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BSON::Bytes (3pm)    - BSON type wrapper for binary byte strings
bytes (3perl)        - Perl pragma to expose the individual bytes of characters
Bytes::Random::Secure (3pm) - Perl extension to generate cryptographically-se...
cksum (1)            - checksum and count the bytes in a file
Glib::Bytes (3pm)    - Wrappers for bytes objects in GLib
openssl-rand (1ssl)  - generate pseudo-random bytes
rand (1ssl)          - generate pseudo-random bytes
rawtopgm (1)         - convert raw grayscale bytes into a portable graymap
rawtoppm (1)         - convert raw RGB bytes into a portable pixmap
TIFFquery (3tiff)    - query routines
yuvtoppm (1)         - convert Abekas YUV bytes into a portable pixmap

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