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8.3 Pooltype: Display WEB pool files

Pooltype shows the so-called "string number" of each string in a WEB
pool file (*note WEB::), as output by Tangle (*note tangle
invocation::), including the first 256 strings corresponding to the
possible input characters.  Pooltype primarily serves as an example of
WEB conventions to implementors of the TeX system.  Synopsis:

     pooltype [OPTION]... POOLFILE[.pool]

No path searching is done for POOLFILE.  Output is to standard output.

   The only options are '--help' and '--version' (*note Common

   As an example of the output, here is the (edited) output for
     0: "^^@"
     1: "^^A"
     255: "^^ff"
     256: "pool size"
     1314: "Using character substitution: "
     (23617 characters in all.)

   In Metafont and MetaPost, the first 256 characters are actually
represented as single bytes (i.e., themselves), not in the '^^'
notation.  Consider Pooltype as showing the results after conversion for

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