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Log::Any (3pm)       - Bringing loggers and listeners together
Log::Any::Adapter (3pm) - Tell Log::Any where to send its logs
Log::Any::Adapter::Development (3pm) - Manual for developing new Log::Any ada...
Log::Any::Adapter::File (3pm) - Simple adapter for logging to files
Log::Any::Adapter::Null (3pm) - Discards all log messages
Log::Any::Adapter::Stderr (3pm) - Simple adapter for logging to STDERR
Log::Any::Adapter::Stdout (3pm) - Simple adapter for logging to STDOUT
Log::Any::Adapter::Syslog (3pm) - Send Log::Any logs to syslog
Log::Any::Adapter::Util (3pm) - Common utility functions for Log::Any
Log::Any::Proxy (3pm) - Log::Any generator proxy object
Log::Any::Proxy::Null (3pm) - Log::Any generator proxy for no adapters
Log::Any::Test (3pm) - Test what you're logging with Log::Any

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