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JSON::PP::Boolean (3perl) - dummy module providing JSON::PP::Boolean
JSON::backportPP::Boolean (3pm) - dummy module providing JSON::PP::Boolean
ber_get_boolean (3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library ...
ber_put_boolean (3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library ...
boolean (3pm)        - Boolean support for Perl
BSON::Bool (3pm)     - Legacy BSON type wrapper for Booleans (DEPRECATED)
Cpanel::JSON::XS::Boolean (3pm) - dummy module providing JSON::XS::Boolean
Glib::Param::Boolean (3pm) - Wrapper for boolean parameters in GLib
Log::Log4perl::Filter::Boolean (3pm) - Special filter to combine the results ...
Plucene::Search::BooleanClause (3pm) - A clause in a boolean query
Plucene::Search::BooleanQuery (3pm) - a boolean query
Plucene::Search::BooleanScorer (3pm) - A boolean scorer
Test::Unit::Assertion::Boolean (3pm) - A boolean assertion
XML::LibXML::Boolean (3pm) - Boolean true/false values
XML::XPath::Boolean (3pm) - Boolean true/false values

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