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Bit::Vector::Overload (3pm) - Overloaded operators add-on for Bit::Vector
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasOverloads (3pm) - Methods for metaclasses which have ov...
Class::MOP::Overload (3pm) - Overload Meta Object
Date::Calc::Object (3pm) - Object-oriented add-on for Date::Calc with overloa...
Date::Pcalc::Object (3pm) - Object-oriented add-on for Date::Pcalc with overl...
Devel::OverloadInfo (3pm) - introspect overloaded operators
Glib::Flags (3pm)    - methods and overloaded operators for flags
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Genome_Overl... (3pm) - Operator overloading, subtyp...
overload (3perl)     - Package for overloading Perl operations
overloading (3perl)  - perl pragma to lexically control overloading
Type::Tiny::_HalfOp (3pm) - half-completed overloaded operation

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