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WWW::Search::Null (3pm) - class for searching any web site
WebSearch (1p)       - a web-searching application demonstrating WWW::Search
WWW::Search (3pm)    - Virtual base class for WWW searches
WWW::Search::AltaVista (3pm) - class for searching www.altavista.com
WWW::Search::AltaVista::AdvancedNews (3pm) - class for advanced Alta Vista ne...
WWW::Search::AltaVista::AdvancedWeb (3pm) - class for advanced Alta Vista web...
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Careers (3pm) - class for searching www.altavistacare...
WWW::Search::AltaVista::DE (3pm) - class for searching www.AltaVista.DE
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Intranet (3pm) - class for searching via AltaVista Se...
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Intranet3 (3pm) - class for searching via AltaVista S...
WWW::Search::AltaVista::News (3pm) - class for Alta Vista news searching
WWW::Search::AltaVista::NL (3pm) - class for searching the dutch version of A...
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Web (3pm) - deprecated, just use WWW::Search::AltaVista
WWW::Search::AP (3pm) - backend for searching AP News at www.washingtonpost.com
WWW::Search::Ebay (3pm) - backend for searching www.ebay.com
WWW::Search::Ebay::Auctions (3pm) - backend for searching auctions at www.eba...
WWW::Search::Ebay::BuyItNow (3pm) - backend for searching eBay Buy-It-Now items
WWW::Search::Ebay::ByEndDate (3pm) - backend for searching www.ebay.com, with...
WWW::Search::Ebay::BySellerID (3pm) - backend for searching eBay for items of...
WWW::Search::Ebay::Category (3pm) - backend for returning entire categories o...
WWW::Search::Ebay::Motors (3pm) - backend for searching eBay Motors
WWW::Search::Ebay::Stores (3pm) - backend for searching eBay Stores
WWW::Search::FirstGov (3pm) - class for searching http://www.firstgov.gov
WWW::Search::Googlism (3pm) - Searching Googlism
WWW::Search::Jobserve (3pm) - backend for searching www.jobserve.com
WWW::Search::Lycos (3pm) - class for searching www.lycos.com
WWW::Search::News (3pm) - WWW::Search backend for news searches
WWW::Search::Null::Count (3pm) - class for testing WWW::Search clients
WWW::Search::Null::Empty (3pm) - class for testing WWW::Search clients
WWW::Search::Null::Error (3pm) - class for testing WWW::Search clients
WWW::Search::Null::NoVersion (3pm) - class for testing WWW::Search
WWW::Search::Pagesjaunes (3pm) - Lookup phones numbers from www.pagesjaunes.fr
WWW::Search::Result (3pm) - class for results returned from WWW::Search
WWW::Search::Reuters (3pm) - WWW::Search backend for searching Reuters News a...
WWW::Search::Simple (3pm) - class for searching any web site
WWW::Search::Test (3pm) - utilities to aid in testing WWW::Search backends
WWW::Search::WashPost (3pm) - WWW::Search backend for searching www.washingto...
WWW::Search::Yahoo (3pm) - backend for searching www.yahoo.com
WWW::Search::Yahoo::Korea (3pm) - class for searching Yahoo! Korea
WWW::Search::Yahoo::News::Advanced (3pm) - search Yahoo!News using the "advan...
WWW::Search::Yahoo::UK (3pm) - class for searching Yahoo! UK (not Ireland)
WWW::SearchResult (3pm) - class for results returned from WWW::Search

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