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8.2 Weave: Translate WEB to TeX

Weave creates a TeX document from a WEB source file (*note WEB::),
assuming various macros defined in 'webmac.tex'.  It takes care of
typographic details such as page layout, indentation, and italicizing
identifiers.  It also automatically gathers and outputs extensive
cross-reference information.  Synopsis:

     weave [OPTION]... WEBFILE[.web] [CHANGEFILE[.ch]]

The output is to the basename of WEBFILE extended with '.tex'; for
example, 'weave /wherever/foo.web' creates './foo.tex'.  Weave applies
CHANGEFILE to WEBFILE before writing the output; by default, there is no
change file.

   The program accepts the following option, as well as the standard
'-verbose', '-help' and '-version' (*note Common options::):
     Omit the cross-reference information: the index, the list of WEB
     module names, and the table of contents (an empty 'CONTENTS.tex'
     file will still be written when the Weave output file is processed
     by TeX using the default 'webmac.tex', though).

   Conventionally, WEB programmers should define the TeX '\title' macro
at the beginning of the source file.  Also, to get output of only
changed modules, one can say '\let\maybe=\iffalse' (usually as the first
change in the change file).

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