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Apache::XMLRPC (3pm) - serve XML-RPC requests from Apache
berkeley_db5.3_svc (1) - Berkeley DB RPC server
berkeley_db_svc (1)  - Berkeley DB RPC server
Frontier::Client (3pm) - issue Frontier XML RPC requests to a server
Frontier::Daemon (3pm) - receive Frontier XML RPC requests
Frontier::Responder (3pm) - Create XML-RPC listeners for normal CGI processes
Frontier::RPC2 (3pm) - encode/decode RPC2 format XML
grpck (8)            - verify integrity of group files
grpconv (8)          - convert to and from shadow passwords and groups
gssd (8)             - RPCSEC_GSS daemon
make_method (1p)     - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::S...
rpc (5)              - RPC program number data base
rpc.gssd (8)         - RPCSEC_GSS daemon
rpc.idmapd (8)       - NFSv4 ID <-> Name Mapper
rpc.rquotad (8)      - remote quota server
rpc.sm-notify (8)    - send reboot notifications to NFS peers
rpc.statd (8)        - NSM service daemon
rpc.svcgssd (8)      - server-side rpcsec_gss daemon
RPC::XML (3pm)       - A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling
RPC::XML::Client (3pm) - An XML-RPC client class
RPC::XML::Parser (3pm) - Interface for parsers created by RPC::XML::ParserFac...
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLLibXML (3pm) - A container class for XML::LibXML
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser (3pm) - A container class for XML::Parser
RPC::XML::ParserFactory (3pm) - A factory class for RPC::XML::Parser objects
RPC::XML::Procedure (3pm) - Object encapsulation of server-side RPC procedures
RPC::XML::Server (3pm) - A server base-class for XML-RPC
rpcbind (8)          - universal addresses to RPC program number mapper
rpcdebug (8)         - set and clear NFS and RPC kernel debug flags
rpcgen (1)           - an RPC protocol compiler
rpcinfo (7)          - report RPC information
rpcinfo (8)          - report RPC information
svcgssd (8)          - server-side rpcsec_gss daemon
XML::RPC (3pm)       - - Pure Perl implementation for an XML-RPC client and s...

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