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libxml (3)           - library used to parse XML files
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLLibXML (3pm) - A container class for XML::LibXML
XML::LibXML (3pm)    - Perl Binding for libxml2
XML::LibXML::Attr (3pm) - XML::LibXML Attribute Class
XML::LibXML::AttributeHash (3pm) - tie an XML::LibXML::Element to a hash to a...
XML::LibXML::Boolean (3pm) - Boolean true/false values
XML::LibXML::CDATASection (3pm) - XML::LibXML Class for CDATA Sections
XML::LibXML::Comment (3pm) - XML::LibXML Comment Class
XML::LibXML::Common (3pm) - Constants and Character Encoding Routines
XML::LibXML::Devel (3pm) - makes functions from LibXML.xs available
XML::LibXML::Document (3pm) - XML::LibXML DOM Document Class
XML::LibXML::DocumentFragment (3pm) - XML::LibXML's DOM L2 Document Fragment ...
XML::LibXML::DOM (3pm) - XML::LibXML DOM Implementation
XML::LibXML::Dtd (3pm) - XML::LibXML DTD Handling
XML::LibXML::Element (3pm) - XML::LibXML Class for Element Nodes
XML::LibXML::ErrNo (3pm) - Structured Errors This module is based on xmlerror...
XML::LibXML::Error (3pm) - Structured Errors
XML::LibXML::InputCallback (3pm) - XML::LibXML Class for Input Callbacks
XML::LibXML::Literal (3pm) - Simple string values.
XML::LibXML::Namespace (3pm) - XML::LibXML Namespace Implementation
XML::LibXML::Node (3pm) - Abstract Base Class of XML::LibXML Nodes
XML::LibXML::NodeList (3pm) - a list of XML document nodes
XML::LibXML::Number (3pm) - Simple numeric values.
XML::LibXML::Parser (3pm) - Parsing XML Data with XML::LibXML
XML::LibXML::Pattern (3pm) - XML::LibXML::Pattern - interface to libxml2 XPat...
XML::LibXML::PI (3pm) - XML::LibXML Processing Instructions
XML::LibXML::Reader (3pm) - XML::LibXML::Reader - interface to libxml2 pull p...
XML::LibXML::RegExp (3pm) - XML::LibXML::RegExp - interface to libxml2 regula...
XML::LibXML::RelaxNG (3pm) - RelaxNG Schema Validation
XML::LibXML::SAX (3pm) - XML::LibXML direct SAX parser
XML::LibXML::SAX::Builder (3pm) - Building DOM trees from SAX events.
XML::LibXML::SAX::Generator (3pm) - Generate SAX events from a LibXML tree
XML::LibXML::Schema (3pm) - XML Schema Validation
XML::LibXML::Simple (3pm) - XML::LibXML clone of XML::Simple::XMLin()
XML::LibXML::Text (3pm) - XML::LibXML Class for Text Nodes
XML::LibXML::XPathContext (3pm) - XPath Evaluation
XML::LibXML::XPathExpression (3pm) - XML::LibXML::XPathExpression - interface...

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