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9.1 DVIcopy: Canonicalize virtual font references

DVIcopy reads a DVI file, expands any references to virtual fonts (*note
(dvips)Virtual fonts::) to base fonts, and writes the resulting DVI
file.  Thus you can use virtual fonts even if your DVI processor does
not support them, by passing the documents through DVIcopy first.

     dvicopy [OPTION]... [INDVI[.dvi] [OUTDVI[.dvi]]]

   DVIcopy reads standard input if INDVI is not specified, and writes
standard output if OUTDVI is not specified.

   The program accepts the following options, as well as the standard
'-help' and '-version' (*note Common options::):
     Override existing magnification in INDVI with INTEGER; 1000
     specifies no magnification.  This is equivalent to setting TeX's
     '\mag' parameter.

     Process N pages; default is one million.

     Start at the first page matching PAGE-SPEC, which is one or more
     (signed) integers separated by periods, corresponding to TeX's
     '\count0...9' parameters at '\shipout' time; '*' matches anything.
     Examples: '3', '1.*.-4'.

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