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CORE (3perl)         - Namespace for Perl's core routines
Dpkg (3perl)         - module with core variables
autosp (1)           - preprocessor to generate note-spacing commands for Mus...
Class::MOP::Mixin::AttributeCore (3pm) - Core attributes shared by attribute ...
Config::Extensions (3perl) - hash lookup of which core extensions were built.
core (5)             - core dump file
corelist (1)         - a commandline frontend to Module::CoreList
deprecate (3perl)    - Perl pragma for deprecating the core version of a module
Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore (3perl) - manage (list of official) control fields
Dpkg::Control::HashCore (3perl) - parse and manipulate a block of RFC822-like...
Exporter::Tiny (3pm) - an exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter but onl...
ftpscrub (8)         - scrub the proftpd scoreboard file of stale entries
gcore (1)            - Generate a core file of a running program
gitcore-tutorial (7) - A Git core tutorial for developers
gitdiffcore (7)      - Tweaking diff output
Image::ExifTool::DarwinCore (3pm) - Darwin Core XMP tags
IO::String (3pm)     - Emulate file interface for in-core strings
IO::Stringy (3pm)    - I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays
jmap (1)             - Prints shared object memory maps or heap memory detail...
jsadebugd (1)        - Attaches to a Java process or core file and acts as a ...
jstack (1)           - Prints Java thread stack traces for a Java process, co...
lib::core::only (3pm) - Remove all non-core paths from @INC to avoid site/ven...
MIDI::Score (3pm)    - MIDI scores
Module::CoreList (3perl) - what modules shipped with versions of perl
Module::CoreList::Utils (3perl) - what utilities shipped with versions of perl
Moose::Meta::Mixin::AttributeCore (3pm) - Core attributes shared by attribute...
Net::Twitter::Core (3pm) - Net::Twitter implementation
PDF::API2::Resource::Font::CoreFont (3pm) - Module for using the 14 PDF built...
perlhacktips (1)     - Tips for Perl core C code hacking
perlpolicy (1)       - Various and sundry policies and commitments related to...
Plucene::Search::BooleanScorer (3pm) - A boolean scorer
Plucene::Search::PhraseScorer (3pm) - a phrase scorer
Plucene::Search::PhraseScorer::Exact (3pm) - exact phrase scorer
Plucene::Search::PhraseScorer::Sloppy (3pm) - sloppy phrase scorer
Plucene::Search::Scorer (3pm) - base class for scorers
Plucene::Search::Similarity (3pm) - the score of a query
Plucene::Search::TermScorer (3pm) - score terms
RPC::XML (3pm)       - A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling
SVN::Core (3perl)    - Core module of the subversion perl bindings

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