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Cache::File::Heap (3pm) - A file based heap for use by Cache::File
Cache::Memory::HeapElem (3pm) - wrapper for Heap::Elem that stores keys
Heap (3pm)           - Perl extensions for keeping data partially sorted
Heap::Binary (3pm)   - a binary heap to keep data partially sorted
Heap::Binomial (3pm) - a binomial heap to keep data partially sorted
Heap::Elem (3pm)     - Base class for elements in a Heap
Heap::Elem::Num (3pm) - Numeric Heap Elements
Heap::Elem::NumRev (3pm) - Reversed Numeric Heap Elements
Heap::Elem::Ref (3pm) - Object Reference Heap Elements
Heap::Elem::RefRev (3pm) - Reversed Object Reverence Heap Elements
Heap::Elem::Str (3pm) - String Heap Elements
Heap::Elem::StrRev (3pm) - Reversed String Heap Elements
Heap::Fibonacci (3pm) - a fibonacci heap to keep data partially sorted
jhat (1)             - Analyzes the Java heap. This command is experimental a...
jmap (1)             - Prints shared object memory maps or heap memory detail...

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