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Image::EXIF (3pm)    - Perl extension for exif library
Image::ExifTool (3pm) - Read and write meta information
Image::ExifTool::AES (3pm) - AES encryption with cipher-block chaining
Image::ExifTool::AFCP (3pm) - Read/write AFCP trailer
Image::ExifTool::AIFF (3pm) - Read AIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::APE (3pm) - Read Monkey's Audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::APP12 (3pm) - Read APP12 meta information
Image::ExifTool::Apple (3pm) - Apple EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::ASF (3pm) - Read ASF/WMA/WMV meta information
Image::ExifTool::Audible (3pm) - Read meta information from Audible audio books
Image::ExifTool::BigTIFF (3pm) - Read Big TIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::BMP (3pm) - Read BMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::BPG (3pm) - Read BPG meta information
Image::ExifTool::BuildTagLookup (3pm) - Build ExifTool tag lookup tables
Image::ExifTool::BZZ (3pm) - Utility to decode BZZ compressed data
Image::ExifTool::Canon (3pm) - Canon EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::CanonCustom (3pm) - Read and Write Canon custom functions
Image::ExifTool::CanonRaw (3pm) - Read Canon RAW (CRW) meta information
Image::ExifTool::CanonVRD (3pm) - Read/write Canon VRD and DR4 information
Image::ExifTool::CaptureOne (3pm) - Read Capture One EIP and COS files
Image::ExifTool::Casio (3pm) - Casio EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Charset (3pm) - ExifTool character encoding routines
Image::ExifTool::DarwinCore (3pm) - Darwin Core XMP tags
Image::ExifTool::DICOM (3pm) - Read DICOM and ACR-NEMA medical images
Image::ExifTool::DJI (3pm) - DJI Phantom maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::DjVu (3pm) - Read DjVu meta information
Image::ExifTool::DNG (3pm) - Read DNG-specific information
Image::ExifTool::DPX (3pm) - Read DPX meta information
Image::ExifTool::DV (3pm) - Read DV meta information
Image::ExifTool::EXE (3pm) - Read executable file meta information
Image::ExifTool::Exif (3pm) - Read EXIF/TIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::Fixup (3pm) - Utility to handle pointer fixups
Image::ExifTool::FLAC (3pm) - Read Free Lossless Audio Codec information
Image::ExifTool::Flash (3pm) - Read Shockwave Flash meta information
Image::ExifTool::FlashPix (3pm) - Read FlashPix meta information
Image::ExifTool::FLIF (3pm) - Read/write FLIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::FLIR (3pm) - Read FLIR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Font (3pm) - Read meta information from font files
Image::ExifTool::FotoStation (3pm) - Read/write FotoWare FotoStation trailer
Image::ExifTool::FujiFilm (3pm) - Read/write FujiFilm maker notes and RAF images
Image::ExifTool::GE (3pm) - General Imaging maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Geotag (3pm) - Geotagging utility routines
Image::ExifTool::GeoTiff (3pm) - Read GeoTiff meta information
Image::ExifTool::GIF (3pm) - Read and write GIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::GIMP (3pm) - Read meta information from GIMP XCF images
Image::ExifTool::GoPro (3pm) - Read information from GoPro videos
Image::ExifTool::GPS (3pm) - EXIF GPS meta information tags
Image::ExifTool::H264 (3pm) - Read meta information from H.264 video
Image::ExifTool::HP (3pm) - Hewlett-Packard maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::HTML (3pm) - Read HTML meta information
Image::ExifTool::HtmlDump (3pm) - Dump information in hex to HTML page
Image::ExifTool::ICC_Profile (3pm) - Read ICC Profile meta information
Image::ExifTool::ID3 (3pm) - Read ID3 meta information
Image::ExifTool::Import (3pm) - Import CSV and JSON database files
Image::ExifTool::InDesign (3pm) - Read/write meta information in Adobe InDesi...
Image::ExifTool::IPTC (3pm) - Read IPTC meta information
Image::ExifTool::ISO (3pm) - Read information from ISO 9660 disk images
Image::ExifTool::ITC (3pm) - Read iTunes Cover Flow meta information
Image::ExifTool::iWork (3pm) - Read Apple iWork '09 XML+ZIP files
Image::ExifTool::JPEG (3pm) - Definitions for uncommon JPEG segments
Image::ExifTool::Jpeg2000 (3pm) - Read JPEG 2000 meta information
Image::ExifTool::JPEGDigest (3pm) - Calculate JPEGDigest and JPEGQualityEstimate
Image::ExifTool::JSON (3pm) - Read JSON files
Image::ExifTool::JVC (3pm) - JVC EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Kodak (3pm) - Kodak EXIF maker notes and APP3 "Meta" tags
Image::ExifTool::KyoceraRaw (3pm) - Read Kyocera RAW meta information
Image::ExifTool::Lang::cs (3pm) - ExifTool Czech language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::de (3pm) - ExifTool German language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::en_ca (3pm) - ExifTool Canadian English language trans...
Image::ExifTool::Lang::en_gb (3pm) - ExifTool British English language transl...
Image::ExifTool::Lang::es (3pm) - ExifTool Spanish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::fi (3pm) - ExifTool Finnish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::fr (3pm) - ExifTool French language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::it (3pm) - ExifTool Italian language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::ja (3pm) - ExifTool Japanese language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::ko (3pm) - ExifTool Korean language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::nl (3pm) - ExifTool Dutch language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::pl (3pm) - ExifTool Polish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::ru (3pm) - ExifTool Russian language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::sv (3pm) - ExifTool Swedish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::tr (3pm) - ExifTool Turkish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::zh_cn (3pm) - ExifTool Simplified Chinese language tra...
Image::ExifTool::Lang::zh_tw (3pm) - ExifTool Traditional Chinese language tr...
Image::ExifTool::Leaf (3pm) - Read Creo Leaf EXIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::LNK (3pm) - Read MS Shell Link (.LNK) meta information
Image::ExifTool::Lytro (3pm) - Read Lytro LFP files
Image::ExifTool::M2TS (3pm) - Read M2TS (AVCHD) meta information
Image::ExifTool::MacOS (3pm) - Read/write MacOS system tags
Image::ExifTool::MakerNotes (3pm) - Read and write EXIF maker notes
Image::ExifTool::Matroska (3pm) - Read meta information from Matroska files
Image::ExifTool::Microsoft (3pm) - Definitions for custom Microsoft tags
Image::ExifTool::MIE (3pm) - Read/write MIE meta information
Image::ExifTool::MIEUnits (3pm) - MIE units documentation
Image::ExifTool::MIFF (3pm) - Read Magick Image File Format meta information
Image::ExifTool::Minolta (3pm) - Minolta EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::MinoltaRaw (3pm) - Read/write Konica-Minolta RAW (MRW) infor...
Image::ExifTool::MNG (3pm) - MNG and JNG meta information tags
Image::ExifTool::MOI (3pm) - Read MOI meta information
Image::ExifTool::Motorola (3pm) - Read Motorola meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPC (3pm) - Read Musepack audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPEG (3pm) - Read MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPF (3pm) - Read Multi-Picture Format information
Image::ExifTool::MWG (3pm) - Metadata Working Group support
Image::ExifTool::MXF (3pm) - Read MXF meta information
Image::ExifTool::Nikon (3pm) - Nikon EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::NikonCapture (3pm) - Read/write Nikon Capture information
Image::ExifTool::NikonCustom (3pm) - Read and Write Nikon custom settings
Image::ExifTool::Nintendo (3pm) - Nintendo EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Ogg (3pm) - Read Ogg meta information
Image::ExifTool::Olympus (3pm) - Olympus/Epson maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::OOXML (3pm) - Read Office Open XML+ZIP files
Image::ExifTool::OpenEXR (3pm) - Read OpenEXR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Opus (3pm) - Read Ogg Opus audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::Palm (3pm) - Read Palm Database files
Image::ExifTool::Panasonic (3pm) - Panasonic/Leica maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::PanasonicRaw (3pm) - Read/write Panasonic/Leica RAW/RW2/RWL ...
Image::ExifTool::PDF (3pm) - Read PDF meta information
Image::ExifTool::Pentax (3pm) - Pentax/Asahi maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::PGF (3pm) - Read Progressive Graphics File meta information
Image::ExifTool::PhaseOne (3pm) - Phase One maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::PhotoCD (3pm) - Read Kodak Photo CD Image Pac (PCD) metadata
Image::ExifTool::PhotoMechanic (3pm) - Read/write Photo Mechanic information
Image::ExifTool::Photoshop (3pm) - Read/write Photoshop IRB meta information
Image::ExifTool::PICT (3pm) - Read PICT meta information
Image::ExifTool::PLIST (3pm) - Read Apple PLIST information
Image::ExifTool::PLUS (3pm) - PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) tags
Image::ExifTool::PNG (3pm) - Read and write PNG meta information
Image::ExifTool::PostScript (3pm) - Read PostScript meta information
Image::ExifTool::PPM (3pm) - Read and write PPM meta information
Image::ExifTool::PrintIM (3pm) - Read PrintIM meta information
Image::ExifTool::PSP (3pm) - Read Paint Shop Pro meta information
Image::ExifTool::Qualcomm (3pm) - Read Qualcomm APP7 meta information
Image::ExifTool::QuickTime (3pm) - Read QuickTime and MP4 meta information
Image::ExifTool::QuickTimeStream (3pm) - Extract embedded information from mo...
Image::ExifTool::Radiance (3pm) - Read Radiance RGBE HDR meta information
Image::ExifTool::Rawzor (3pm) - Read meta information from Rawzor compressed ...
Image::ExifTool::Real (3pm) - Read Real audio/video meta information
Image::ExifTool::Reconyx (3pm) - Reconyx maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Red (3pm) - Read Redcode R3D video files
Image::ExifTool::Ricoh (3pm) - Ricoh EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::RIFF (3pm) - Read RIFF/AVI/WAV meta information
Image::ExifTool::RSRC (3pm) - Read Mac OS Resource information
Image::ExifTool::RTF (3pm) - Read Rich Text Format meta information
Image::ExifTool::Samsung (3pm) - Samsung EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Sanyo (3pm) - Sanyo EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Scalado (3pm) - Read APP4 SCALADO metadata
Image::ExifTool::Shift (3pm) - ExifTool time shifting routines
Image::ExifTool::Shortcuts (3pm) - ExifTool shortcut tags
Image::ExifTool::Sigma (3pm) - Sigma/Foveon EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::SigmaRaw (3pm) - Read Sigma/Foveon RAW (X3F) meta information
Image::ExifTool::Sony (3pm) - Sony EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::SonyIDC (3pm) - Read/write Sony IDC information
Image::ExifTool::Stim (3pm) - Definitions for Stereo Still Image tags
Image::ExifTool::TagInfoXML (3pm) - Read/write tag information XML database
Image::ExifTool::TagLookup (3pm) - Fast lookup for ExifTool tags
Image::ExifTool::TagNames (3pm) - ExifTool tag name documentation
Image::ExifTool::Theora (3pm) - Read Theora video meta information
Image::ExifTool::Torrent (3pm) - Read information from BitTorrent file
Image::ExifTool::Unknown (3pm) - Unknown EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Validate (3pm) - Additional metadata validation
Image::ExifTool::VCard (3pm) - Read vCard and iCalendar meta information
Image::ExifTool::Vorbis (3pm) - Read Ogg Vorbis audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::WriteCanonRaw (3pm) - Write Canon RAW (CRW and CR2) information
Image::ExifTool::WriteExif (3pm) - Write EXIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::WriteIPTC (3pm) - Write IPTC meta information
Image::ExifTool::WritePDF (3pm) - Write PDF meta information
Image::ExifTool::WritePhotoshop (3pm) - Write Photoshop IRB meta information
Image::ExifTool::WritePNG (3pm) - Write PNG meta information
Image::ExifTool::WritePostScript (3pm) - Write PostScript meta information
Image::ExifTool::WriteQuickTime (3pm) - Write XMP to QuickTime (MOV and MP4) ...
Image::ExifTool::Writer (3pm) - ExifTool routines for writing meta information
Image::ExifTool::WriteXMP (3pm) - Write XMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::XMP (3pm) - Read XMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::XMP2 (3pm) - Additional XMP namespace definitions
Image::ExifTool::XMPStruct (3pm) - XMP structure support
Image::ExifTool::ZIP (3pm) - Read ZIP archive meta information

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