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Data::Stream::Bulk::FileHandle (3pm) - read lines from a filehandle
Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle (3perl) - object dealing transparently with fil...
File::Compare (3perl) - Compare files or filehandles
File::Copy (3perl)   - Copy files or filehandles
FileHandle (3perl)   - supply object methods for filehandles
GnuPG::Tie (3pm)     - Tied filehandle interface to encryption with the GNU P...
IO::File (3perl)     - supply object methods for filehandles
IO::Wrap (3pm)       - wrap raw filehandles in IO::Handle interface
POE::Resource::FileHandles (3pm) - internal filehandle manager for POE::Kernel
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Stream (3perl) - Iterator for filehandle-based TAP sou...
XML::Stream::IO::Select::Win32 (3pm) - Fake filehandle support for XML::Stream

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