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8.1 Tangle: Translate WEB to Pascal

Tangle creates a compilable Pascal program from a WEB source file (*note
WEB::).  Synopsis:

     tangle [OPTION]... WEBFILE[.web] [CHANGEFILE[.ch]]

The Pascal output is written to the basename of WEBFILE extended with
'.p'; for example, 'tangle /wherever/foo.web' creates './foo.p'.  Tangle
applies CHANGEFILE to WEBFILE before writing the output; by default,
there is no change file.

   If the program makes use of the WEB string facility, Tangle writes
the string pool to the basename of WEBFILE extended with '.pool'.

   The Pascal output is packed into lines of 72 characters or less, with
the only concession to readability being the termination of lines at
semicolons when this can be done conveniently.

   The program accepts the following options, as well as the standard
'--help' and '--version' (*note Common options::):

     The number of characters that are considered significant in an
     identifier.  Whether underline characters are counted depends on
     the '-underline' option.  The default value is 32, the original
     tangle used 7, but this proved too restrictive for use by Web2c.

     These options specify the case of identifiers in the output of
     tangle.  If '-uppercase' ('-lowercase') is specified, tangle will
     convert all identfiers to uppercase (lowercase).  The default is
     '-mixedcase', which specifies that the case will not be changed.

     When this option is given, tangle does not strip underline
     characters from identifiers.

     These options specify how strict tangle must be when checking
     identifiers for equality.  The default is '-loose', which means
     that tangle will follow the rules set by the case-smashing and
     underline options above.  If '-strict' is set, then identifiers
     will always be stripped of underlines and converted to uppercase
     before checking whether they collide.

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