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Glib (3pm)           - Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries
glib-compile-resources (1) - GLib resource compiler
glib-compile-schemas (1) - GSettings schema compiler
glib-genmarshal (1)  - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
glib-gettextize (1)  - gettext internationalization utility
glib-mkenums (1)     - C language enum description generation utility
Glib::BookmarkFile (3pm) - Parser for bookmark files
Glib::Boxed (3pm)    - Generic wrappers for C structures
Glib::Bytes (3pm)    - Wrappers for bytes objects in GLib
Glib::CodeGen (3pm)  - code generation utilities for Glib-based bindings.
Glib::devel (3pm)    - Binding developer's overview of Glib's internals
Glib::Error (3pm)    - Exception Objects based on GError
Glib::Flags (3pm)    - methods and overloaded operators for flags
Glib::GenPod (3pm)   - POD generation utilities for Glib-based modules
Glib::index (3pm)    - API Reference Pod Index
Glib::KeyFile (3pm)  - Parser for .ini-like files
Glib::Log (3pm)      - A flexible logging mechanism
Glib::MainLoop (3pm) - An event source manager
Glib::MakeHelper (3pm) - Makefile.PL utilities for Glib-based extensions
Glib::Markup (3pm)   - markup handling functions
Glib::Object (3pm)   - Bindings for GObject
Glib::Object::Subclass (3pm) - register a perl class as a GObject class
Glib::OptionContext (3pm) - defines options accepted by the commandline optio...
Glib::OptionGroup (3pm) - group of options for command line option parsing
Glib::Param::Boolean (3pm) - Wrapper for boolean parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::Double (3pm) - Wrapper for double parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::Enum (3pm) - Wrapper for enum parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::Flags (3pm) - Wrapper for flag parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::GType (3pm) - Wrapper for type parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::Int (3pm) - Paramspecs for integer types
Glib::Param::Int64 (3pm) - Wrapper for int64 parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::String (3pm) - Wrapper for string parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::UInt (3pm) - Wrapper for uint parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::UInt64 (3pm) - Wrapper for uint64 parameters in GLib
Glib::Param::Unichar (3pm) - Wrapper for unichar parameters in GLib
Glib::ParamSpec (3pm) - encapsulates metadate needed to specify parameters
Glib::ParseXSDoc (3pm) - Parse POD and XSub declarations from XS files.
Glib::Signal (3pm)   - Object customization and general purpose notification
Glib::Type (3pm)     - Utilities for dealing with the GLib Type system
Glib::Utils (3pm)    - Miscellaneous utility functions
Glib::Variant (3pm)  - strongly typed value datatype
Glib::VariantType (3pm) - Utilities for dealing with the GVariant type system
Glib::version (3pm)  - Library Versioning Utilities
Glib::xsapi (3pm)    - internal API reference for GPerl.
glibc (7)            - overview of standard C libraries on Linux

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