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很喜欢Isaac Mao那些有趣而且很有意义的想法,有他这样一个伙伴,什么gmail啦, linkedin啦 del.icio.us你就都不缺了。他的Flickr:美味书签都很不错...

connections: 201
endorsers: 23
Isaac (Xianghui) Mao Connected to you
Entrepreneur and Private Investor, Social/Learning Tech Researcher, Software Architect, Blogger, Columnist
In the Computer Software industry; China
Currently: VP of Operation at United Capital Investment Group Limited
Memeber, Board of Directors at Tangram Software
Founder and Principal Researcher at CES Labs
Project Lead of iCommons China at Creative Commons China Team
Co-Founder at
Founder and Major Contributor at

Companies: United Capital Investment Group Limited; Tangram Software; CES Labs; Intel; Creative Commons China Team;;
... Isaac Mao is a software architect, entrepreneur(also investor) and learning ... Isaac Mao earned BS degree in Computer Science and studied in a 10-month MBA training program at Shanghai Jiaotong ... (You may contact me with skype(isaac.mao), however, please state your objectives first before connecting. ) ... network, Isaac Mao will devote himself ...

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