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10.7 PLtoTF: Property list to TeX font metric conversion

PLtoTF translates a property list file (as output by TFtoPL, for
example) to TeX font metric (TFM, *note (dvips)Metric files::) format.
It's much easier for both programs and humans to create the (plain text)
property list files and let PLtoTF take care of creating the binary TFM
equivalent than to output TFM files directly.  Synopsis:

     pltotf [OPTION]... PLFILE[.pl] [TFMFILE[.tfm]]

   If TFMFILE (extended with '.tfm' if necessary) is not specified, the
TFM file is written to the basename of 'PLFILE.tfm', e.g., 'pltotf
/wherever/' creates './cmr10.tfm'.  (Since TFM files are binary,
writing to standard output by default is undesirable.)

   The only options are '-verbose', '-help', and '-version' (*note
Common options::).

   For an example of property list format, see the previous section.

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