net::Amazon::Request::Manufacturer (3pm) - Class for submitting Manufacturer ...
Net::Amazon::Request::MP3Downloads (3pm) - Class for submitting MP3 downloads...
Net::Amazon::Request::MusicLabel (3pm) - Class for submitting MusicLabel requ...
Net::Amazon::Request::Power (3pm) - request class for 'Power Search'
Net::Amazon::Request::Publisher (3pm) - Class for submitting Publisher requests
Net::Amazon::Request::Seller (3pm) - Class for submitting Seller requests
Net::Amazon::Request::Similar (3pm) - request class for 'Similarities Search'
Net::Amazon::Request::Sort (3pm) - listing of sort types
Net::Amazon::Request::TextStream (3pm) - request class for text stream search
Net::Amazon::Request::Title (3pm) - Class for submitting Title requests
Net::Amazon::Request::UPC (3pm) - request class for UPC search
Net::Amazon::Response (3pm) - Baseclass for responses from Amazon's web service
Net::Amazon::Result::Seller (3pm) - Class for Seller info
Net::Amazon::Result::Seller::Listing (3pm) - Class for a single Listing of a ...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch (3pm) - Validate ItemSearch requests.
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::ca... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::ca... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::ca... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::ca... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::ca... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::de... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::es... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::es... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::es... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::fr... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::fr... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::fr... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::fr... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::fr... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::fr... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::it... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::it... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::it... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::jp... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::jp... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::jp... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::jp... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::jp... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::jp... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::jp... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::uk... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::uk... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::uk... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::uk... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::uk... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::uk... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::uk... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indices for the...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::Amazon::Validate::ItemSearch::us... (3pm) - valid search indicies for th...
Net::DNS::DomainName (3pm) - DNS name representation
Net::DNS::FAQ (3pm)  - Frequently Asked Net::DNS Questions
Net::DNS::Mailbox (3pm) - DNS mailbox representation
Net::DNS::Question (3pm) - DNS question record
Net::DNS::Resolver (3pm) - DNS resolver class
Net::DNS::Resolver::android (3pm) - Android resolver class
Net::DNS::Resolver::Base (3pm) - DNS resolver base class
Net::DNS::Resolver::cygwin (3pm) - Cygwin resolver class
Net::DNS::Resolver::MSWin32 (3pm) - MS Windows resolver class
Net::DNS::Resolver::os2 (3pm) - OS2 resolver class
Net::DNS::Resolver::os390 (3pm) - IBM OS/390 resolver class
Net::DNS::Resolver::Recurse (3pm) - DNS recursive resolver
Net::DNS::Resolver::UNIX (3pm) - Unix resolver class
Net::DNS::RR (3pm)   - DNS resource record base class
Net::DNS::RR::A (3pm) - DNS A resource record
Net::DNS::RR::AAAA (3pm) - DNS AAAA resource record
Net::DNS::RR::AFSDB (3pm) - DNS AFSDB resource record
Net::DNS::RR::APL (3pm) - DNS APL resource record
Net::DNS::RR::CAA (3pm) - DNS CAA resource record
Net::DNS::RR::CDNSKEY (3pm) - DNS CDNSKEY resource record
Net::DNS::RR::CDS (3pm) - DNS CDS resource record
Net::DNS::RR::CERT (3pm) - DNS CERT resource record
Net::DNS::RR::CNAME (3pm) - DNS CNAME resource record
Net::DNS::RR::CSYNC (3pm) - DNS CSYNC resource record
Net::DNS::RR::DHCID (3pm) - DNS DHCID resource record
Net::DNS::RR::DLV (3pm) - DNS DLV resource record
Net::DNS::RR::DNAME (3pm) - DNS DNAME resource record
Net::DNS::RR::DNSKEY (3pm) - DNS DNSKEY resource record
Net::DNS::RR::DS (3pm) - DNS DS resource record
Net::DNS::RR::EUI48 (3pm) - DNS EUI48 resource record
Net::DNS::RR::EUI64 (3pm) - DNS EUI64 resource record
Net::DNS::RR::GPOS (3pm) - DNS GPOS resource record
Net::DNS::RR::HINFO (3pm) - DNS HINFO resource record
Net::DNS::RR::HIP (3pm) - DNS HIP resource record
Net::DNS::RR::IPSECKEY (3pm) - DNS IPSECKEY resource record
Net::DNS::RR::ISDN (3pm) - DNS ISDN resource record
Net::DNS::RR::KEY (3pm) - DNS KEY resource record
Net::DNS::RR::KX (3pm) - DNS KX resource record
Net::DNS::RR::L32 (3pm) - DNS L32 resource record
Net::DNS::RR::L64 (3pm) - DNS L64 resource record
Net::DNS::RR::LOC (3pm) - DNS LOC resource record
Net::DNS::RR::LP (3pm) - DNS LP resource record
Net::DNS::RR::MB (3pm) - DNS MB resource record
Net::DNS::RR::MG (3pm) - DNS MG resource record
Net::DNS::RR::MINFO (3pm) - DNS MINFO resource record
Net::DNS::RR::MR (3pm) - DNS MR resource record
Net::DNS::RR::MX (3pm) - DNS MX resource record
Net::DNS::RR::NAPTR (3pm) - DNS NAPTR resource record
Net::DNS::RR::NID (3pm) - DNS NID resource record
Net::DNS::RR::NS (3pm) - DNS NS resource record
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC (3pm) - DNS NSEC resource record
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC3 (3pm) - DNS NSEC3 resource record
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC3PARAM (3pm) - DNS NSEC3PARAM resource record
Net::DNS::RR::NULL (3pm) - DNS NULL resource record
Net::DNS::RR::OPENPGPKEY (3pm) - DNS OPENPGPKEY resource record
Net::DNS::RR::OPT (3pm) - DNS OPT resource record
Net::DNS::RR::PTR (3pm) - DNS PTR resource record
Net::DNS::RR::PX (3pm) - DNS PX resource record
Net::DNS::RR::RP (3pm) - DNS RP resource record
Net::DNS::RR::RRSIG (3pm) - DNS RRSIG resource record
Net::DNS::RR::RT (3pm) - DNS RT resource record
Net::DNS::RR::SIG (3pm) - DNS SIG resource record
Net::DNS::RR::SMIMEA (3pm) - DNS SMIMEA resource record
Net::DNS::RR::SOA (3pm) - DNS SOA resource record
Net::DNS::RR::SPF (3pm) - DNS SPF resource record
Net::DNS::RR::SRV (3pm) - DNS SRV resource record
Net::DNS::RR::SSHFP (3pm) - DNS SSHFP resource record
Net::DNS::RR::TKEY (3pm) - DNS TKEY resource record
Net::DNS::RR::TLSA (3pm) - DNS TLSA resource record
Net::DNS::RR::TSIG (3pm) - DNS TSIG resource record
Net::DNS::RR::TXT (3pm) - DNS TXT resource record
Net::DNS::RR::URI (3pm) - DNS URI resource record
Net::DNS::RR::X25 (3pm) - DNS X25 resource record
Net::DNS::Text (3pm) - DNS text representation
Net::Domain (3perl)  - Attempt to evaluate the current host's internet name a...
Net::IDN::Punycode::PP (3pm) - pure-perl implementation of Net::IDN::Punycode
Net::IP (3pm)        - Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses
Net::Jabber::Dialback::Result (3pm) - Jabber Dialback Result Module
Net::Jabber::Presence (3pm) - Jabber Presence Module
Net::LDAP (3pm)      - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Net::LDAP::Control::Paged (3pm) - LDAPv3 Paged results control object
Net::LDAP::Control::PostRead (3pm) - LDAPv3 Post-Read control object
Net::LDAP::Control::PreRead (3pm) - LDAPv3 Pre-Read control object
Net::LDAP::Control::Relax (3pm) - LDAPv3 Relax control object
Net::LDAP::Control::SortResult (3pm) - Server Side Sort (SSS) result control ...
Net::LDAP::Control::SyncRequest (3pm) - LDAPv3 Sync Request control object
Net::LDAP::Control::VLVResponse (3pm) - - LDAPv3 Virtual List View server res...
Net::LDAP::Extension::Refresh (3pm) - LDAPv3 Refresh extension object (RFC 2589)
Net::LDAP::Extra::eDirectory (3pm) - - extensions for Novell eDirectory
Net::LDAP::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently Asked Questions about Net::LDAP
Net::LDAP::Filter (3pm) - representation of LDAP filters
Net::LDAP::Intermediate (3pm) - LDAPv3 intermediate response object base class
Net::LDAP::LDIF (3pm) - LDIF reading and writing
Net::LDAP::Message (3pm) - Message response from LDAP server
Net::LDAP::Reference (3pm) - search reference
Net::LDAP::RFC (3pm) - List of related RFCs
Net::LDAP::Search (3pm) - Object returned by Net::LDAP search method
Net::libnetFAQ (3perl) - libnet Frequently Asked Questions
Net::OAuth::AccessTokenRequest (3pm) - An OAuth protocol request for an Acces...
Net::OAuth::AccessTokenResponse (3pm) - An OAuth protocol response for an Acc...
Net::OAuth::ConsumerRequest (3pm) - An OAuth Consumer Request
Net::OAuth::ProtectedResourceRequest (3pm) - An OAuth protocol request for a ...
Net::OAuth::Request (3pm) - base class for OAuth requests
Net::OAuth::RequestTokenRequest (3pm) - An OAuth protocol request for a Reque...
Net::OAuth::RequestTokenResponse (3pm) - An OAuth protocol response for an Re...
Net::OAuth::Response (3pm) - base class for OAuth responses
Net::OAuth::SignatureMethod::HMAC_SHA1 (3pm) - HMAC_SHA1 Signature Method for...
Net::OAuth::SignatureMethod::HMAC_SHA256 (3pm) - HMAC_SHA256 Signature Method...
Net::OAuth::SignatureMethod::PLAINTEXT (3pm) - PLAINTEXT Signature Method for...
Net::OAuth::SignatureMethod::RSA_SHA1 (3pm) - RSA_SHA1 Signature Method for O...
Net::OAuth::UserAuthRequest (3pm) - request for OAuth User Authentication
Net::OAuth::UserAuthResponse (3pm) - An OAuth protocol response for an Access...
Net::OAuth::V1_0A::AccessTokenRequest (3pm) - An OAuth protocol request for a...
Net::OAuth::V1_0A::RequestTokenRequest (3pm) - An OAuth protocol request for ...
Net::OAuth::V1_0A::RequestTokenResponse (3pm) - An OAuth protocol response fo...
Net::OAuth::V1_0A::UserAuthResponse (3pm) - An OAuth protocol response for an...
Net::OAuth::YahooAccessTokenRefreshRe... (3pm) - Yahoo OAuth Extension
Net::OpenID::Association (3pm) - A relationship with an identity provider
Net::OpenID::Common (3pm) - Libraries shared between Net::OpenID::Consumer an...
Net::OpenID::Extension::SimpleRegistr... (3pm) - Support for the Simple Regis...
Net::OpenID::IndirectMessage (3pm) - Class representing a collection of names...
Net::OpenID::VerifiedIdentity (3pm) - Object representing a verified OpenID i...
Net::OpenID::Yadis::Service (3pm) - Class representing an XRDS Service element
Net::Ping (3perl)    - check a remote host for reachability
Net::Server::PreFork (3pm) - Net::Server personality
Net::Server::PreForkSimple (3pm) - Net::Server personality
Net::SMPP (3pm)      - pure Perl implementation of SMPP 3.4 over TCP
Net::SSH (3pm)       - Perl extension for secure shell
Net::SSL (3pm)       - support for Secure Sockets Layer
Net::Twitter::Core (3pm) - Net::Twitter implementation
Net::Twitter::Role::API::REST (3pm) - A definition of the Twitter REST API as...
Net::Twitter::Role::API::RESTv1_1 (3pm) - A definition of the Twitter REST AP...
Net::Twitter::Role::API::Search::Trends (3pm) - DEPRECATED: use API::REST
Net::Twitter::Role::InflateObjects (3pm) - Inflate Twitter API return values ...
Net::Twitter::Role::RateLimit (3pm) - Rate limit features for Net::Twitter
Net::Twitter::Role::RetryOnError (3pm) - Retry Twitter API calls on error
Net::Twitter::Role::WrapResult (3pm) - Wrap Twitter API response and HTTP Res...
Net::Twitter::WrappedResult (3pm) - Wrap an HTTP response and Twitter result
Net::XMPP::Namespaces (3pm) - In depth discussion on how namespaces are handled
Net::XMPP::Presence (3pm) - XMPP Presence Module
NetAddr::IP (3pm)    - Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets
NetAddr::IP::Lite (3pm) - Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets
NetAddr::IP::UtilPP (3pm) - - pure Perl functions for NetAddr::IP::Util
new (1mh)            - report on nmh folders with new messages
newusers (8)         - update and create new users in batch
nncheck (1)          - check for unread articles
nngoback (1)         - make news articles unread on a day-by-day basis (nn)
nngrab (1)           - news retrieval by keyword (nn)
nngrep (1)           - grep for news group names (nn)
nnstats (1m)         - display nnmaster collection and expire statistics
nokogiri (1)         - an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser
nologin (5)          - prevent unprivileged users from logging into the system
nologin (8)          - politely refuse a login
nptl (7)             - Native POSIX Threads Library
nrpe (8)             - Nagios Remote Plugin Executor - Server
nseq (1ssl)          - create or examine a Netscape certificate sequence
nss-systemd (8)      - Provide UNIX user and group name resolution for dynami...
ntfs-3g (8)          - Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
ntfscat (8)          - print NTFS files and streams on the standard output
ntfsclone (8)        - Efficiently clone, image, restore or rescue an NTFS
ntfscluster (8)      - identify files in a specified region of an NTFS volume.
ntfscmp (8)          - compare two NTFS filesystems and tell the differences
ntfsfallocate (8)    - preallocate space to a file on an NTFS volume
ntfsls (8)           - list directory contents on an NTFS filesystem
ntfsrecover (8)      - Recover updates committed by Windows on an NTFS volume
ntfsresize (8)       - resize an NTFS filesystem without data loss
ntfsundelete (8)     - recover a deleted file from an NTFS volume.
ntp-keygen (8)       - Create a NTP host key
ntpsweep (1)         - Sweep NTP Servers and Report Relationships
ntptime (8)          - read kernel time variables
numa (7)             - overview of Non-Uniform Memory Architecture
numa_maps (5)        - overview of Non-Uniform Memory Architecture
numfmt (1)           - Convert numbers from/to human-readable strings
Object::Realize::Later (3pm) - Delayed creation of objects
ok (3perl)           - Alternative to Test::More::use_ok
openssl-c_rehash (1ssl) - Create symbolic links to files named by the hash va...
openssl-crl2pkcs7 (1ssl) - Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates
openssl-list (1ssl)  - list algorithms and features
openssl-nseq (1ssl)  - create or examine a Netscape certificate sequence
openssl-rehash (1ssl) - Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values
openssl-req (1ssl)   - PKCS#10 certificate request and certificate generating...
openssl-storeutl (1ssl) - STORE utility
operator (7)         - C operator precedence and order of evaluation
ops (3perl)          - Perl pragma to restrict unsafe operations when compiling
os-release (5)       - Operating system identification
ossl_store (7ssl)    - Store retrieval functions
ossl_store-file (7ssl) - The store 'file' scheme loader
ownership (8)        - Compaq ownership tag retriever
pack200 (1)          - Packages a JAR file into a compressed pack200 file for...
Package::DeprecationManager (3pm) - Manage deprecation warnings for your dist...
Package::Stash::PP (3pm) - pure perl implementation of the Package::Stash API
Package::Stash::XS (3pm) - faster and more correct implementation of the Pack...
pager (1)            - opposite of more
pam_fail_delay (3)   - request a delay on failure
pam_faildelay (8)    - Change the delay on failure per-application
pam_limits (8)       - PAM module to limit resources
pam_localuser (8)    - require users to be listed in /etc/passwd
pam_loginuid (8)     - Record user's login uid to the process attribute
pam_mkhomedir (8)    - PAM module to create users home directory
pam_nologin (8)      - Prevent non-root users from login
pam_pwhistory (8)    - PAM module to remember last passwords
pam_securetty (8)    - Limit root login to special devices
pam_setcred (3)      - establish / delete user credentials
pam_sm_setcred (3)   - PAM service function to alter credentials
pam_strerror (3)     - return string describing PAM error code
pam_systemd (8)      - Register user sessions in the systemd login manager
pam_umask (8)        - PAM module to set the file mode creation mask
pam_xauth_data (3)   - structure containing X authentication data
pamcut (1)           - cut a rectangle out of a PAM, PBM, PGM, or PPM image
pamdeinterlace (1)   - remove ever other row from a PAM/PNM image
pamstretch (1)       - scale up a PNM or PAM image by interpolating between p...
pamstretch-gen (1)   - use pamstretch and pnmscale to scale by non-integer va...
Pango (3pm)          - layout and render international text
Pango::AttrForeground (3pm) - Pango foreground attribute
Pango::AttrInt (3pm) - structure used to represent attributes with an integer...
Pango::AttrIterator (3pm) - used to represent iterators through Pango::AttrLists
Pango::AttrLanguage (3pm) - used to represent attributes that are languages
Pango::AttrStretch (3pm) - Pango font stretch attribute
Pango::AttrString (3pm) - used to represent attributes with a string value
Pango::Cairo (3pm)   - Pango rendering with the Cairo backend
Pango::Cairo::Font (3pm) - Pango using cairo fonts for rendering
Pango::Color (3pm)   - an object to represent a color for Pango
Pango::Context (3pm) - Pango object that stores global information used to co...
Pango::Font (3pm)    - a rendering-system independent font representation
Pango::FontDescription (3pm) - Pango object to represent a description of a font
Pango::FontFace (3pm) - object for Pango representing a group of fonts varyin...
Pango::FontFamily (3pm) - Pango object representing a family of related font ...
Pango::FontMap (3pm) - an object that represents the set of fonts available f...
Pango::Gravity (3pm) - represents the orientation of glyphs in a segment of text
Pango::index (3pm)   - API Reference Pod Index
Pango::Language (3pm) - an object that represents a language tag
Pango::Layout (3pm)  - an object representing a paragraph of text with attrib...
Pango::Matrix (3pm)  - A structure specifying a transformation between user-s...
Pango::Renderer (3pm) - a base class for pango rendering
Pango::Script (3pm)  - identifies different writing systems
Pango::ScriptIter (3pm) - used to break a string of Unicode into runs by text
paperconfig (8)      - configure the system default paper size
papersize (5)        - specify preferred paper size
Params::Util (3pm)   - Simple, compact and correct param-checking functions
Params::ValidationCompiler (3pm) - Build an optimized subroutine parameter va...
parent (3perl)       - Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at com...
Parse::RecDescent (3pm) - Generate Recursive-Descent Parsers
partx (8)            - tell the kernel about the presence and numbering of on...
passenger-memory-stats (8) - reports a snapshot of the Apache and Phusion Pas...
passphrase-encoding (7ssl) - How diverse parts of OpenSSL treat pass phrases ...
Path::Class::Dir (3pm) - Objects representing directories
Path::Class::Entity (3pm) - Base class for files and directories
Path::Class::File (3pm) - Objects representing files
path_resolution (7)  - how a pathname is resolved to a file
pathchk (1)          - check whether file names are valid or portable
pbget (1)            - compress and encode arbitrary files to
pbmmake (1)          - create a blank bitmap of a specified size
pbmmask (1)          - create a mask bitmap from a regular bitmap
pbmpage (1)          - create a one page test pattern for printing
pbmreduce (1)        - read a portable bitmap and reduce it N times
pbmtext (1)          - render text into a bitmap
pbmtextps (1)        - render text into a bitmap via postscript
pbmtoatk (1)         - convert portable bitmap to Andrew Toolkit raster object
pbmtoepsi (1)        - convert a portable bitmap into an encapsulated PostScr...
pbmtogo (1)          - convert a portable bitmap into compressed GraphOn grap...
pbmtopgm (1)         - convert portable bitmap to portable graymap by averagi...
pbmtoppa (1)         - convert PBM image to HP Printer Performance Architectu...
pbmtopsg3 (1)        - convert PBM images to Postscript with G3 fax compression
pbmtowbmp (1)        - convert a portable bitmap to a wireless bitmap (wbmp) ...
pbmupc (1)           - create a Universal Product Code bitmap
pbput (1)            - compress and encode arbitrary files to
pbputs (1)           - compress and encode arbitrary files to
pcap (3pcap)         - Packet Capture library
pcap_activate (3pcap) - activate a capture handle
pcap_breakloop (3pcap) - force a pcap_dispatch() or pcap_loop() call to return
pcap_can_set_rfmon (3pcap) - check whether monitor mode can be set for a not-...
pcap_close (3pcap)   - close a capture device or savefile
pcap_compile (3pcap) - compile a filter expression
pcap_create (3pcap)  - create a live capture handle
pcap_datalink_name_to_val (3pcap) - get the link-layer header type value corr...
pcap_dispatch (3pcap) - process packets from a live capture or savefile
pcap_dump (3pcap)    - write a packet to a capture file
pcap_dump_file (3pcap) - get the standard I/O stream for a savefile being wri...
pcap_dump_ftell (3pcap) - get the current file offset for a savefile being wr...
pcap_file (3pcap)    - get the standard I/O stream for a savefile being read
pcap_fileno (3pcap)  - get the file descriptor for a live capture
pcap_findalldevs (3pcap) - get a list of capture devices, and free that list
pcap_fopen_offline (3pcap) - open a saved capture file for reading
pcap_fopen_offline_with_tstamp_precision (3pcap) - open a saved capture file ...
pcap_free_datalinks (3pcap) - get a list of link-layer header types supported...
pcap_free_tstamp_types (3pcap) - get a list of time stamp types supported by ...
pcap_freealldevs (3pcap) - get a list of capture devices, and free that list
pcap_freecode (3pcap) - free a BPF program
pcap_get_selectable_fd (3pcap) - get a file descriptor on which a select() ca...
pcap_get_tstamp_precision (3pcap) - get the time stamp precision returned in ...
pcap_getnonblock (3pcap) - set or get the state of non-blocking mode on a cap...
pcap_list_datalinks (3pcap) - get a list of link-layer header types supported...
pcap_list_tstamp_types (3pcap) - get a list of time stamp types supported by ...
pcap_lookupdev (3pcap) - find the default device on which to capture
pcap_loop (3pcap)    - process packets from a live capture or savefile
pcap_next (3pcap)    - read the next packet from a pcap_t
pcap_next_ex (3pcap) - read the next packet from a pcap_t
pcap_open_dead (3pcap) - open a fake pcap_t for compiling filters or opening ...
pcap_open_dead_with_tstamp_precision (3pcap) - open a fake pcap_t for compili...
pcap_open_offline (3pcap) - open a saved capture file for reading
pcap_open_offline_with_tstamp_precision (3pcap) - open a saved capture file f...
pcap_set_buffer_size (3pcap) - set the buffer size for a not-yet-activated ca...
pcap_set_datalink (3pcap) - set the link-layer header type to be used by a ca...
pcap_set_immediate_mode (3pcap) - set immediate mode for a not-yet-activated ...
pcap_set_promisc (3pcap) - set promiscuous mode for a not-yet-activated captu...
pcap_set_rfmon (3pcap) - set monitor mode for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_snaplen (3pcap) - set the snapshot length for a not-yet-activated ca...
pcap_set_timeout (3pcap) - set the read timeout for a not-yet-activated captu...
pcap_set_tstamp_precision (3pcap) - set the time stamp precision returned in ...
pcap_set_tstamp_type (3pcap) - set the time stamp type to be used by a captur...
pcap_setdirection (3pcap) - set the direction for which packets will be captured
pcap_setnonblock (3pcap) - set or get the state of non-blocking mode on a cap...
pcap_stats (3pcap)   - get capture statistics
pcap_strerror (3pcap) - convert an errno value to a string
pcap_tstamp_type_name_to_val (3pcap) - get the time stamp type value correspo...
pcimodules (8)       - List kernel driver modules available for all currently...
pcre (3)             - Perl-compatible regular expressions (original API)
pcre-config (1)      - program to return PCRE configuration
pcre16 (3)           - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_assign_jit_stack (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_compile (3)   - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_compile2 (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_config (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_copy_named_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_copy_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_dfa_exec (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_exec (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_free_study (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_free_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_free_substring_list (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_fullinfo (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_get_named_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_get_stringnumber (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_get_stringtable_entries (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_get_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_get_substring_list (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_jit_exec (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_jit_stack_alloc (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_jit_stack_free (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_maketables (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_pattern_to_host_byte_order (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_refcount (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_study (3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_utf16_to_host_byte_order (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_version (3)   - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32 (3)           - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_assign_jit_stack (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_compile (3)   - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_compile2 (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_config (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_copy_named_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_copy_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_dfa_exec (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_exec (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_free_study (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_free_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_free_substring_list (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_fullinfo (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_get_named_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_get_stringnumber (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_get_stringtable_entries (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_get_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_get_substring_list (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_jit_exec (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_jit_stack_alloc (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_jit_stack_free (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_maketables (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_pattern_to_host_byte_order (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_refcount (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_study (3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_utf32_to_host_byte_order (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre32_version (3)   - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_assign_jit_stack (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_compile (3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_compile2 (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_config (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_copy_named_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_copy_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_dfa_exec (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_exec (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_free_study (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_free_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_free_substring_list (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_fullinfo (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_named_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_stringnumber (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_stringtable_entries (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_substring_list (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_jit_exec (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_jit_stack_alloc (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_jit_stack_free (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_maketables (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_pattern_to_host_byte_order (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_refcount (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_study (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_table (5)       - format of Postfix PCRE tables
pcre_utf16_to_host_byte_order (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_utf32_to_host_byte_order (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_version (3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreapi (3)          - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrebuild (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrecallout (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrecompat (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrecpp (3)          - Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcrejit (3)          - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrelimits (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrematching (3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrepartial (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreperform (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreposix (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcreprecompile (3)   - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcresample (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrestack (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcresyntax (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreunicode (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
PDF::API2 (3pm)      - Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Array (3pm) - Corresponds to a PDF array. Inherits fro...
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Dict (3pm) - PDF Dictionaries and Streams. Inherits fr...
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::File (3pm) - Holds the trailers and cross-reference ta...
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Filter (3pm) - Abstract superclass for PDF stream filters
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Name (3pm) - Inherits from PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Stri...
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Objind (3pm) - PDF indirect object reference. Also act...
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Page (3pm) - Represents a PDF page, inherits from PDF:...
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::String (3pm) - PDF String type objects and superclass ...
PDF::API2::Lite (3pm) - lite pdf creation
PDF::API2::Resource (3pm) - Base class for PDF resources
PDF::API2::Resource::BaseFont (3pm) - Base class for font resources
PDF::API2::Resource::CIDFont (3pm) - Base class for CID fonts
PDF::API2::Resource::CIDFont::CJKFont (3pm) - Base class for CJK fonts
PDF::API2::Resource::CIDFont::TrueType (3pm) - TrueType font support
PDF::API2::Resource::ColorSpace (3pm) - Base class for PDF color spaces
PDF::API2::Resource::ColorSpace::Inde... (3pm) - Adobe Color Table support
PDF::API2::Resource::ColorSpace::Sepa... (3pm) - Support for color space sepa...
PDF::API2::Resource::ExtGState (3pm) - Graphics state dictionary support
PDF::API2::Resource::Font::BdFont (3pm) - Module for using bitmapped Fonts.
PDF::API2::Resource::Font::CoreFont (3pm) - Module for using the 14 PDF built...
PDF::API2::Resource::Font::SynFont (3pm) - Module for using synthetic Fonts.
PDF::API2::Resource::UniFont (3pm) - Unicode Font Support
PDF::API2::Resource::XObject (3pm) - Base class for external objects
PDF::API2::Resource::XObject::Form (3pm) - Base class for external form objects
PDF::API2::Resource::XObject::Form::B... (3pm) - Base class for one-dimension...
PDF::API2::Resource::XObject::Form::B... (3pm) - Code 128 and EAN-128 barcode...
PDF::API2::Resource::XObject::Image (3pm) - Base class for external raster im...
PDF::API2::Resource::XObject::Image::... (3pm) - TIFF image support
PDF::Create (3pm)    - Create PDF files.
PDF::Create::Page (3pm) - PDF pages tree for PDF::Create
PDF::Font (3pm)      - Base font class for PDF::Create.
pdfroff (1)          - create PDF documents using groff
pdfsig (1)           - Portable Document Format (PDF) digital signatures tool
pdftosrc (1)         - extract source file or stream from PDF file
perl (1)             - The Perl 5 language interpreter
perl5.26-x86_64-linux-gnu (1) - The Perl 5 language interpreter
perl5.26.1 (1)       - The Perl 5 language interpreter
perlbook (1)         - Books about and related to Perl
perlbug (1)          - how to submit bug reports on Perl
perlclib (1)         - Internal replacements for standard C library functions
perldeprecation (1)  - list Perl deprecations
perldsc (1)          - Perl Data Structures Cookbook
perlexperiment (1)   - A listing of experimental features in Perl
perlfaq (1)          - frequently asked questions about Perl
perlfaq6 (1)         - Regular Expressions
perlfreebsd (1)      - Perl version 5 on FreeBSD systems
perlgit (1)          - Detailed information about git and the Perl repository
perlhacktips (1)     - Tips for Perl core C code hacking
perlhacktut (1)      - Walk through the creation of a simple C code patch
perlhist (1)         - the Perl history records
perlintern (1)       - autogenerated documentation of purely internal Perl fu...
perlinterp (1)       - An overview of the Perl interpreter
perlipc (1)          - Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes...
perlivp (1)          - Perl Installation Verification Procedure
perlmroapi (1)       - Perl method resolution plugin interface
perlnetware (1)      - Perl for NetWare
perlnewmod (1)       - preparing a new module for distribution
perlobj (1)          - Perl object reference
perlop (1)           - Perl operators and precedence
perlopentut (1)      - simple recipes for opening files and pipes in Perl
perlpolicy (1)       - Various and sundry policies and commitments related to...
perlre (1)           - Perl regular expressions
perlreapi (1)        - Perl regular expression plugin interface
perlrebackslash (1)  - Perl Regular Expression Backslash Sequences and Escapes
perlrecharclass (1)  - Perl Regular Expression Character Classes
perlref (1)          - Perl references and nested data structures
perlreftut (1)       - Mark's very short tutorial about references
perlreguts (1)       - Description of the Perl regular expression engine.
perlrepository (1)   - Links to current information on the Perl source reposi...
perlrequick (1)      - Perl regular expressions quick start
perlreref (1)        - Perl Regular Expressions Reference
perlretut (1)        - Perl regular expressions tutorial
perlrun (1)          - how to execute the Perl interpreter
perlsource (1)       - A guide to the Perl source tree
perlthanks (1)       - how to submit bug reports on Perl
perlthrtut (1)       - Tutorial on threads in Perl
perlvar (1)          - Perl predefined variables
perlxs (1)           - XS language reference manual
pg_basebackup (1)    - take a base backup of a PostgreSQL cluster
pg_dump (1)          - extract a PostgreSQL database into a script file or ot...
pg_dumpall (1)       - extract a PostgreSQL database cluster into a script file
pg_isready (1)       - check the connection status of a PostgreSQL server
pg_receivewal (1)    - stream write-ahead logs from a PostgreSQL server
pg_recvlogical (1)   - control PostgreSQL logical decoding streams
pg_restore (1)       - restore a PostgreSQL database from an archive file cre...
pg_wrapper (1)       - wrapper for PostgreSQL client commands
pgmcrater (1)        - create cratered terrain by fractal forgery
pgmnoise (1)         - create a graymap made up of white noise
pgmtexture (1)       - calculate textural features on a portable graymap
pgrep (1)            - look up or signal processes based on name and other at...
pic (1)              - compile pictures for troff or TeX
pico (1)             - Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone
piconv (1)           - - iconv(1), reinvented in perl
pidstat (1)          - Report statistics for Linux tasks.
ping (8)             - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts
ping4 (8)            - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts
ping6 (8)            - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts
pk2bm (1)            - create a bitmap from a TeX pkfont
pkaction (1)         - Get details about a registered action
pkg-config (1)       - Return metainformation about installed libraries
pldd (1)             - display dynamic shared objects linked into a process
Plucene::Analysis::PorterStemFilter (3pm) - Porter stemming on the token stream
Plucene::Index::FieldsReader (3pm) - read Fields in a Document
Plucene::Index::Reader (3pm) - Abstract class for accessing an index
Plucene::Index::SegmentReader (3pm) - the Segment reader
Plucene::Index::SegmentsReader (3pm) - reads the segments
Plucene::Index::TermInfosReader (3pm) - read the term infos file
Plucene::Search::BooleanScorer (3pm) - A boolean scorer
Plucene::Search::DateFilter (3pm) - Restrict searches to given time periods
Plucene::Search::PhraseScorer (3pm) - a phrase scorer
Plucene::Search::PhraseScorer::Exact (3pm) - exact phrase scorer
Plucene::Search::PhraseScorer::Sloppy (3pm) - sloppy phrase scorer
Plucene::Search::PrefixQuery (3pm) - a query that matches terms beginning wit...
Plucene::Search::Scorer (3pm) - base class for scorers
Plucene::Search::Similarity (3pm) - the score of a query
Plucene::Search::TermScorer (3pm) - score terms
Plucene::Store::InputStream (3pm) - a random-access input stream
Plucene::Store::OutputStream (3pm) - a random-access output stream
pmap (1)             - report memory map of a process
pmxab (1)            - a MusiXTeX preprocessor
pnmcolormap (1)      - create quantization color map for a portable anymap
pnmcut (1)           - cut a rectangle out of a portable anymap
pnmenlarge (1)       - read a portable anymap and enlarge it N times
pnmflip (1)          - perform one or more flip operations on a portable anymap
pnmgamma (1)         - perform gamma correction on a portable anymap
pnminterp-gen (1)    - use pamstretch and pnmscale to scale by non-integer va...
pnmmontage (1)       - create a montage of portable anymaps
pnmpaste (1)         - paste a rectangle into a portable anymap
pnmpsnr (1)          - compute the difference between two portable anymaps
pnmremap (1)         - replace colors in a PPM image with colors from another...
pnmtile (1)          - replicate a portable anymap into a specified size
pnmtofiasco (1)      - Convert a portable anymap to FIASCO compressed file
pnmtosir (1)         - convert a portable anymap into a Solitaire format
Pod::Escapes (3perl) - for resolving Pod E<...> sequences
Pod::Find (3perl)    - find POD documents in directory trees
Pod::InputObjects (3perl) - objects representing POD input paragraphs, comman...
Pod::Parser (3perl)  - base class for creating POD filters and translators
Pod::Perldoc::ToANSI (3perl) - render Pod with ANSI color escapes
Pod::Perldoc::ToMan (3perl) - let Perldoc render Pod as man pages
Pod::Perldoc::ToPod (3perl) - let Perldoc render Pod as ... Pod!
Pod::Perldoc::ToRtf (3perl) - let Perldoc render Pod as RTF
Pod::Perldoc::ToTerm (3perl) - render Pod with terminal escapes
Pod::Perldoc::ToText (3perl) - let Perldoc render Pod as plaintext
Pod::Perldoc::ToTk (3perl) - let Perldoc use Tk::Pod to render Pod
Pod::Perldoc::ToXml (3perl) - let Perldoc render Pod as XML
Pod::Simple::LinkSection (3perl) - - represent "section" attributes of L codes
Pod::Simple::PullParserEndToken (3perl) - - end-tokens from Pod::Simple::Pull...
Pod::Simple::Search (3perl) - find POD documents in directory trees
Pod::Simple::SimpleTree (3perl) - - parse Pod into a simple parse tree
Pod::Simple::XMLOutStream (3perl) - - turn Pod into XML
podebconf-report-po (1) - send outdated debconf PO files to the last translators
POE::Driver (3pm)    - an abstract interface for buffered, non-blocking I/O
POE::Driver::SysRW (3pm) - buffered, non-blocking I/O using sysread and syswrite
POE::Filter::Block (3pm) - translate data between streams and blocks
POE::Filter::Grep (3pm) - select or remove items based on simple rules
POE::Filter::HTTPD (3pm) - parse simple HTTP requests, and serialize HTTP::Re...
POE::Filter::Line (3pm) - serialize and parse terminated records (lines)
POE::Filter::RecordBlock (3pm) - translate between discrete records and block...
POE::Filter::Reference (3pm) - freeze and thaw arbitrary Perl data
POE::Filter::Stream (3pm) - a no-op filter that passes data through unchanged
POE::Pipe (3pm)      - Deprecated and replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.
POE::Pipe::OneWay (3pm) - Deprecated and replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.
POE::Pipe::TwoWay (3pm) - Deprecated and replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.
POE::Resource (3pm)  - internal resource managers for POE::Kernel
POE::Resource::Aliases (3pm) - internal session alias manager for POE::Kernel
POE::Resource::Clock (3pm) - internal clock used for ordering the queue
POE::Resource::Events (3pm) - internal event manager for POE::Kernel
POE::Resource::Extrefs (3pm) - internal reference counts manager for POE::Kernel
POE::Resource::FileHandles (3pm) - internal filehandle manager for POE::Kernel
POE::Resource::Sessions (3pm) - internal session manager for POE::Kernel
POE::Resource::SIDs (3pm) - internal session ID manager for POE::Kernel
POE::Resource::Signals (3pm) - internal signal manager for POE::Kernel
POE::Resources (3pm) - loader of POE resources
POE::Wheel::ListenAccept (3pm) - accept connections from regular listening so...
POE::Wheel::ReadLine (3pm) - non-blocking Term::ReadLine for POE
POE::Wheel::ReadWrite (3pm) - non-blocking buffered I/O mix-in for POE::Session
POE::Wheel::SocketFactory (3pm) - non-blocking socket creation
policytool (1)       - Reads and writes a plain text policy file based on use...
postgresql-common (7) - wrapper for PostgreSQL client commands
postgresqlrc (5)     - Per-user PostgreSQL cluster configuration
postscreen (8postfix) - Postfix zombie blocker
poweroff (8)         - Halt, power-off or reboot the machine
ppm3d (1)            - convert two portable pixmap into a red/blue 3d glasses...
ppmcolormask (1)     - produce mask of areas of a certain color in a PPM file
ppmdither (1)        - ordered dither for color images
ppmflash (1)         - brighten a picture up to complete white-out
ppmmake (1)          - create a pixmap of a specified size and color
ppmpat (1)           - make a pretty pixmap
ppmquantall (1)      - run ppmquant on a bunch of files all at once, so they ...
ppmrelief (1)        - run a Laplacian relief filter on a portable pixmap
ppmspread (1)        - displace a portable pixmap's pixels by a random amount
ppmtompeg (1)        - encodes MPEG-1 bitstreams
ppmtorgb3 (1)        - separate a portable pixmap into three portable graymaps
ppmtowinicon (1)     - convert 1 or more portable pixmaps into a Windows .ico...
pre-grohtml (1)      - html driver for groff
precat (1)           - prefix delta compressor for Aspell
preconv (1)          - convert encoding of input files to something GNU troff...
PREPARE (7)          - prepare a statement for execution
PREPARE_TRANSACTION (7) - prepare the current transaction for two-phase commit
prepmx (1)           - preprocessor for PMX, easy music typesetting program
preunzip (1)         - prefix delta compressor for Aspell
prev (1mh)           - show the previous nmh message
prezip (1)           - prefix delta compressor for Aspell
prezip-bin (1)       - prefix zip delta word list compressor/decompressor
prlimit (1)          - get and set process resource limits
procan (1)           - Multipurpose relay (SOcket CAT)
process-keyring (7)  - Per-process shared keyring
procinfo (8)         - display system statistics gathered from /proc
proftpd (8)          - Professional configurable, secure file transfer protoc...
prosody-migrator (8) - Migrate data between Prosody data stores
ps (1)               - report a snapshot of the current processes.
ps2pk (1)            - creates a TeX pkfont from a type1 PostScript font
psfstriptable (1)    - remove the embedded Unicode character table from a con...
pslog (1)            - report current logs path of a process
psql (1)             - PostgreSQL interactive terminal
pstree (1)           - display a tree of processes
pstree.x11 (1)       - display a tree of processes
ptargrep (1)         - Apply pattern matching to the contents of files in a t...
pth (3)              - GNU Portable Threads
pthreads (7)         - POSIX threads
purge-old-kernels (1) - remove old kernel and header packages from the system
pvcreate (8)         - Initialize physical volume(s) for use by LVM
pvremove (8)         - Remove LVM label(s) from physical volume(s)
pvresize (8)         - Resize physical volume(s)
pwd (1)              - print name of current/working directory
pwdx (1)             - report current working directory of a process
py3clean (1)         - removes .pyc and .pyo files
pybuild (1)          - invokes various build systems for requested Python ver...
pyclean (1)          - removes .pyc and .pyo files
python (1)           - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programmi...
python2 (1)          - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programmi...
python2.7 (1)        - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programmi...
python3 (1)          - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programmi...
python3.6 (1)        - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programmi...
python3.6m (1)       - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programmi...
python3m (1)         - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programmi...
quotacheck (8)       - scan a filesystem for disk usage, create, check and re...
quotagrpadmins (5)   - users responsible for group disk usage
rbash (1)            - restricted bash, see bash(1)
rc-alert (1)         - check for installed packages with release-critical bugs
rcp (1)              - secure copy (remote file copy program)
rcsdiff (1)          - compare RCS revisions
rcsmerge (1)         - merge RCS revisions
rcvdist (1mh)        - asynchronously receive and distribute new email
rcvstore (1mh)       - asynchronously incorporate mail into an nmh folder
rcvtty (1mh)         - report new mail with nmh
rdebsums (1)         - a recursive debsums
RDF::Redland (3pm)   - Redland RDF Class
RDF::Redland::BlankNode (3pm) - Redland RDF Blank Node Class
RDF::Redland::Iterator (3pm) - Redland RDF Iterator Class
RDF::Redland::LiteralNode (3pm) - Redland RDF Literal Node Class
RDF::Redland::Model (3pm) - Redland RDF Model Class
RDF::Redland::Node (3pm) - Redland RDF Node (RDF Resource, Property, Literal)...
RDF::Redland::Parser (3pm) - Redland RDF Syntax Parsers Class
RDF::Redland::Query (3pm) - Redland RDF Syntax Query Class
RDF::Redland::QueryResults (3pm) - Redland RDF Syntax Query Results Class
RDF::Redland::RSS (3pm) - Redland RSS 1.0 Class
RDF::Redland::Serializer (3pm) - Redland RDF Serializing to Syntax Class
RDF::Redland::Statement (3pm) - Redland RDF Statement Class
RDF::Redland::Storage (3pm) - Redland RDF Storage Class
RDF::Redland::Stream (3pm) - Redland RDF Stream of RDF::Redland::Statement ob...
RDF::Redland::URI (3pm) - Redland RDF URI Class
RDF::Redland::URINode (3pm) - Redland RDF URI Node Class
RDF::Redland::XMLLiteralNode (3pm) - Redland RDF URI Node Class
rdiffdir (1)         - compute and apply signatures and diffs to directories
re (3perl)           - Perl pragma to alter regular expression behaviour
re_format (7)        - POSIX.2 regular expressions
rwarray (3am)        - write and read gawk arrays to/from files
readdir (3am)        - directory input parser for gawk
readelf (1)          - Displays information about ELF files.
readfile (3am)       - return the entire contents of a file as a string
readline (3readline) - get a line from a user with editing
readlink (1)         - print resolved symbolic links or canonical file names
readlink_by_handle (3) - file handle operations
readmsg (1)          - print messages.
readmsg.mailutils (1) - print messages.
readprofile (8)      - read kernel profiling information
realpath (1)         - print the resolved path
REASSIGN_OWNED (7)   - change the ownership of database objects owned by a da...
reboot (8)           - Halt, power-off or reboot the machine
recode (1)           - converts files between character sets
recode-sr-latin (1)  - convert Serbian text from Cyrillic to Latin script
red (1)              - line-oriented text editor
tc-red (8)           - Random Early Detection
redcloth (1)         - Ruby Textile formatter
redland (3)          - Resource Description Framework (RDF) Library
refer (1)            - preprocess bibliographic references for groff
refile (1mh)         - file message in nmh folders
reformail (1)        - E-mail reformatting tool
reformime (1)        - MIME E-mail reformatting tool
REFRESH_MATERIALIZED_VIEW (7) - replace the contents of a materialized view
regdbdump (8)        - parse and print out regulatory rules file
regex (7)            - POSIX.2 regular expressions
Regexp::Common (3pm) - Provide commonly requested regular expressions
Regexp::Common::_support (3pm) - - Support functions for Regexp::Common.
Regexp::Common::balanced (3pm) - - provide regexes for strings with balanced ...
Regexp::Common::CC (3pm) - - provide patterns for credit card numbers.
Regexp::Common::comment (3pm) - - provide regexes for comments.
Regexp::Common::delimited (3pm) - - provides a regex for delimited strings
Regexp::Common::Email::Address (3pm) - Returns a pattern for Email Addresses
Regexp::Common::lingua (3pm) - - provide regexes for language related stuff.
Regexp::Common::list (3pm) - - provide regexes for lists
Regexp::Common::net (3pm) - - provide regexes for IPv4, IPv6, and MAC addresses.
Regexp::Common::number (3pm) - - provide regexes for numbers
Regexp::Common::profanity (3pm) - - provide regexes for profanity
Regexp::Common::SEN (3pm) - - provide regexes for Social-Economical Numbers.
Regexp::Common::URI (3pm) - - provide patterns for URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::fax (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for fax URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::file (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for file URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::ftp (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for FTP URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::gopher (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for gopher URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::http (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for HTTP URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::news (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for file URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::pop (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for POP URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::prospero (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for prospero URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC1035 (3pm) - - Definitions from RFC1035;
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC1738 (3pm) - - Definitions from RFC1738;
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC1808 (3pm) - - Definitions from RFC1808;
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC2384 (3pm) - - Definitions from RFC2384;
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC2396 (3pm) - - Definitions from RFC2396;
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC2806 (3pm) - - Definitions from RFC2806;
Regexp::Common::URI::tel (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for telephone URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::telnet (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for telnet URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::tv (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for tv URIs.
Regexp::Common::URI::wais (3pm) - - Returns a pattern for WAIS URIs.
Regexp::Common::whitespace (3pm) - - provides a regex for leading or trailing...
Regexp::Common::zip (3pm) - - provide regexes for postal codes.
regexp_table (5)     - format of Postfix regular expression tables
regulatory.bin (5)   - The Linux wireless regulatory database
regulatory.db (5)    - The Linux wireless regulatory database
rehash (1ssl)        - Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values
REINDEX (7)          - rebuild indexes
reindexdb (1)        - reindex a PostgreSQL database
RELEASE_SAVEPOINT (7) - destroy a previously defined savepoint
relocated (5)        - Postfix relocated table format
remove-default-ispell (8) - remove default ispell dictionary
remove-default-wordlist (8) - remove default wordlist
remove-shell (8)     - remove shells from the list of valid login shells
rename.ul (1)        - rename files
renice (1)           - alter priority of running processes
repertoiremap (5)    - map symbolic character names to Unicode code points
repl (1mh)           - reply to an nmh message
Reply::Plugin::TypeTiny (3pm) - improved type constraint exceptions in Reply
repquota (8)         - summarize quotas for a filesystem
reproducible-check (1) - Reports on the reproducible status of installed pack...
req (1ssl)           - PKCS#10 certificate request and certificate generating...
request-key (8)      - Handle key instantiation callback requests from the ke...
request-key.conf (5) - Instantiation handler configuration file
rescan-scsi-bus (8)  - rescan the SCSI bus. (8) - script to add and remove SCSI devices without rebooting
reset (1)            - terminal initialization
resize2fs (8)        - ext2/ext3/ext4 file system resizer
resizecons (8)       - change kernel idea of the console size
resizepart (8)       - tell the kernel about the new size of a partition
resolv.conf (5)      - resolver configuration file
resolved.conf (5)    - Network Name Resolution configuration files
resolved.conf.d (5)  - Network Name Resolution configuration files
resolver (5)         - resolver configuration file
restclient (1)       - simple REST client for Ruby
rev (1)              - reverse lines characterwise
REVOKE (7)           - remove access privileges
revoutput (3am)      - Reverse output strings sample extension
revtwoway (3am)      - Reverse strings sample two-way processor extension
rgb3toppm (1)        - combine three portable graymaps into one portable pixmap
rgrep (1)            - print lines matching a pattern
ri (1)               - Ruby API reference front end
ri2.5 (1)            - Ruby API reference front end
rksh (1)             - KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programmi...
rksh93 (1)           - KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programmi...
rlogin (1)           - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
rm (1)               - remove files or directories
rmadison (1)         - - Remotely query the Debian archive database about pac...
rmail (8)            - handle remote mail received via uucp
rmdir (1)            - remove empty directories
rmf (1mh)            - remove an nmh folder
rmic (1)             - Generates stub, skeleton, and tie classes for remote o...
rmid (1)             - Starts the activation system daemon that enables objec...
rmiregistry (1)      - Starts a remote object registry on the specified port ...
rmm (1mh)            - remove nmh messages
rmmod (8)            - Simple program to remove a module from the Linux Kernel
rmsginit (1)         - create a new .po file with user's environment and input
rmt (8)              - remote magnetic tape server
rmt-tar (8)          - remote magnetic tape server
rnano (1)            - a restricted nano
ROLLBACK (7)         - abort the current transaction
ROLLBACK_PREPARED (7) - cancel a transaction that was earlier prepared for tw...
routel (8)           - list routes with pretty output format
rpc.rquotad (8)      - remote quota server (8)    - send reboot notifications to NFS peers
RPC::XML (3pm)       - A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling
RPC::XML::Parser (3pm) - Interface for parsers created by RPC::XML::ParserFac...
RPC::XML::Procedure (3pm) - Object encapsulation of server-side RPC procedures
rpcbind (8)          - universal addresses to RPC program number mapper
rpcinfo (7)          - report RPC information
rpcinfo (8)          - report RPC information
rpdump (1)           - alpine remote data utility
rpload (1)           - alpine remote data utility
rpntutorial (1)      - Reading RRDtool RPN Expressions by Steve Rader
rquota (3)           - implement quotas on remote machines
rrdcgi (1)           - Create web pages containing RRD graphs based on templates
rrdcreate (1)        - Set up a new Round Robin Database
rrdfirst (1)         - Return the date of the first data sample in an RRA wit...
rrdgraph_data (1)    - preparing data for graphing in rrdtool graph
rrdgraph_graph (1)   - rrdtool graph command reference
rrdlast (1)          - Return the date of the last data sample in an RRD
rrdlastupdate (1)    - Return the most recent update to an RRD
rrdlist (1)          - List directories and rrd databases.
rrdresize (1)        - alters the size of an RRA and creates a new .rrd file
rrdrestore (1)       - Restore the contents of an RRD from its XML dump format
RRDs (3pm)           - Access RRDtool as a shared module
rrdthreads (1)       - Provisions for linking the RRD library to use in multi...
rrdupdate (1)        - Store a new set of values into the RRD
rsh (1)              - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
rssh (1)             - restricted secure shell allowing only scp and/or sftp
rst-buildhtml (1)    - convert many reST documents to HTML
rst2html (1)         - convert reST documents to XHTML
rst2html4 (1)        - convert reST documents to XHTML
rst2html5 (1)        - convert reST documents to HTML 5
rst2latex (1)        - convert reST documents to LaTeX
rst2man (1)          - generate unix manpages from reStructured text
rst2odt (1)          - convert reST documents to OpenDocument text (ODT)
rst2odt_prepstyles (1) - strip paper size specifications off of rst2odt style...
rst2pseudoxml (1)    - convert reST documents to pseudo-XML
rst2s5 (1)           - convert reST documents to S5 slides
rst2xetex (1)        - convert reST documents to XeLaTeX
rst2xml (1)          - convert reST documents to XML
rstpep2html (1)      - convert reST Python Enhancement Proposals to HTML
rsync (1)            - a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool
rsyslogd (8)         - reliable and extended syslogd
rtc (4)              - real-time clock
rtin (1)             - Usenet newsreader
rtpr (8)             - replace backslashes with newlines.
ruby (1)             - Interpreted object-oriented scripting language
ruby2.5 (1)          - Interpreted object-oriented scripting language
run-one-until-failure (1) - run just one instance at a time of some command a...
run-parts (8)        - run scripts or programs in a directory
run-with-aspell (1)  - script to help use GNU Aspell as an ispell replacement
run_erl (1)          - Redirect Erlang input and output streams on Unix systems.
runlevel (8)         - Print previous and current SysV runlevel
runsvchdir (8)       - change services directory of runsvdir(8)
rvnamed-ng (8)       - reverse name resolution daemon for iptraf (8)
sa1 (8)              - Collect and store binary data in the system activity d...
sa2 (8)              - Create a report from the current standard system activ...
Safe (3perl)         - Compile and execute code in restricted compartments
sar (1)              - Collect, report, or save system activity information.
sar.sysstat (1)      - Collect, report, or save system activity information.
SAVEPOINT (7)        - define a new savepoint within the current transaction
sbattach (1)         - UEFI secure boot detached signature tool
sbsiglist (1)        - Create EFI_SIGNATURE_LIST signature databases
sbsign (1)           - UEFI secure boot signing tool
sbverify (1)         - UEFI secure boot verification tool
scache (8postfix)    - Postfix shared connection cache server
schemagen (1)        - Generates a schema for every name space that is refere...
scor2prt (1)         - source-parts separation program for pmx, a MusiXTeX pr...
scp (1)              - secure copy (remote file copy program)
scr_dump (5)         - format of curses screen-dumps.
screen (1)           - screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation
screendump (1)       - dump the contents of a virtual console to stdout
scriptreplay (1)     - play back typescripts, using timing information
scsi_readcap (8)     - do SCSI READ CAPACITY command on disks
scsi_ready (8)       - do SCSI TEST UNIT READY on devices
scsi_start (8)       - start one or more SCSI disks
scsi_stop (8)        - stop (spin down) one or more SCSI disks
scsi_temperature (8) - fetch the temperature of a SCSI device
scsidev (8)          - populate /dev/scsi with device names that are persiste...
sctp_bindx (3)       - Add or remove bind addresses on a socket.
sctp_connectx (3)    - initiate a connection on an SCTP socket using multiple...
sctp_getladdrs (3)   - Returns all locally bound addresses on a socket.
sctp_getpaddrs (3)   - Returns all peer addresses in an association.
sctp_recvmsg (3)     - Receive a message from a SCTP socket.
sdiff (1)            - side-by-side merge of file differences
securetty (5)        - file which lists terminals from which root can log in
sed (1)              - stream editor for filtering and transforming text
SELECT (7)           - retrieve rows from a table or view
SELECT_INTO (7)      - define a new table from the results of a query
SelectSaver (3perl)  - save and restore selected file handle
sem_overview (7)     - overview of POSIX semaphores
serialver (1)        - Returns the serial version UID for specified classes.
serverspec-init (1)  - Cycling Performance Software
servertool (1)       - Provides an easy-to-use interface for developers to re...
session-keyring (7)  - Session shared process keyring
SET_CONSTRAINTS (7)  - set constraint check timing for the current transaction
SET_ROLE (7)         - set the current user identifier of the current session
SET_SESSION_AUTHORIZATION (7) - set the session user identifier and the curre...
SET_TRANSACTION (7)  - set the characteristics of the current transaction
setarch (8)          - change reported architecture in new program environmen...
setfont (8)          - load EGA/VGA console screen font
setpci (8)           - configure PCI devices
setvesablank (8)     - Turn VESA screen blanking on or off
sftp (1)             - secure file transfer program
sg (1)               - execute command as different group ID
sg_compare_and_write (8) - send the SCSI COMPARE AND WRITE command
sg_copy_results (8)  - send SCSI RECEIVE COPY RESULTS command (XCOPY related)
sg_emc_trespass (8)  - change ownership of SCSI LUN from another Service-Proc...
sg_format (8)        - format, resize a SCSI disk or format a tape
sg_ident (8)         - send SCSI REPORT/SET IDENTIFYING INFORMATION command
sg_inq (8)           - issue SCSI INQUIRY command and/or decode its response
sg_luns (8)          - send SCSI REPORT LUNS command or decode given LUN
sg_map26 (8)         - map SCSI generic (sg) device to corresponding device n...
sg_modes (8)         - reads mode pages with SCSI MODE SENSE command
sg_opcodes (8)       - report supported SCSI commands or task management func...
sg_persist (8)       - use SCSI PERSISTENT RESERVE command to access registra...
sg_prevent (8)       - send SCSI PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL command
sg_rbuf (8)          - reads data using SCSI READ BUFFER command
sg_rdac (8)          - display or modify SCSI RDAC Redundant Controller mode ...
sg_read (8)          - read multiple blocks of data, optionally with SCSI REA...
sg_read_attr (8)     - send SCSI READ ATTRIBUTE command
sg_read_block_limits (8) - send SCSI READ BLOCK LIMITS command
sg_read_buffer (8)   - send SCSI READ BUFFER command
sg_read_long (8)     - send a SCSI READ LONG command
sg_readcap (8)       - send SCSI READ CAPACITY command
sg_reassign (8)      - send SCSI REASSIGN BLOCKS command
sg_referrals (8)     - send SCSI REPORT REFERRALS command
sg_rep_zones (8)     - send SCSI REPORT ZONES command
sg_requests (8)      - send one or more SCSI REQUEST SENSE commands
sg_reset (8)         - sends SCSI device, target, bus or host reset; or check...
sg_reset_wp (8)      - send SCSI RESET WRITE POINTER command
sg_rmsn (8)          - send SCSI READ MEDIA SERIAL NUMBER command
sg_rtpg (8)          - send SCSI REPORT TARGET PORT GROUPS command
sg_safte (8)         - access SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosure (SAF-TE)...
sg_sanitize (8)      - remove all user data from disk with SCSI SANITIZE command
sg_sat_phy_event (8) - use ATA READ LOG EXT via a SAT pass-through to fetch S...
sg_sat_read_gplog (8) - use ATA READ LOG EXT command via a SCSI to ATA Transl...
sg_sat_set_features (8) - use ATA SET FEATURES command via a SCSI to ATA Tran...
sg_scan (8)          - scans sg devices (or SCSI/ATAPI/ATA devices) and print...
sg_ses (8)           - access a SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) device
sg_ses_microcode (8) - send microcode to a SCSI enclosure
sg_test_rwbuf (8)    - test a SCSI host adapter by issuing dummy writes and r...
sg_timestamp (8)     - report or set timestamp on SCSI device
sg_turs (8)          - send one or more SCSI TEST UNIT READY commands
sg_vpd (8)           - fetch SCSI VPD page and/or decode its response
sh (1)               - command interpreter (shell)
sh.distrib (1)       - command interpreter (shell)
shar (1)             - create a shell archive
shm_overview (7)     - overview of POSIX shared memory
showconsolefont (8)  - Show the current EGA/VGA console screen font
shred (1)            - overwrite a file to hide its contents, and optionally ...
shutdown (8)         - Halt, power-off or reboot the machine
sigevent (7)         - structure for notification from asynchronous routines
sirtopnm (1)         - convert a Solitaire file into a portable anymap
skill (1)            - send a signal or report process status
slabtop (1)          - display kernel slab cache information in real time
sln (8)              - create symbolic links
slogin (1)           - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
slrn (1)             - An easy to use NNTP / spool based newsreader.
sm-notify (8)        - send reboot notifications to NFS peers
SM2 (7ssl)           - Chinese SM2 signature and encryption algorithm support
snap-discard-ns (8)  - internal tool for discarding preserved namespaces of s...
snice (1)            - send a signal or report process status
snmpbulkget (1)      - communicates with a network entity using SNMP GETBULK ...
snmpbulkwalk (1)     - retrieve a subtree of management values using SNMP GET...
snmpconf (1)         - creates and modifies SNMP configuration files
snmpdelta (1)        - Monitor delta differences in SNMP Counter values
snmpget (1)          - communicates with a network entity using SNMP GET requ...
snmpgetnext (1)      - communicates with a network entity using SNMP GETNEXT ...
snmpset (1)          - communicates with a network entity using SNMP SET requ...
snmpstatus (1)       - retrieves a fixed set of management information from a...
snmptable (1)        - retrieve an SNMP table and display it in tabular form
snmptest (1)         - communicates with a network entity using SNMP requests
snmpusm (1)          - creates and maintains SNMPv3 users on a network entity
snmpvacm (1)         - creates and maintains SNMPv3 View-based Access Control...
snmpwalk (1)         - retrieve a subtree of management values using SNMP GET...
SOAP::Client (3pm)   - exists purely as a superclass for client classes decla...
SOAP::Data (3pm)     - this class provides the means by which to explicitly m...
SOAP::Schema (3pm)   - provides an umbrella for the way in which SOAP::Lite m...
SOAP::Serializer (3pm) - the means by which the toolkit manages the expressio...
SOAP::SOM (3pm)      - provides access to the values contained in SOAP Response
SOAP::Transport (3pm) - an abstract class extended by more specialized transp...
socat (1)            - Multipurpose relay (SOcket CAT)
Socket6 (3pm)        - IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and struct...
soelim (1)           - interpret .so requests in groff input
sos.conf (5)         - sosreport configuration
sosreport (1)        - Collect and package diagnostic and support data
sotruss (1)          - trace shared library calls through PLT
sources.list (5)     - List of configured APT data sources
sow (1)              - command line interface for the Hoe gem creation helper...
spctoppm (1)         - convert an Atari compressed Spectrum file into a porta...
Specio::Coercion (3pm) - A class representing a coercion from one type to ano...
Specio::Constraint::AnyCan (3pm) - A class for constraints which require a cl...
Specio::Constraint::AnyDoes (3pm) - A class for constraints which require a c...
Specio::Constraint::AnyIsa (3pm) - A class for constraints which require a cl...
Specio::Constraint::Enum (3pm) - A class for constraints which require a stri...
Specio::Constraint::ObjectCan (3pm) - A class for constraints which require a...
Specio::Constraint::ObjectDoes (3pm) - A class for constraints which require ...
Specio::Constraint::ObjectIsa (3pm) - A class for constraints which require a...
Specio::Constraint::Parameterizable (3pm) - A class which represents paramete...
Specio::Constraint::Parameterized (3pm) - A class which represents parameteri...
Specio::Constraint::Structurable (3pm) - A class which represents structurabl...
Specio::Constraint::Structured (3pm) - A class which represents structured co...
Specio::Declare (3pm) - Specio declaration subroutines
Specio::DeclaredAt (3pm) - A class to represent where a type or coercion was ...
Specio::Exception (3pm) - An exception class for type constraint failures
Specio::Library::Structured (3pm) - Structured types for Specio (Dict, Map, T...
Specio::Library::Structured::Dict (3pm) - Guts of Dict structured type
Specio::Library::Structured::Map (3pm) - Guts of Map structured type
Specio::Library::Structured::Tuple (3pm) - Guts of Tuple structured type
Specio::OO (3pm)     - A painfully poor reimplementation of Moo(se)
Specio::PartialDump (3pm) - A partially rear-ended copy of Devel::PartialDump...
Specio::Registry (3pm) - Implements the per-package type registry
sphinx-autogen (1)   - generate reStructuredText using autosummary directives
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel (3pm) - Read information from an Excel file.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Cell (3pm) - A class for Cell data and formatting.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Dump (3pm) - A class for dumping Excel records.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtDefault (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtJapan (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtJapan2 (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Font (3pm) - A class for Cell fonts.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Format (3pm) - A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser (3pm) - Rewrite an existing Excel file.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser::... (3pm) - A class for SaveParser Workb...
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser::... (3pm) - A class for SaveParser Works...
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Utility (3pm) - Utility functions for Spreadsheet::P...
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook (3pm) - A class for Workbooks.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Worksheet (3pm) - A class for Worksheets.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel (3pm) - Write to a cross-platform Excel binary file.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::BIFFwriter (3pm) - An abstract base class for Excel ...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Big (3pm) - A class for creating Excel files > 7MB.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Bar (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Bar charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Column (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Colum...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::External (3pm) - A writer class for Excel ext...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Line (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Line ch...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Pie (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Pie charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Scatter (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Scat...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Stock (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Stock ...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Examples (3pm) - Spreadsheet::WriteExcel example pro...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Format (3pm) - A class for defining Excel formatting.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Formula (3pm) - A class for generating Excel formulas
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::OLEwriter (3pm) - A writer class to store BIFF data ...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Properties (3pm) - A module for creating Excel prope...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Utility (3pm) - Helper functions for Spreadsheet::Wr...
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Workbook (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Workbooks.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Worksheet (3pm) - A writer class for Excel Worksheets.
sprof (1)            - read and display shared object profiling data
sputoppm (1)         - convert an Atari uncompressed Spectrum file into a por...
SQL::Statement::Structure (3pm) - parse and examine structure of SQL queries
ssh (1)              - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
ssh-argv0 (1)        - replaces the old ssh command-name as hostname handling
ssh-copy-id (1)      - use locally available keys to authorise logins on a re...
ssh-import-id (1)    - retrieve one or more public keys from a public keyserv...
ssh-import-id-gh (1) - retrieve one or more public keys from a public keyserv...
ssh-import-id-lp (1) - retrieve one or more public keys from a public keyserv...
stdbuf (1)           - Run COMMAND, with modified buffering operations for it...
Storable (3perl)     - persistence for Perl data structures
storeutl (1ssl)      - STORE utility
stream (1)           - a lightweight tool to stream one or more pixel compone...
stream-im6 (1)       - a lightweight tool to stream one or more pixel compone...
stream-im6.q16 (1)   - a lightweight tool to stream one or more pixel compone...
strfile (1)          - create a random access file for storing strings
strict (3perl)       - Perl pragma to restrict unsafe constructs
strictures (3pm)     - turn on strict and make most warnings fatal
strictures::extra (3pm) - enable or disable strictures additional checks
String::CRC32 (3pm)  - Perl interface for cyclic redundancy check generation
Sub::Defer (3pm)     - Defer generation of subroutines until they are first c...
Sub::Exporter::Progressive (3pm) - Only use Sub::Exporter if you need it
Sub::Identify (3pm)  - Retrieve names of code references
Sub::Name (3pm)      - (Re)name a sub
Sub::Util (3perl)    - A selection of utility subroutines for subs and CODE r...
subs (3perl)         - Perl pragma to predeclare sub names
sudoreplay (8)       - replay sudo session logs
suexec (8)           - Switch user before executing external programs
suexec-pristine (8)  - Switch user before executing external programs
suspicious-source (1) - search for files that are not the GPL's "preferred fo...
sv (8)               - control and manage services monitored by runsv (8)
svn-backup-dumps (1) - Create dumpfiles to backup a subversion repository.
svn-bisect (1)       - Bisect Subversion revisions to find a regression
svn-fast-backup (1)  - very fast backup for Subversion fsfs repositories.
svn-hot-backup (1)   - perform a "hot" backup of a Berkeley DB repository.
SVN::Core (3perl)    - Core module of the subversion perl bindings
SVN::Ra (3perl)      - Subversion remote access functions
SVN::Repos (3perl)   - Subversion repository functions
svn_load_dirs (1)    - Load directories into a Subversion repository
svnadmin (1)         - Subversion repository administration tool
svndumpfilter (1)    - Filter a subversion repository 'dumpfile'.
svnlook (1)          - Subversion repository examination tool
svnrdump (1)         - Subversion remote repository dumper and loader
svnserve (8)         - Server for the 'svn' repository access method
svnserve.conf (5)    - Repository configuration file for svnserve
svnsync (1)          - Subversion repository synchronization tool
swaplabel (8)        - print or change the label or UUID of a swap area
switch_root (8)      - switch to another filesystem as the root of the mount ...
synctex (1)          - command line client tool to support the Synchronize Te...
Sys::Utmp::Utent (3pm) - represent a single utmp entry
sysctl (8)           - configure kernel parameters at runtime
sysctl.conf (5)      - sysctl preload/configuration file
sysctl.d (5)         - Configure kernel parameters at boot
systemd-binfmt (8)   - Configure additional binary formats for executables at...
systemd-binfmt.service (8) - Configure additional binary formats for executab...
systemd-cgls (1)     - Recursively show control group contents
systemd-cgtop (1)    - Show top control groups by their resource usage
systemd-fsckd (8)    - File system check progress reporting
systemd-fsckd.service (8) - File system check progress reporting
systemd-fsckd.socket (8) - File system check progress reporting
systemd-growfs (8)   - Creating and growing file systems on demand
systemd-growfs@.service (8) - Creating and growing file systems on demand
systemd-hibernate-resume (8) - Resume from hibernation
systemd-hibernate-resume-generator (8) - Unit generator for resume= kernel pa...
systemd-hibernate-resume@.service (8) - Resume from hibernation
systemd-hwdb (8)     - hardware database management tool
systemd-makefs (8)   - Creating and growing file systems on demand
systemd-makefs@.service (8) - Creating and growing file systems on demand
systemd-makeswap@.service (8) - Creating and growing file systems on demand
systemd-reboot.service (8) - System shutdown logic
systemd-remount-fs (8) - Remount root and kernel file systems
systemd-remount-fs.service (8) - Remount root and kernel file systems
systemd-resolve (1)  - Resolve domain names, IPV4 and IPv6 addresses, DNS res...
systemd-resolved (8) - Network Name Resolution manager
systemd-resolved.service (8) - Network Name Resolution manager
systemd-run (1)      - Run programs in transient scope units, service units, ...
systemd-socket-proxyd (8) - Bidirectionally proxy local sockets to another (p...
systemd-sysctl (8)   - Configure kernel parameters at boot
systemd-sysctl.service (8) - Configure kernel parameters at boot
systemd-system-update-generator (8) - Generator for redirecting boot to offli...
systemd-tmpfiles (8) - Creates, deletes and cleans up volatile and temporary ...
systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service (8) - Creates, deletes and cleans up volatile ...
systemd-tmpfiles-clean.timer (8) - Creates, deletes and cleans up volatile an...
systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service (8) - Creates, deletes and cleans up volat...
systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service (8) - Creates, deletes and cleans up volatile ...
systemd-tty-ask-password-agent (1) - List or process pending systemd password...
systemd.directives (7) - Index of configuration directives
systemd.kill (5)     - Process killing procedure configuration
systemd.preset (5)   - Service enablement presets
systemd.resource-control (5) - Resource control unit settings
TABLE (7)            - retrieve rows from a table or view
tac (1)              - concatenate and print files in reverse
tagpending (1)       - tags bugs that are to be closed in the latest changelo...
TAP::Harness::Env (3perl) - Parsing harness related environmental variables w...
TAP::Parser::Aggregator (3perl) - Aggregate TAP::Parser results
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Stream (3perl) - Iterator for filehandle-based TAP sou...
TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory (3perl) - Figures out which SourceHandler object...
TAP::Parser::Result (3perl) - Base class for TAP::Parser output objects
TAP::Parser::Result::Bailout (3perl) - Bailout result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Comment (3perl) - Comment result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Plan (3perl) - Plan result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Pragma (3perl) - TAP pragma token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Test (3perl) - Test result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Unknown (3perl) - Unknown result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Version (3perl) - TAP syntax version token.
TAP::Parser::Result::YAML (3perl) - YAML result token.
TAP::Parser::ResultFactory (3perl) - Factory for creating TAP::Parser output ...
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler (3perl) - Base class for different TAP source hand...
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Executable (3perl) - Stream output from an execut...
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::File (3perl) - Stream TAP from a text file.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Handle (3perl) - Stream TAP from an IO::Handle or...
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Perl (3perl) - Stream TAP from a Perl executable
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::RawTAP (3perl) - Stream output from raw TAP in a ...
TAP::Parser::YAMLish::Reader (3perl) - Read YAMLish data from iterator
tapestat (1)         - Report tape statistics.
Task::Weaken (3pm)   - Ensure that a platform has weaken support
taskset (1)          - set or retrieve a process's CPU affinity
tbl-dctrl (1)        - generate tabular representations of data in dctrl format
tc-bpf (8)           - BPF programmable classifier and actions for ingress/eg...
tc-cbs (8)           - Credit Based Shaper (CBS) Qdisc
tc-connmark (8)      - netfilter connmark retriever action
tc-mqprio (8)        - Multiqueue Priority Qdisc (Offloaded Hardware QOS)
tc-nat (8)           - stateless native address translation action
tc-pfifo_fast (8)    - three-band first in, first out queue
tclsh8.5 (1)         - Simple shell containing Tcl interpreter
tee (1)              - read from standard input and write to standard output ...
tempfile (1)         - create a temporary file in a safe manner
Template::Context (3pm) - Runtime context in which templates are processed
Template::Directive (3pm) - Perl code generator for template directives
Template::FAQ (3pm)  - Frequently Asked Questions about the Template Toolkit
Template::Iterator (3pm) - Data iterator used by the FOREACH directive
Template::Manual::Credits (3pm) - Author and contributor credits
Template::Manual::Directives (3pm) - Template directives
Template::Manual::Syntax (3pm) - Directive syntax, structure and semantics
Template::Plugin::Datafile (3pm) - Plugin to construct records from a simple ...
Template::Plugin::Directory (3pm) - Plugin for generating directory listings
Template::Plugin::Format (3pm) - Plugin to create formatting functions
Template::Plugin::HTML (3pm) - Plugin to create HTML elements
Template::Plugin::Iterator (3pm) - Plugin to create iterators (Template::Iter...
Template::Plugin::Table (3pm) - Plugin to present data in a table
Template::Plugin::View (3pm) - Plugin to create views (Template::View)
Template::Tutorial::Datafile (3pm) - Creating Data Output Files Using the Tem...
Term::ANSIColor (3perl) - Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences
Term::ReadKey (3pm)  - A perl module for simple terminal control
Term::ReadLine (3perl) - Perl interface to various "readline" packages. If no...
Term::ReadLine::Gnu (3pm) - Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library
terminal-colors.d (5) - Configure output colorization for various utilities
test (1)             - check file types and compare values
Test2::API::Breakage (3perl) - What breaks at what version
Test2::API::Context (3perl) - Object to represent a testing context.
Test2::Event::Encoding (3perl) - Set the encoding for the output stream
Test2::Event::Waiting (3perl) - Tell all procs/threads it is time to be done
Test2::Hub::Interceptor (3perl) - Hub used by interceptor to grab results.
Test2::IPC (3perl)   - Turn on IPC for threading or forking support.
Test2::IPC::Driver::Files (3perl) - Temp dir + Files concurrency model.
Test::MockTime (3pm) - Replaces actual time with simulated time
Test::Moose (3pm)    - Test functions for Moose specific features
Test::More (3perl)   - yet another framework for writing test scripts
Test::Tester::Capture (3perl) - Help testing test modules built with Test::Bu...
Test::Tester::CaptureRunner (3perl) - Help testing test modules built with Te...
Test::Tutorial (3perl) - A tutorial about writing really basic tests
Test::Unit::Assertion::CodeRef (3pm) - A delayed evaluation assertion using a...
Test::Unit::Assertion::Regexp (3pm) - Assertion with regex matching
Test::Unit::Failure (3pm) - unit testing framework exception class
Test::Unit::Result (3pm) - unit testing framework helper class
Test::use::ok (3perl) - Alternative to Test::More::use_ok
texhash (1)          - create ls-R databases
Text::Abbrev (3perl) - abbrev - create an abbreviation table from a list
Text::Autoformat (3pm) - Automatic text wrapping and reformatting
Text::CSV (3pm)      - comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl)
Text::CSV_PP (3pm)   - Text::CSV_XS compatible pure-Perl module
Text::Diff (3pm)     - Perform diffs on files and record sets
Text::German (3pm)   - German grundform reduction
Text::Reform (3pm)   - Manual text wrapping and reformatting
Text::Template::Preprocess (3pm) - Expand template text with embedded Perl
textdomain (3)       - set domain for future gettext() calls
tfmtodit (1)         - create font files for use with groff - Tdvi
Thread (3perl)       - Manipulate threads in Perl (for old code only)
thread-keyring (7)   - Per-thread keyring
Thread::Queue (3perl) - Thread-safe queues
Thread::Semaphore (3perl) - Thread-safe semaphores
threads (3perl)      - Perl interpreter-based threads
threads::shared (3perl) - Perl extension for sharing data structures between ...
tidy (1)             - check, correct, and pretty-print HTML(5) files
Tie::CPHash (3pm)    - Case preserving but case insensitive hash table
Tie::Hash::NamedCapture (3perl) - Named regexp capture buffers
Tie::IxHash (3pm)    - ordered associative arrays for Perl
Tie::RefHash (3perl) - use references as hash keys
TIFFWriteDirectory (3tiff) - write the current directory in an open TIFF file
TIFFClose (3tiff)    - close a previously opened TIFF file
TIFFcodec (3tiff)    - codec-related utility routines
TIFFquery (3tiff)    - query routines
TIFFFieldReadCount (3tiff) - Get number of values to be read from field
TIFFswab (3tiff)     - byte- and bit-swapping routines
TIFFOpen (3tiff)     - open a TIFF file for reading or writing
TIFFPrintDirectory (3tiff) - print a description of a TIFF directory
TIFFbuffer (3tiff)   - I/O buffering control routines
TIFFReadDirectory (3tiff) - get the contents of the next directory in an open...
TIFFReadEncodedStrip (3tiff) - read and decode a strip of data from an open T...
TIFFReadEncodedTile (3tiff) - read and decode a tile of data from an open TIF...
TIFFReadRawStrip (3tiff) - return the undecoded contents of a strip of data f...
TIFFReadRawTile (3tiff) - return an undecoded tile of data from an open TIFF ...
TIFFReadRGBAImage (3tiff) - read and decode an image into a fixed-format raster
TIFFReadRGBAStrip (3tiff) - read and decode an image strip into a fixed-forma...
TIFFReadRGBATile (3tiff) - read and decode an image tile into a fixed-format ...
TIFFReadScanline (3tiff) - read and decode a scanline of data from an open TI...
TIFFReadTile (3tiff) - read and decode a tile of data from an open TIFF file
TIFFRGBAImage (3tiff) - read and decode an image into a raster
TIFFSetDirectory (3tiff) - set the current directory for an open TIFF file
TIFFsize (3tiff)     - return the size of various items associated with an op...
TIFFstrip (3tiff)    - strip-related utility routines
TIFFtile (3tiff)     - tile-related utility routines
TIFFWriteEncodedStrip (3tiff) - compress and write a strip of data to an open...
TIFFWriteEncodedTile (3tiff) - compress and write a tile of data to an open T...
time (1)             - run programs and summarize system resource usage
Time::DaysInMonth (3pm) - - simply report the number of days in a month
Time::HiRes (3perl)  - High resolution alarm, sleep, gettimeofday, interval t...
Time::ParseDate (3pm) - - date parsing both relative and absolute
tin (1)              - Usenet newsreader
tin (5)              - related files
tipc-bearer (8)      - show or modify TIPC bearers
tload (1)            - graphic representation of system load average
tmpfiles.d (5)       - Configuration for creation, deletion and cleaning of v...
tmpreaper (8)        - removes files which haven't been accessed for a period...
tmpreaper.conf (5)   - defines parameters for daily run of tmpreaper
trace (8postfix)     - Postfix delivery status reports
tree (1)             - list contents of directories in a tree-like format.
trivial-rewrite (8postfix) - Postfix address rewriting and resolving daemon
Try::Tiny (3pm)      - Minimal try/catch with proper preservation of $@
tw_cli (8)           - AMCC/3ware Storage Controller Management Command Line ...
Type::Registry (3pm) - a glorified hashref for looking up type constraints
Types::Common::Numeric (3pm) - drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common:...
Types::Common::String (3pm) - drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common::...
Types::Standard::ArrayRef (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard ArrayRef ...
Types::Standard::HashRef (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard HashRef ty...
Types::Standard::ScalarRef (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard ScalarRe...
ubuntu-bug (1)       - file a bug report using Apport, or update an existing ...
ucf (1)              - Update Configuration File: preserve user changes in co...
ucfr (1)             - Update Configuration File Registry: associate packages...
ufw (8)              - program for managing a netfilter firewall
ujconv (1p)          - - reinvented iconv(1) using Unicode::Japanese
umap (1p)            - map between different character sets
uncompress (1)       - compress or expand files
Unicode::Collate::CJK::Korean (3perl) - weighting CJK Unified Ideographs for ...
Unicode::Stringprep (3pm) - Preparation of Internationalized Strings (RFC 3454)
Unicode::Stringprep::_Common (3pm) - Internal functions for "Unicode::Stringp...
Unicode::Stringprep::BiDi (3pm) - Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix D
Unicode::Stringprep::Mapping (3pm) - Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix B
Unicode::Stringprep::Prohibited (3pm) - Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix C
Unicode::Stringprep::Unassigned (3pm) - Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix A
unicode_stop (1)     - revert keyboard and console from unicode mode
uniq (1)             - report or omit repeated lines
units (7)            - decimal and binary prefixes
UNIVERSAL (3perl)    - base class for ALL classes (blessed references)
UNIVERSAL::require (3pm) - require() modules from a variable
unix_chkpwd (8)      - Helper binary that verifies the password of the curren...
unlink (1)           - call the unlink function to remove the specified file
unlzma (1)           - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
unrar-free (1)       - extract files from rar archives
unshare (1)          - run program with some namespaces unshared from parent
unsquashfs (1)       - tool to uncompress squashfs filesystems
unxz (1)             - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
unzip (1)            - list, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
unzipsfx (1)         - self-extracting stub for prepending to ZIP archives
update-binfmts (8)   - maintain registry of executable binary formats
update-catalog (8)   - create or update entry in SGML catalog file
update-default-aspell (8) - rebuild aspell database and emacsen stuff
update-dictcommon-aspell (8) - rebuild aspell database and emacsen stuff
update-dictcommon-hunspell (8) - rebuild hunspell database and emacsen stuff
update-info-dir (8)  - update or create index file from all installed info fi...
update-java-alternatives (8) - update alternatives for jre/sdk installations
update-mime (8)      - create or update MIME information
update-mime-database (1) - a program to build the Shared MIME-Info database c...
update-perl-sax-parsers (8) - (de)register Perl SAX parser modules
update-rc.d (8)      - install and remove System-V style init script links
update-service (8)   - add/remove a service to/from system-wide service super...
ureadahead (8)       - Read files in advance during boot
uri (7)              - uniform resource identifier (URI), including a URL or URN
URI::ldap (3pm)      - LDAP Uniform Resource Locators
URI::URL (3pm)       - Uniform Resource Locators
URI::WithBase (3pm)  - URIs which remember their base
url (7)              - uniform resource identifier (URI), including a URL or URN
urn (7)              - uniform resource identifier (URI), including a URL or URN
usbhid-dump (8)      - dump USB HID device report descriptors and streams
uscan (1)            - scan/watch upstream sources for new releases of software
User (3pm)           - API for locating user information regardless of OS
User::grent (3perl)  - by-name interface to Perl's built-in getgr*() functions
user_clusters (5)    - File linking users to PostgreSQL clusters
useradd (8)          - create a new user or update default new user information
userdel (8)          - delete a user account and related files
users (1)            - print the user names of users currently logged in to t...
utmp (5)             - login records
utmpx (5)            - login records
uuid_clear (3)       - reset value of UUID variable to the NULL value
uuid_compare (3)     - compare whether two UUIDs are the same
uuid_generate (3)    - create a new unique UUID value
uuid_generate_random (3) - create a new unique UUID value
uuid_generate_time (3) - create a new unique UUID value
uuid_generate_time_safe (3) - create a new unique UUID value
uuid_is_null (3)     - compare the value of the UUID to the NULL value
uuid_parse (3)       - convert an input UUID string into binary representation
uuid_time (3)        - extract the time at which the UUID was created
uuid_unparse (3)     - convert an UUID from binary representation to a string
uuidgen (1)          - create a new UUID value
uupdate (1)          - upgrade a source code package from an upstream revision
vacuumdb (1)         - garbage-collect and analyze a PostgreSQL database
vars (3perl)         - Perl pragma to predeclare global variable names
vcstime (8)          - Show time in upper right hand corner of the console sc...
vdir (1)             - list directory contents
vdso (7)             - overview of the virtual ELF dynamic shared object
verify (8postfix)    - Postfix address verification server
vgcfgrestore (8)     - Restore volume group configuration
vgcreate (8)         - Create a volume group
vgexport (8)         - Unregister volume group(s) from the system
vgimport (8)         - Register exported volume group with system
vgmknodes (8)        - Create the special files for volume group devices in /dev
vgreduce (8)         - Remove physical volume(s) from a volume group
vgremove (8)         - Remove volume group(s)
vgrename (8)         - Rename a volume group
viewres (1)          - graphical class browser for Xt
vimdiff (1)          - edit two, three or four versions of a file with Vim an...
virtualenv (1)       - create virtual Python instances
vlna (1)             - adds tilde after each non-syllabic preposition
vmsish (3perl)       - Perl pragma to control VMS-specific language features
vmstat (8)           - Report virtual memory statistics
vmware-checkvm (1)   - Check if running in a VM or not
vmware-toolbox-cmd (1) - GUI toolbox (commandline version)
vmware-xferlogs (1)  - dump vm-support output to vmx logfile
vmxnet (9)           - vmware kernel module
volname (1)          - return volume name
vpddecode (8)        - VPD structure decoder
vsock (7)            - Linux VSOCK address family
w (1)                - Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
w.procps (1)         - Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
w3mman (1)           - an interface to the on-line reference manuals via w3m(1)
warnings::register (3perl) - warnings import function
watch (1)            - execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen
watchgnupg (1)       - Read and print logs from a socket
wbmptopbm (1)        - convert a wireless bitmap (wbmp) file to a portable bi...
wdctl (8)            - show hardware watchdog status
whereis (1)          - locate the binary, source, and manual page files for a...
whois (1)            - client for the whois directory service
wifi-status (1)      - monitor the wireless interface
winicontoppm (1)     - convert a Windows .ico file into 1 or more portable pi...
wipefs (8)           - wipe a signature from a device
WITH (7)             - retrieve rows from a table or view
wnpp-check (1)       - check if a package is being packaged or if this has be...
word-list-compress (1) - word list compressor/decompressor for GNU Aspell
wsgen (1)            - Reads a web service endpoint implementation (SEI) clas...
wtmp (5)             - login records
WWW::Mechanize::Cookbook (3pm) - Recipes for using WWW::Mechanize
WWW::Mechanize::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently Asked Questions about WWW::Mechanize
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Careers (3pm) - class for searching www.altavistacare...
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Web (3pm) - deprecated, just use WWW::Search::AltaVista
WWW::Search::Ebay::ByEndDate (3pm) - backend for searching, with...
WWW::Search::Ebay::BySellerID (3pm) - backend for searching eBay for items of...
WWW::Search::Ebay::Category (3pm) - backend for returning entire categories o...
WWW::Search::Ebay::Stores (3pm) - backend for searching eBay Stores
WWW::Search::Result (3pm) - class for results returned from WWW::Search
WWW::Search::Reuters (3pm) - WWW::Search backend for searching Reuters News a...
WWW::Search::Yahoo::Korea (3pm) - class for searching Yahoo! Korea
WWW::Search::Yahoo::UK (3pm) - class for searching Yahoo! UK (not Ireland)
WWW::SearchResult (3pm) - class for results returned from WWW::Search
x86_64 (8)           - change reported architecture in new program environmen...
x86_64-linux-gnu-addr2line (1) - convert addresses into file names and line n...
x86_64-linux-gnu-ar (1) - create, modify, and extract from archives
x86_64-linux-gnu-cpp (1) - The C Preprocessor
x86_64-linux-gnu-cpp-7 (1) - The C Preprocessor
x86_64-linux-gnu-readelf (1) - Displays information about ELF files.
XauReadAuth (3)      - X authority database routines
XcupGetReservedColormapEntries (3) - list colormap entries reserved by the sy...
XcupQueryVersion (3) - Returns TOG-CUP protocol version supported by the X se...
XcupStoreColors (3)  - initialize shareable colormap entries at specific loca...
XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName (3) - frees a DBE buffer.
XdbeFreeVisualInfo (3) - frees information returned by XdbeGetVisualInfo().
XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes (3) - returns attributes of a DBE buffer.
XdbeQueryExtension (3) - returns the version of DBE supported by the server.
xdg-email (1)        - command line tool for sending mail using the user's pr...
xdg-icon-resource (1) - command line tool for (un)installing icon resources
xdg-open (1)         - opens a file or URL in the user's preferred application
xdg-screensaver (1)  - command line tool for controlling the screensaver
xdvi (1)             - DVI Previewer for the X Window System
xdvipdfmx (1)        - produce PDF files directly from DVI files
xfs_freeze (8)       - suspend access to an XFS filesystem
xfs_fsr (8)          - filesystem reorganizer for XFS
xfs_mdrestore (8)    - restores an XFS metadump image to a filesystem image
xfs_mkfile (8)       - create an XFS file
xfs_repair (8)       - repair an XFS filesystem
xfs_rtcp (8)         - XFS realtime copy command
xfsdump (8)          - XFS filesystem incremental dump utility
xfsrestore (8)       - XFS filesystem incremental restore utility
xkill (1)            - kill a client by its X resource
XmbufCreateBuffers (3) - X multibuffering functions
XmbufCreateStereoWindow (3) - X multibuffering functions
XmbufGetScreenInfo (3) - X multibuffering functions
XML::DOM (3pm)       - A perl module for building DOM Level 1 compliant docum...
XML::DOM::EntityReference (3pm) - An XML ENTITY reference in XML::DOM
XML::DOM::Parser (3pm) - An XML::Parser that builds XML::DOM document structures
XML::Generator::DOM (3pm) - XML::Generator subclass for producing DOM trees i...
XML::Grove::Factory (3pm) - simplify creation of XML::Grove objects
XML::Grove::IDs (3pm) - return an index of `id' attributes in a grove
XML::Grove::Path (3pm) - return the object at a path
XML::Grove::XPointer (3pm) - deprecated module once intended for XPointer
XML::Handler::BuildDOM (3pm) - PerlSAX handler that creates XML::DOM document...
XML::Handler::XMLWriter (3pm) - a PerlSAX handler for writing readable XML
XML::LibXML::ErrNo (3pm) - Structured Errors This module is based on xmlerror...
XML::LibXML::Error (3pm) - Structured Errors
XML::LibXML::Reader (3pm) - XML::LibXML::Reader - interface to libxml2 pull p...
XML::LibXML::RegExp (3pm) - XML::LibXML::RegExp - interface to libxml2 regula...
XML::LibXML::RelaxNG (3pm) - RelaxNG Schema Validation
XML::LibXML::SAX (3pm) - XML::LibXML direct SAX parser
XML::LibXML::SAX::Builder (3pm) - Building DOM trees from SAX events.
XML::LibXML::SAX::Generator (3pm) - Generate SAX events from a LibXML tree
XML::LibXML::XPathExpression (3pm) - XML::LibXML::XPathExpression - interface...
XML::Parser::Lite::Tree (3pm) - Lightweight XML tree builder
XML::Parser::LiteCopy (3pm) - Lightweight regexp-based XML parser
XML::SAX::PurePerl::Reader (3pm) - Abstract Reader factory class
XML::Parser::Style::Stream (3pm) - Stream style for XML::Parser
XML::Parser::Style::Tree (3pm) - Tree style parser
XML::PatAct::ToObjects (3pm) - An action module for creating Perl objects
XML::RegExp (3pm)    - Regular expressions for XML tokens
XML::RPC (3pm)       - - Pure Perl implementation for an XML-RPC client and s...
XML::RSS (3pm)       - creates and updates RSS files
XML::SAX::PurePerl (3pm) - Pure Perl XML Parser with SAX2 interface
XML::Simple::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently Asked Questions about XML::Simple
XML::Stream (3pm)    - Creates an XML Stream connection and parses return data
XML::Stream::IO::Select::Win32 (3pm) - Fake filehandle support for XML::Stream
XML::Stream::Namespace (3pm) - Object to make defining Namespaces easier in  ...
XML::Stream::Node (3pm) - Functions to make building and parsing the tree eas...
XML::Stream::Parser (3pm) - SAX XML Parser for XML Streams
XML::Stream::Parser::DTD (3pm) - XML DTD Parser and Verifier
XML::Stream::Tree (3pm) - Functions to make building and parsing the tree eas...
XML::TreePP (3pm)    - - Pure Perl implementation for parsing/writing XML doc...
XML::Twig (3pm)      - A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tre...
XML::Writer::String (3pm) - Capture output from XML::Writer.
XML::XPath::Builder (3pm) - SAX handler for building an XPath tree
XML::XPath::Node (3pm) - internal representation of a node
XML::XPath::PerlSAX (3pm) - A PerlSAX event generator for my weird node struc...
XML::XPath::XMLParser (3pm) - The default XML parsing class that produces a n...
XShape (3)           - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeCombineMask (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeCombineRectangles (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeCombineRegion (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeCombineShape (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeGetRectangles (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeInputSelected (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeOffsetShape (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeQueryExtension (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeQueryExtents (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeQueryVersion (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeSelectInput (3) - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShm (3)             - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmAttach (3)       - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmCreateImage (3)  - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmCreatePixmap (3) - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmDetach (3)       - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmGetEventBase (3) - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmGetImage (3)     - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmPixmapFormat (3) - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmPutImage (3)     - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmQueryExtension (3) - X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmQueryVersion (3) - X Shared Memory extension functions
XtAddActions (3)     - register an action table
XtAddCallback (3)    - add and remove callback procedures
XtAddCallbacks (3)   - add and remove callback procedures
XtAddConverter (3)   - register resource converter
XtAddEventHandler (3) - add and remove event handlers
XtAddExposureToRegion (3) - merge exposure events into a region
XtAddGrab (3)        - redirect user input to a modal widget
XtAddInput (3)       - register input, timeout, and workprocs
XtAddRawEventHandler (3) - add and remove event handlers
XtAddTimeOut (3)     - register input, timeout, and workprocs
XtAddWorkProc (3)    - register input, timeout, and workprocs
XtAppAddActionHook (3) - register an action hook procedure
XtAppAddActions (3)  - register an action table
XtAppAddBlockHook (3) - register a block hook procedure
XtAppAddConverter (3) - register resource converter
XtAppAddInput (3)    - register and remove an input source
XtAppAddSignal (3)   - register and remove a signal source
XtAppAddTimeOut (3)  - register and remove timeouts
XtAppAddWorkProc (3) - Add and remove background processing procedures
XtAppCreateShell (3) - create top-level widget instance
XtAppGetExitFlag (3) - thread support functions
XtAppReleaseCacheRefs (3) - decrement reference counts for resources
XtAppSetExitFlag (3) - thread support functions
XtAppSetFallbackResources (3) - set fallback resources
XtAppSetTypeConverter (3) - register resource converter
XtBuildEventMask (3) - retrieve a widget's event mask
XtCallAcceptFocus (3) - calla widget's accept_focus procedure
XtCallActionProc (3) - invoke an action procedure directly
XtCallConverter (3)  - invoke resource converters
XtCancelSelectionRequest (3) - bundle multiple selection conversion requests ...
XtChangeManagedSet (3) - manage and unmanage children
XtConfigureWidget (3) - move and resize widgets
XtConvert (3)        - invoke resource converters
XtConvertAndStore (3) - invoke resource converters
XtCreateApplicationContext (3) - create, destroy, and obtain an application c...
XtCreateApplicationShell (3) - create top-level widget instance
XtCreateManagedWidget (3) - create and destroy widgets
XtCreatePopupShell (3) - create a popup shell
XtCreateSelectionRequest (3) - bundle multiple selection conversion requests ...
XtCreateWidget (3)   - create and destroy widgets
XtCreateWindow (3)   - window creation convenience function
XtDestroyApplicationContext (3) - create, destroy, and obtain an application ...
XtDestroyWidget (3)  - create and destroy widgets
XtDirectConvert (3)  - invoke resource converters
XtFree (3)           - memory management functions
XtGetActionKeysym (3) - obtain corresponding keysym
XtGetApplicationNameAndClass (3) - retrieve application name and class
XtGetApplicationResources (3) - obtain application resources
XtGetClassExtension (3) - locate a class extension record
XtGetConstraintResourceList (3) - obtain resource list
XtGetDisplays (3)    - retrieve a list of displays associated with an applica...
XtGetResourceList (3) - obtain resource list
XtGetSelectionParameters (3) - retrieve target parameters for a selection req...
XtGetSelectionRequest (3) - retrieve the event that triggered the XtConvertSe...
XtGetSelectionValueIncremental (3) - obtain selection values
XtGetSelectionValuesIncremental (3) - obtain selection values
XtGetSubresources (3) - obtain subresources
XtGetSubvalues (3)   - obtain and set widget resources
XtGetValues (3)      - obtain and set widget resources
XtInsertEventHandler (3) - add and remove event handlers
XtInsertRawEventHandler (3) - add and remove event handlers
XtIsManaged (3)      - manage and unmanage children
XtIsRealized (3)     - realize and unrealize widgets
XtIsRectObj (3)      - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtMakeGeometryRequest (3) - make geometry manager request
XtMakeResizeRequest (3) - make geometry manager request
XtManageChild (3)    - manage and unmanage children
XtManageChildren (3) - manage and unmanage children
XtMoveWidget (3)     - move and resize widgets
XtNoticeSignal (3)   - register and remove a signal source
XtOwnSelectionIncremental (3) - set selection owner
XtParent (3)         - obtain widget's parent widget id
XtQueryGeometry (3)  - query the preferred geometry of a child widget
XtRealizeWidget (3)  - realize and unrealize widgets
XtRealloc (3)        - memory management functions
XtRegisterCaseConverter (3) - convert KeySym to KeyCodes
XtRegisterDrawable (3) - register a drawable with the Intrinsics event dispat...
XtRegisterExtensionSelector (3) - extension event handling
XtRegisterGrabAction (3) - register button and key grabs
XtReleaseGC (3)      - obtain and destroy a sharable GC
XtReleasePropertyAtom (3) - maintain a cache of property atoms
XtRemoveActionHook (3) - register an action hook procedure
XtRemoveAllCallbacks (3) - add and remove callback procedures
XtRemoveBlockHook (3) - register a block hook procedure
XtRemoveCallback (3) - add and remove callback procedures
XtRemoveCallbacks (3) - add and remove callback procedures
XtRemoveEventHandler (3) - add and remove event handlers
XtRemoveEventTypeHandler (3) - extension event handling
XtRemoveGrab (3)     - redirect user input to a modal widget
XtRemoveInput (3)    - register and remove an input source
XtRemoveRawEventHandler (3) - add and remove event handlers
XtRemoveSignal (3)   - register and remove a signal source
XtRemoveTimeOut (3)  - register and remove timeouts
XtRemoveWorkProc (3) - Add and remove background processing procedures
XtReservePropertyAtom (3) - maintain a cache of property atoms
XtResizeWidget (3)   - move and resize widgets
XtResolvePathname (3) - search for a file using standard substitution
XtScreen (3)         - obtain window information about a widget
XtScreenDatabase (3) - initialize, open, or close a display
XtScreenOfObject (3) - obtain window information about a widget
XtSendSelectionRequest (3) - bundle multiple selection conversion requests in...
XtSessionReturnToken (3) - token management for checkpointing
XtSetLanguageProc (3) - set the language procedure
XtSetSelectionParameters (3) - specify target parameters for a selection requ...
XtSetSubvalues (3)   - obtain and set widget resources
XtSetTypeConverter (3) - register resource converter
XtSetValues (3)      - obtain and set widget resources
XtToolkitInitialize (3) - create, destroy, and obtain an application context
XtToolkitThreadInitialize (3) - initialize the toolkit for multiple threads
XtUnmanageChild (3)  - manage and unmanage children
XtUnmanageChildren (3) - manage and unmanage children
XtUnrealizeWidget (3) - realize and unrealize widgets
XtUnregisterDrawable (3) - register a drawable with the Intrinsics event disp...
XtVaAppCreateShell (3) - create top-level widget instance
XtVaCreateArgsList (3) - dynamically allocate a varargs list
XtVaCreateManagedWidget (3) - create and destroy widgets
XtVaCreatePopupShell (3) - create a popup shell
XtVaCreateWidget (3) - create and destroy widgets
XtVaGetApplicationResources (3) - obtain application resources
XtVaGetSubresources (3) - obtain subresources
XtVaGetSubvalues (3) - obtain and set widget resources
XtVaGetValues (3)    - obtain and set widget resources
XtVaSetSubvalues (3) - obtain and set widget resources
XtVaSetValues (3)    - obtain and set widget resources
XtWidgetToApplicationContext (3) - create, destroy, and obtain an application...
xvminitoppm (1)      - convert a XV "thumbnail" picture to PPM
xxd (1)              - make a hexdump or do the reverse.
xz (1)               - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
xzcat (1)            - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
xzcmp (1)            - compare compressed files
xzdiff (1)           - compare compressed files
xzegrep (1)          - search compressed files for a regular expression
xzfgrep (1)          - search compressed files for a regular expression
xzgrep (1)           - search compressed files for a regular expression
xzless (1)           - view xz or lzma compressed (text) files
xzmore (1)           - view xz or lzma compressed (text) files
yes (1)              - output a string repeatedly until killed
zcat (1)             - compress or expand files
zcmp (1)             - compare compressed files
zdiff (1)            - compare compressed files
zegrep (1)           - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
zerofree (8)         - zero free blocks from ext2, ext3 and ext4 file-systems
zfgrep (1)           - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
zgrep (1)            - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
zip (1)              - package and compress (archive) files
zipdetails (1)       - display the internal structure of zip files
zipgrep (1)          - search files in a ZIP archive for lines matching a pat...
zipnote (1)          - write the comments in zipfile to stdout, edit comments...
zless (1)            - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
zlib (3)             - compression/decompression library
zmore (1)            - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
znew (1)             - recompress .Z files to .gz files
zshroadmap (1)       - informal introduction to the zsh manual The Zsh Manual...
zsoelim (1)          - satisfy .so requests in roff input

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