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22.1 'chcon': Change SELinux context of file

'chcon' changes the SELinux security context of the selected files.

     chcon [OPTION]... CONTEXT FILE...
     chcon [OPTION]... [-u USER] [-r ROLE] [-l RANGE] [-t TYPE] FILE...
     chcon [OPTION]... --reference=RFILE FILE...

   Change the SELinux security context of each FILE to CONTEXT.  With
'--reference', change the security context of each FILE to that of

   The program accepts the following options.  Also see *note Common

     Do not affect symbolic links but what they refer to; this is the

     Affect the symbolic links themselves instead of any referenced

     Use RFILE's security context rather than specifying a CONTEXT

     Operate on files and directories recursively.

     Refuse to operate recursively on the root directory, '/', when used
     together with the '--recursive' option.  *Note Treating /

     Do not treat the root directory, '/', specially when operating
     recursively; this is the default.  *Note Treating / specially::.

     If '--recursive' ('-R') is specified and a command line argument is
     a symbolic link to a directory, traverse it.  *Note Traversing

     In a recursive traversal, traverse every symbolic link to a
     directory that is encountered.  *Note Traversing symlinks::.

     Do not traverse any symbolic links.  This is the default if none of
     '-H', '-L', or '-P' is specified.  *Note Traversing symlinks::.

     Output a diagnostic for every file processed.

'-u USER'
     Set user USER in the target security context.

'-r ROLE'
     Set role ROLE in the target security context.

'-t TYPE'
     Set type TYPE in the target security context.

'-l RANGE'
     Set range RANGE in the target security context.

   An exit status of zero indicates success, and a nonzero value
indicates failure.

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