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Algorithm::DiffOld (3pm) - Compute `intelligent' differences between two file...
fnext (1mh)          - set current nmh folder to next folder with new messages
fold (1)             - wrap each input line to fit in specified width
folder (1mh)         - set/list current nmh folder/message
folders (1mh)        - set/list current nmh folder/message
fprev (1mh)          - set current nmh folder to previous folder with new mes...
git-imap-send (1)    - Send a collection of patches from stdin to an IMAP folder
inc (1mh)            - incorporate new mail to an nmh folder
Mail::Box (3pm)      - manage a mailbox, a folder with messages
Mail::Box::Collection (3pm) - a collection of subfolders
Mail::Box::Dir (3pm) - handle folders with a file per message.
Mail::Box::Dir::Message (3pm) - one message in a directory organized folder
Mail::Box::File (3pm) - handle file-based folders
Mail::Box::File::Message (3pm) - one message in a Mbox folder
Mail::Box::Identity (3pm) - represents an unopened folder
Mail::Box::Locker (3pm) - manage the locking of mail folders
Mail::Box::Locker::DotLock (3pm) - lock a folder with a separate file
Mail::Box::Locker::FcntlLock (3pm) - lock a folder using File::FcntlLock
Mail::Box::Locker::Flock (3pm) - lock a folder using kernel file-locking
Mail::Box::Locker::Multi (3pm) - lock a folder in all ways which work
Mail::Box::Locker::Mutt (3pm) - lock a folder using mutt_dotlock
Mail::Box::Locker::NFS (3pm) - lock a folder with a separate file, NFS-safe
Mail::Box::Locker::POSIX (3pm) - lock a folder using kernel file-locking
Mail::Box::Maildir (3pm) - handle Maildir folders
Mail::Box::Maildir::Message (3pm) - one message in a Maildir folder
Mail::Box::Manage::User (3pm) - manage the folders of a user
Mail::Box::Manager (3pm) - manage a set of folders
Mail::Box::Mbox (3pm) - handle folders in Mbox format
Mail::Box::Mbox::Message (3pm) - one message in a Mbox folder
Mail::Box::Message (3pm) - manage one message within a mail-folder
Mail::Box::MH (3pm)  - handle MH folders
Mail::Box::MH::Message (3pm) - one message in an MH-folder
Mail::Box::Net (3pm) - handle folders which are stored remote.
Mail::Box::Net::Message (3pm) - one message from a distant folder
Mail::Box::Thread::Manager (3pm) - maintain threads within a set of folders
Mail::Box::Tie (3pm) - access an existing message-folder as an array or hash
Mail::Box::Tie::ARRAY (3pm) - access an existing message folder as array
Mail::Box::Tie::HASH (3pm) - access an existing message folder as a hash
maildirmake (1)      - create maildirs and maildir folders
maildirmake.maildrop (1) - create maildirs and maildir folders
mh-draft (5mh)       - draft folder facility for nmh message system
mh-folders (5mh)     - storage format used by nmh message system
mhpath (1mh)         - print full pathnames of nmh messages and folders
new (1mh)            - report on nmh folders with new messages
nnview (1)           - invokes nn on a folder
packf (1mh)          - pack messages in nmh folder into a single file
postlock (1)         - lock mail folder and execute command
rcvstore (1mh)       - asynchronously incorporate mail into an nmh folder
refile (1mh)         - file message in nmh folders
rmf (1mh)            - remove an nmh folder
Template::Namespace::Constants (3pm) - Compile time constant folding
unseen (1mh)         - scan any new messages in all nmh folders

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