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CPAN::Meta::Feature (3perl) - an optional feature provided by a CPAN distribu...
experimental (3perl) - Experimental features made easy
Exporter::Tiny (3pm) - an exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter but onl...
feature (3perl)      - Perl pragma to enable new features
feature_test_macros (7) - feature test macros
Font::TTF::Feat (3pm) - Font Features
Font::TTF::Features::Cvar (3pm) - Class for Character Variants Feature Parame...
Font::TTF::Features::Size (3pm) - Class for Size Feature Parameters
Font::TTF::Features::Sset (3pm) - Class for Stylistic Set Feature Parameters
Font::TTF::GrFeat (3pm) - Graphite Font Features
ftm (7)              - feature test macros
hardening-check (1)  - check binaries for security hardening features
list (1ssl)          - list algorithms and features
lvmreport (7)        - LVM reporting and related features
mkpasswd (1)         - Overfeatured front end to crypt(3)
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::BinaryTree_A... (3pm) - Demonstrates various attribu...
Net::Twitter::Role::RateLimit (3pm) - Rate limit features for Net::Twitter
openssl-list (1ssl)  - list algorithms and features
perlexperiment (1)   - A listing of experimental features in Perl
pgmtexture (1)       - calculate textural features on a portable graymap
sg_sat_set_features (8) - use ATA SET FEATURES command via a SCSI to ATA Tran...
Test::Moose (3pm)    - Test functions for Moose specific features
vmsish (3perl)       - Perl pragma to control VMS-specific language features

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