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Dpkg (3perl)         - module with core variables
deb-changelog (5)    - dpkg source packages' changelog file format
debpkg (1)           - wrapper for dpkg
dh_makeshlibs (1)    - automatically create shlibs file and call dpkg-gensymbols
dpkg (1)             - package manager for Debian
dpkg-architecture (1) - set and determine the architecture for package building
dpkg-awk (1)         - Utility to read a dpkg style db file
dpkg-buildflags (1)  - returns build flags to use during package build
dpkg-buildpackage (1) - build binary or source packages from sources
dpkg-checkbuilddeps (1) - check build dependencies and conflicts
dpkg-deb (1)         - Debian package archive (.deb) manipulation tool
dpkg-depcheck (1)    - determine packages used to execute a command
dpkg-distaddfile (1) - add entries to debian/files
dpkg-divert (1)      - override a package's version of a file
dpkg-genbuilddeps (1) - generate a list of packages used to build this package
dpkg-genbuildinfo (1) - generate Debian .buildinfo files
dpkg-genchanges (1)  - generate Debian .changes files
dpkg-gencontrol (1)  - generate Debian control files
dpkg-gensymbols (1)  - generate symbols files (shared library dependency info...
dpkg-maintscript-helper (1) - works around known dpkg limitations in maintain...
dpkg-mergechangelogs (1) - 3-way merge of debian/changelog files
dpkg-name (1)        - rename Debian packages to full package names
dpkg-parsechangelog (1) - parse Debian changelog files
dpkg-preconfigure (8) - let packages ask questions prior to their installation
dpkg-query (1)       - a tool to query the dpkg database
dpkg-reconfigure (8) - reconfigure an already installed package
dpkg-scanpackages (1) - create Packages index files
dpkg-scansources (1) - create Sources index files
dpkg-shlibdeps (1)   - generate shared library substvar dependencies
dpkg-source (1)      - Debian source package (.dsc) manipulation tool
dpkg-split (1)       - Debian package archive split/join tool
dpkg-statoverride (1) - override ownership and mode of files
dpkg-trigger (1)     - a package trigger utility
dpkg-vendor (1)      - queries information about distribution vendors
dpkg.cfg (5)         - dpkg configuration file
Dpkg::Arch (3perl)   - handle architectures
Dpkg::Build::Env (3perl) - track build environment
Dpkg::Build::Info (3perl) - handle build information
Dpkg::Build::Types (3perl) - track build types
Dpkg::BuildFlags (3perl) - query build flags
Dpkg::BuildOptions (3perl) - parse and update build options
Dpkg::BuildProfiles (3perl) - handle build profiles
Dpkg::Changelog (3perl) - base class to implement a changelog parser
Dpkg::Changelog::Debian (3perl) - parse Debian changelogs
Dpkg::Changelog::Entry (3perl) - represents a changelog entry
Dpkg::Changelog::Entry::Debian (3perl) - represents a Debian changelog entry
Dpkg::Changelog::Parse (3perl) - generic changelog parser for dpkg-parsechang...
Dpkg::Checksums (3perl) - generate and manipulate file checksums
Dpkg::Compression (3perl) - simple database of available compression methods
Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle (3perl) - object dealing transparently with fil...
Dpkg::Compression::Process (3perl) - run compression/decompression processes
Dpkg::Conf (3perl)   - parse dpkg configuration files
Dpkg::Control (3perl) - parse and manipulate official control-like information
Dpkg::Control::Changelog (3perl) - represent info fields output by dpkg-parse...
Dpkg::Control::Fields (3perl) - manage (list of official) control fields
Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore (3perl) - manage (list of official) control fields
Dpkg::Control::Hash (3perl) - parse and manipulate a block of RFC822-like fields
Dpkg::Control::HashCore (3perl) - parse and manipulate a block of RFC822-like...
Dpkg::Control::Info (3perl) - parse files like debian/control
Dpkg::Control::Tests (3perl) - parse files like debian/tests/control
Dpkg::Control::Tests::Entry (3perl) - represents a test suite entry
Dpkg::Control::Types (3perl) - export CTRL_* constants
Dpkg::Deps (3perl)   - parse and manipulate dependencies of Debian packages
Dpkg::Exit (3perl)   - program exit handlers
Dpkg::Gettext (3perl) - convenience wrapper around Locale::gettext
Dpkg::Index (3perl)  - generic index of control information
Dpkg::Interface::Storable (3perl) - common methods related to object serializ...
Dpkg::IPC (3perl)    - helper functions for IPC
Dpkg::Path (3perl)   - some common path handling functions
Dpkg::Source::Package (3perl) - manipulate Debian source packages
Dpkg::Substvars (3perl) - handle variable substitution in strings
Dpkg::Vendor (3perl) - get access to some vendor specific information
Dpkg::Vendor::Debian (3perl) - Debian vendor object
Dpkg::Vendor::Default (3perl) - default vendor object
Dpkg::Vendor::Ubuntu (3perl) - Ubuntu vendor object
Dpkg::Version (3perl) - handling and comparing dpkg-style version numbers
sync-available (8)   - sync dpkg's available database with apt's database

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