MT 3.33发布: 安全漏洞修正



解包: unzip
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/feeds-app-lite/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/feeds-app-lite/lib/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/feeds-app-lite/lib/MT/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/feeds-app-lite/lib/MT/App/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/feeds-app-lite/lib/MT/App/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/feeds-app-lite/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/nofollow/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/plugins/nofollow/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/MT/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/MT/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/MT/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/MT/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/MT/App/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/MT/App/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/MT/App/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/lib/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/php/
creating: MT-3.32-patch-en/php/lib/
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/php/lib/sanitize_lib.php
inflating: MT-3.32-patch-en/php/mt.php

复制到MT安装目录下:sudo cp -R * /home/path/to/cgi-bin/mt/

Version 3.33 Copyright © 2001-2006 Six Apart. All Rights Reserved.

Today we are releasing required updates for both Movable Type and Movable Type Enterprise to fix a number of vulnerabilities affecting all previous versions of the platform. The current status of our security update process:

* This is a mandatory update due to the severity of the combined vulnerabilities.
* These vulnerabilities were discovered by our own team during a routine security evaluation.
* There are currently no known malicious exploits targeting Movable Type for these issues.
* We will be disclosing full details of the vulnerabilities on our Professional Network blog in a couple of days allowing you to update in the meantime without incurring unnecessary risk.

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