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Font::TTF::Woff (3pm) - holds Web Open Font File (WOFF) data for the font
Font::TTF (3pm)      - Perl module for TrueType Font hacking
Font::TTF::AATKern (3pm) - AAT Kern table
Font::TTF::AATutils (3pm) - Utility functions for AAT tables
Font::TTF::Anchor (3pm) - Anchor points for GPOS tables
Font::TTF::Bsln (3pm) - Baseline table in a font
Font::TTF::Cmap (3pm) - Character map table
Font::TTF::Coverage (3pm) - Opentype coverage and class definition objects
Font::TTF::Cvt_ (3pm) - Control Value Table in a TrueType font
Font::TTF::Delta (3pm) - Opentype Device tables
Font::TTF::Dumper (3pm) - Debug dump of a font datastructure, avoiding recurs...
Font::TTF::EBDT (3pm) - Embeeded Bitmap Data Table
Font::TTF::EBLC (3pm) - Embeeded Bitmap Location Table
Font::TTF::Fdsc (3pm) - Font Descriptors table in a font
Font::TTF::Feat (3pm) - Font Features
Font::TTF::Features::Cvar (3pm) - Class for Character Variants Feature Parame...
Font::TTF::Features::Size (3pm) - Class for Size Feature Parameters
Font::TTF::Features::Sset (3pm) - Class for Stylistic Set Feature Parameters
Font::TTF::Fmtx (3pm) - Font Metrics table
Font::TTF::Font (3pm) - Memory representation of a font
Font::TTF::Fpgm (3pm) - Font program in a TrueType font. Called when a font i...
Font::TTF::GDEF (3pm) - Opentype GDEF table support
Font::TTF::Glat (3pm) - Hold glyph attributes
Font::TTF::Gloc (3pm) - Offsets into Glat table for the start of the attribut...
Font::TTF::Glyf (3pm) - The Glyf data table
Font::TTF::Glyph (3pm) - Holds a information for a single glyph
Font::TTF::GPOS (3pm) - Support for Opentype GPOS tables in conjunction with ...
Font::TTF::GrFeat (3pm) - Graphite Font Features
Font::TTF::GSUB (3pm) - Module support for the GSUB table in conjunction with...
Font::TTF::Hdmx (3pm) - Horizontal device metrics
Font::TTF::Head (3pm) - The head table for a TTF Font
Font::TTF::Hhea (3pm) - Horizontal Header table
Font::TTF::Hmtx (3pm) - Horizontal Metrics
Font::TTF::Kern (3pm) - Kerning tables
Font::TTF::Kern::ClassArray (3pm) - ClassArray Kern Subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Kern::CompactClassArray (3pm) - Compact Class Array kern subtable ...
Font::TTF::Kern::OrderedList (3pm) - Ordered List Kern subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Kern::StateTable (3pm) - State Table Kern subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Kern::Subtable (3pm) - Kern Subtable superclass for AAT
Font::TTF::Loca (3pm) - the Locations table, which is intimately tied to the ...
Font::TTF::LTSH (3pm) - Linear Threshold table
Font::TTF::Manual (3pm) - Information regarding the whole module set
Font::TTF::Maxp (3pm) - Maximum Profile table in a font
Font::TTF::Mort (3pm) - Glyph Metamorphosis table in a font
Font::TTF::Mort::Chain (3pm) - Chain Mort subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Mort::Contextual (3pm) - Contextual Mort subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Mort::Insertion (3pm) - Insertion Mort subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Mort::Ligature (3pm) - Ligature Mort subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Mort::Noncontextual (3pm) - Noncontextual Mort subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Mort::Rearrangement (3pm) - Rearrangement Mort subtable for AAT
Font::TTF::Mort::Subtable (3pm) - Mort subtable superclass for AAT
Font::TTF::Name (3pm) - String table for a TTF font
Font::TTF::OldCmap (3pm) - Character map table
Font::TTF::OldMort (3pm) - Glyph Metamorphosis table in a font
Font::TTF::OS_2 (3pm) - the OS/2 table in a TTF font
Font::TTF::OTTags (3pm) - Utilities for TrueType/OpenType tags
Font::TTF::PCLT (3pm) - PCLT TrueType font table
Font::TTF::Post (3pm) - Holds the Postscript names for each glyph
Font::TTF::Prep (3pm) - Preparation hinting program. Called when ppem changes
Font::TTF::Prop (3pm) - Glyph Properties table in a font
Font::TTF::PSNames (3pm) - Utilities for Postscript glyph name processing
Font::TTF::Segarr (3pm) - Segmented array
Font::TTF::Silf (3pm) - The main Graphite table
Font::TTF::Sill (3pm) - Graphite language mapping table
Font::TTF::Table (3pm) - Superclass for tables and used for tables we don't h...
Font::TTF::Ttc (3pm) - Truetype Collection class
Font::TTF::Ttopen (3pm) - Opentype superclass for standard Opentype lookup ba...
Font::TTF::Useall (3pm) - shortcut to 'use' all the Font::TTF modules
Font::TTF::Utils (3pm) - Utility functions to save fingers
Font::TTF::Vhea (3pm) - Vertical Header table
Font::TTF::Vmtx (3pm) - Vertical Metrics
Font::TTF::Woff::MetaData (3pm) - WOFF metadata
Font::TTF::Woff::PrivateData (3pm) - WOFF Private data
Font::TTF::XMLparse (3pm) - provides support for XML parsing. Requires Expat ...

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