PHASE 1: During the first phase, we will be conducting interactive online discussion groups with software developers and project administrators who currently contribute to and/or use open source applications on SourceForge.net. **Please note: the spaces for Phase I have already been filled and this phase is nearing completion. We invite you to join us during the second phase, which is detailed below.***

PHASE 2: During the second phase, we will be conducting an online survey.

* A link to the online survey will be emailed to all participating technology professionals during the week of November 20th.
* Participating technology professionals will be asked to complete the 15-20 minute survey at some point during that week.
* Participants can log-on and complete the questionnaire at any time of the day or night.

****As a thank you for your time, each participant who completes the questionnaire will receive US $10****



Payment Details
Amount: $10.00 USD
Subject: Thank you from SourceForge.net!
Note: On behalf of SourceForge.net, thank you very much for participating in our recent survey on service and support for open source solutions / applications. We truly value your input and appreciate all of your thoughtful insights. Enjoy, and thanks again!



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