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10.2 GFtoPK: Generic to packed font conversion

GFtoPK converts a generic font (GF) file output by, for example,
Metafont (*note mf invocation::) to a packed font (PK) file.  PK files
are considerably smaller than the corresponding gf files, so they are
generally the bitmap font format of choice.  Some DVI-processing
programs, notably Dvips, only support PK files and not GF files.

     gftopk [OPTION]... GFNAME.DPI[gf] [PKFILE]

The font GFNAME is searched for in the usual places (*note
(kpathsea)Glyph lookup::).  To see all the relevant paths, set the
environment variable 'KPATHSEA_DEBUG' to '-1' before running the

   The suffix 'gf' is supplied if not already present.  This suffix is
not an extension; no '.' precedes it: for instance, 'cmr10.600gf'.

   If PKFILE is not specified, the output is written to the basename of
'GFNAME.DPIpk', e.g., 'gftopk /wherever/cmr10.600gf' creates

   The only options are '--verbose', '--help', and '--version' (*note
Common options::).

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